26 July 2011

A Bit of OLD ART transformed, some new art and an orphan

Hello Readers
I have Nickleback up loud in the back ground, working on a fish picture this morning. I have drying time to kill with the fish picture so I figured it was time to do an update.
All is well in my world. 
Very well!

I was on an internet search the other day when sleep evaded me and I came across a little dice that was made from a one inch wooden block and six inchies glued to the outside of it. It was darn cute but a tad big for a dice in my opinion. I got the idea to make cubes out of some of those inchies I made back in 2009. 
So I gathered up the scotch tape, my wire kit and the box of inchies and went to work.

These are three different shots of the same pile of inchie cubes.

Some of the cubes have a theme...like the apples in the foreground, the mushrooms, cupcakes, the flowers on top of the pile...others don't have any theme at all....all random inchies like the one with the squirrel and the finger on it...no theme there! 

I'm thinking to make them into garlands with ten cubes strung out over about 8 feet in length. I'll have to experiment with the length and whatnot. It's just an idea at the moment. A garland with ten cubes has 60 original pieces of art on it! 6 inchies per cube....... still thinking on this idea.

The bale for the little paper cubes is made from a 6 inch length of copper wire and a seed bead. I looped the wire in half, threaded the seed bead onto the two free ends and left a loop in the top. I then wrapped the two wires below the seed bead, first one way around the other wire just under the seed bead, about 4 or 5 times, then the other wire gets wrapped the same the opposite direction wrapped around the little bundle made by the first wire being wrapped. Then I made little curly cues out of the tails on the copperwire so it would all stay inside the cube. I'm sorry I didn't take a picture of a bale before it was inserted in the cube. Copper wire is salvaged from a small appliance of some sort or another.

Art Pennant Banner
I made this chipboard art banner early in the month of July. Yes, I know the pictures say March, but pay them no mind at all, they are wrong! That fool camera has a mind of its own and does just whatever the hell it wants to do the date! Anyway...it's made from chipboard food boxes (Cheez Its I do believe!) It has several layers on it. On top of the printed side of the chipboard is a layer of woven paper from a kids book in the middle. The on the outside have herringbone designs in that same paper on them. Then I painted green printers ink over the whole shebang. I didn't much like how that turned out so I put a layer of metallic green acrylic paint over it all and wiped most of that off with a damp paper towel before it got too dry. I really like how it shines! The line around the edge is metallic silver sharpie. The letters are made from fabric paper. Finally found something to do with the ton of it I have! I drew the letters and then cut them out. They have an edge of dimensional paint in black around them. There are green metal eyelets in the corners of the pennants. The danglies are stringed green sequin, plastic cording and satin ribbon. The pennants are six inches high and four inches wide at their widest.

This ugly thing is supposed to be down farther in the pictures but it ended up here so here it is. I've been sewing again. This is my third hot pot holder made from fabric scraps and old sweaters. I should not have used the variegated green crochet cotton for Mr. Kitty's eyes. This is a work in progress still. Those eyes need some irises and it needs a hanger still.
I always end up with an ugly one in the bunch! :) 

This is the fish for the fish picture I'm working on this morning. It is drawn on some  kind of canvas with markers. I really don't know what this canvas is originally for. I thought it was drywall tape but the fellow at the hardware store looked at me like I had lost my mind when I described it to him. He hadn't a clue what it might be for but he was certain the hardware store did not carry it. It's wonderful stuff! Comes on a roll 4 inches wide. It is stiff stuff, woven just like canvas with a coating quite similar to gesso. It takes paint, markers, ink....pretty much whatever you'd like to throw at it will work pretty well! I paid a quarter for the roll I have at a yard sale some years ago! 
I forgot to color in the black part of the fish's eye before I scanned. I see after the scan, the scales pretty much disappeared when I went over it all with the yellow sharpie. Need to put a little definition into the scales before it gets adhered to the canvas. 
I'll be drawing another fish quite similar to this one for the foreground of the canvas. Maybe two.This fish is about three inches long. The canvas I'm working on is an 8 inch square. I'll have to see how it looks with just two fish first. I make it all up as I go along.
I'm hoping Evelyn will let me borrow it back for a few days the middle of August so I can enter it in the county fair.
I'm thinking I should get my butt in gear and make a leather bound book to enter in the fair also but I'm still working on the design of that in my head. The muse just hasn't shocked me into action on that quite yet.
You all will get to see the finished fish canvas. I'm playing with spackling compound, palm tree bark, funky fibers and shiny plastic disks this morning on the fish canvas. I'll add some color and another layer of stuff tomorrow when it gets dry.
I don't believe I have ever put anything but fish on a canvas. Not sure why that is....

