28 March 2014

Paper, Painting, Some Fishes Taking Shape and Sunshine after Snow

Well, it's been nine days since I was last here. I always feel as though I've not accomplished a great deal in the time between postings but then the pictures get in the post and I realize I've accomplished enough.

I spent about nine hours folding 5 inch triangles into the units needed to make this big buckyball.
There are 60 units needed to make one. 

The hardest part of doing this soccer sized ball of paper is cutting out all those frigging triangles after I figure out how to make an equilateral triangle.
The paper used came from a 1974 Fort Hays State University yearbook.
I like all the colors in it. They scream 1970s!

Inside the ball.
Big buckyballs are MUCH easier to make than baseball size buckyballs.

An experiment in flower making. I didn't really enjoy this exercise in paper playing. The yellow one is construction paper. The other two are made from a catalog printed on newsprint. The stems are magazine paper reeds from the basket making foray a few weeks ago.

In The Woods
fingernail polish on cardstock

Little book made from a biscuit box, security envelope, watercolor paper heart painted with fingernail polish and sewn with gray embroidery floss.
It has a wide variety of different book pages amd other paper for its pages. I believe there are around 100 pages in this one.

This one is made from a chipboard box that once held a bunch of pamphlets,  sewn in the long stitch. It has somewhere around 100 pages of different book pages and other papers.

This one is made exactly the same way as the previous one.
All three of these are 4 x 4 inches.

I made another book the same day I made these three but I forgot to take a picture of it. I'll show it next time.

I made 16 of these painted hearts. They're made from watercolor paper and fingernail polish.

An altered envelope still a work in progress despite it has been a wip since it was first drawn back in mid January. Fingernail polish again! 

I really thought I had gotten woven paper balls out of my system. My sister invited me to supper a few nights ago and I took these with me to work on while waiting for supper to be served. It's always a wait for supper at Sister's house. No biggie. I made 18 of these little buggers while I was there.

Not sure just where I'm taking this little satin clutch purse. I have ideas in mind for it. That bright yellow satin covering makes an excellent canvas.

I started another Fish Picture. This one will hereafter be referred to as FP11.

Fishes in the works.

Paper Pulp components. These will be painted and added to the rock shelf at the bottom of the canvas. Fillers for the seafloor, if you will.

There's a bunch of stuff in this mushroom box that I have been collecting for the next FP. I made the red things yesterday. More fillers.

Little rocks to go amongst the fillers.

The canvas for FP11.
The rocks are painted styrofoam chunks torn off a thick, odd-shaped piece of styrofoam. The gray things crawling over the rock shelf are unpainted paper pulp. They'll get a coat of paint eventually.
The background has a coat of dark brown wall paint, some book pages strips glued to the canvas, green wall paint, pink glitter, yellow acrylic and four or five different colors of puff paint.

FP11 will have to be put on hold for about a week as I'm headed to my son's house tomorrow. The boy needs a driver to get him back home with his 'new' truck. I sure hope Fred will get to go with us. That's yet to be seen. 

10 o'clock this morning it was snowing big, giant poofs of snow. The ground was a bit more covered than it shows here when it stopped snowing around 11a.m.

At 8p.m. all the snow had been gone for hours! And the wind was whipping the fish around like it was in a torrent! 

Tippy wasn't quite sure what to make of the cotton balls falling on the porch!

That's all from me for now.
be good to one another!
It matters!

19 March 2014

paintings, drawings, balls and a little bird

Hello Readers!
It has been 2 weeks since I was last here. I have things to share. Get a cuppa and find a comfy seat.

I made a boatload of envelopes. Most are still not actually done.

All are acrylics and marker on plain white envelopes.

I sent this one off yesterday morning and neglected to take a picture of its transformation. I added a bit more marker work to the front side and sealed it all up with tape to hold the envelope together through the postal machines.

I didn't add anymore marker work to this one before stuffing it and readying it for its journey through the postal system.

This one has some added marker work and a bit of text on the backside.

I zentangled this one all over in shades of green before stuffing it and sending it on its way through the postal system.

I did little more than address this one after stuffing it with its contents.

This one got a nice little aluminum medallion taped on with strapping tape. It actually looks a whole lot better in hand than it does in this photograph.

I didn't do much more to this one either. For some reason we don't have a picture of the back of this one.

The birthday greetings envie front.

Backside of the birthday greetings envie. 
I painted this envelope with acrylics the same time I painted that whole mess of envelopes. Not sure why this one doesn't have a before picture.

I made a few Artist Trading Cards.
markers on cardstock

Pink Mushroom
markers on book page

brown mushroom
markers on book page

markers on cardstock

hound dog
markers on cardstock

french bulldog
markers on cardstock

markers on cardstock

purple sweater
markers on cardstock

owl crowd
markers on cardstock

Mr. Lincoln
markers on cardstock

Little Dog
markers on cardstock

fanciful beasts
markers on cardstock

big blue fish
markers on cardstock

54 woven paper balls

a closer look at some of those.

53 woven paper balls
The larger balls are about the size of a golfball.

11 teensy tiny woven paper balls. These are about half an inch. And a pain in the butt to weave! Big ones are much easier!!!

And lastly, I made a wool bird with copper wire legs and feet. He's about 4 inches tall. This isn't the greatest picture of the cute little fella. I'll probably make some more of these little guys. I need to practice making wire legs though. There are some major issues with his legs! Nothing that can't be worked out. I am not daunted easily.

As usual, I have other projects in the works. I'll be back in a week or so to show you all what has occurred. 
Thanks for reading!
Be good to one another!
It matters!