You were supposed to see these pot holders before that ugly cat.
Fleece, felt, old sweater. The purple material in the background used to be pajamas, the blue fleece around the edge was a shirt. The rest is felt I bought on clearance at Hobby Lobby for 12 cents a sheet.
Lue above, Terah below.
My daughters-in-law

After I made the pot holders, the burgandy colored sweater the background of the mat below is made of, yelled at me~! I had to do something with it! I cut it a lot bigger than a pot holder. Not so much on purpose, it just worked out that way. The kids are scraps of felt, fleece, sweater seams, silk and bit of embroidery. That sweater was made of wool and I accidentally put it through the dryer. It shrank like crazy! But it's so soft! And I just love the color of it! It worked beautifully in this hot mat.

Pot holders and the mat are all four layers, 3 of sweater material and  1 fleece, quilted together. The mat is blanket stitched around the edge with light green crochet cotton. The mat is a potential Christmas present. Not sure who just yet. 

And then the Inchie-a-thon happened over at AFA. I made all of these for that the weekend before last.

Frog Inchies
markers on cardstock

Zentangle heart Inchies
markers on cardstock

Green Eyed Gray Kitties Inchies
markers on cardstock

whimsical flower inchies
markers on cardstock
These inchies made an appearance in this post earlier in the pictures of that pile of inchie cubes.

Kitty Inchies
markers on carstock

Dog Inchies
markers on cardstock

Apples Inchies
Markers on slick chipboard
The markers did not like this surface at all! They turned out alright but won't be using markers on this type of blank again. These make an appearance in the pile of inchie cubes also.

Bird Inchies
markers on cardstock

Cupcake Inchies
markers on cardstock

I still have dotee doll bodies that need to embellished. Three of them, I think. I'll sew more stuffies and what not in the near future. 
I have yet to do anything more with the snake cane. It's hanging on the back of the wooden rocking chair in the livingroom as pale as it was in the picture I showed you after I'd put the snake on. I'll get back to it soon enough. Might get it done in time for the fair too. Might. 

The orphan I was talking about in the title of this post is this critter:
My sister and her boyfriend brought him to me. Not sure where they found him. They were out for a drive....hard telling where all they went on their travels. They brought him to me though so I'm taking care of him till I can hand him off to my son and his boys to take care of. Little boys cannot do much harm to a little box turtle. My sons had a box turtle for a pet when they were little boys. 
My sister dubbed the little turtle, T.S. Elliott.
As you can see from the  photo of Elliott sitting on my hand, he is indeed a very smalll box turtle! I have never seen one of his variety this small! He's cute as a button and he loves tomatoes! 
After the Phillipsburg Fair they will turn him back out in the wild. There are turtle races at the Fair in Pburg. Elliott can be trained! He's a fast little turtle!

I do hope the world is treating you all well! 
I will post again soon! 
Peace, my friends!

06 July 2011

Production From The Dotee Factory

Hello Again!
More Dotees for the masses to admire! (Or not.) 

I've sewed dotees for a few days in a row now. Still sewing them! I have two bodies ready for personality to be added. 

Black Blue Bow Dotee
Her body is made from a man's black duckcloth shirt. She has pretty blue ribbons for her danglies, eyelash yarn and cotton string for hair and wooden beads for eyes.

Blue Fleece Angel Dotee
She's my favorite of all dotees yet made!
Her body is made from a blue fleece pullover. She has gold/yellow eyelash yarn hair, wooden beads for eyes, goldtone chain for danglies, a fake cameo on her tummy and a gold wire halo on top of her head. Her wings are chipboard from a Cheez-its box covered with drapery material and painted with glitter glue to make them sparkly.

This fellow is made from a hairy red sweater. He has silver grommets and wooden beads for eyes. His danglies are stringed plastic pearls and his hair is eyelash yarn. He has a gold jingle bell on his tummy.

This is the little fellow of the bunch. He has brown eyelash yarn hair, a blue fabric bow, wooden beads for eyes, a pink quartz doodad sewed to his tummy and bathtub chain for his danglies. He's very little. 

This one has cotton fabric for her body. Someone sent me this fabric in an art trade. Her hair is cotton string, her eyes wooden beads, she has a fabric pinwheel bow on her tummy and her danglies are christmas garland.

Another pink fairy! Her wings are made same as the previous wings. Her body is silk with a length of pink ribbon sewn around her tummy and a pendant with yellow stones is also sewn there. She has embroidery thread for hair and pink lengths of chain for her danglies. Her eyes are little wooden wheels. She has no halo. She's a fairy, not an angel.

Brown Haired Purple Angel
She has the same wings as all other winged dotees in this post. I need to make more wings if I'm going to make more fairies or angels of the dotee variety. Her body is fleece from an old pair of pajamas. She has a polymer clay bead sewn to her tummy, her eyes are wooden beads,  her halo is gold wire, her hair is eyelash yarn and her danglies are fabric ribbon.

Purple Butterfly Velvet
This one has a white fabric rose sewn to his tummy, he has black knubby yarn for danglies, wooden beads for eyes and eyelash yarn for hair.

Same pajamas as the one above make up this one's body. He has wooden beads for eyes, eyelash yarn for hair, black plastic beads for danglies and a hematite leaf sewn to his tummy.

I have one more dotee made, but it needs a hanger still. I have two more bodies cut out and sewn together. They need some personality added. There are still three more bodies cut, ready to be sewn together. I haven't burnt out on the dotees, yet. We shall see how long it lasts though. 
I don't stay with one thing for long.
Before the 31st of this month, I need to get a fish picture done! It's been requested for a birthday present. Better get cracking on it! 
I still have the snake cane and the star cane to finish. Not to mention the paper mache box that needs done. 

I was out in the artroom today looking for a couple of bags of beads I know were out there the last time I was out there. The spot they were in is empty. I know the culprit who took my beads! I will get my beads back! I need them for the dotees!
I took a look at my paper mache box while I was out there. It is ready for some more work to be done to it. I just need to figure out just what the devil more I am going to do with it. 
I need to finish something spectacular before the middle of August to enter in the County Fair this year. Might be the birthday fish, might be something totally different! I've no clue just yet! 
You all be good to one another. I'll be back in a day or two with another post of my creative endeavors. There are a couple of ATCs that need scanned, a couple of altered coffee sleeves to show you and I'm sure more dotees will be born by then as well!
As I said;
You all be good to one another! It does matter!
Peace, my friends!

01 July 2011

Rest in Peace, Doob

Doob died this morning. :(
 She was 19 years old.
 She lived a good long life as queen of the house.
 I shall miss the old bag of bones dearly!  
This is the last photograph ever taken of Doob.
She's buried between the two big pine trees behind the burnt house.
She woke me at 5 a.m. for breakfast. 
I gave her a can of food.
She was eating when
I went back to bed.
I awoke at noon and
found her dead on the bathroom floor.
Chestin buried her for me.

l made dotee dolls again today. It's hotter than the hubs of hell in NW Kansas and staying in sounded like an excellent idea! I've been on a dotee kick for a couple days now.

Flower Angel Dotee
She's made from cashmere with cotton string hair. She has sequins for eyes and plastic stringed pearls for her dangly bits. The brooch on her tummy is an antique beaded brooch. I found it in my jar of odd things. I don't think they make beads this small these days. I've sewn the brooch to her tummy, leaving the pinback in place on the brooch. She also has a gold wire halo. Her wings are a very soft green color in reality. 

I took a break from sewing dotees last night and made six pairs of wings out of recycled chipboard food boxes, a bit of marker around the edges, some sparkly paint and/or glitter glue. They have three holes punched along one edge and they're sewn to the back of the dotee. No glue involved when making dotees.

Garden Fairy Dotee
She's made out of a very light tan colored jersey knit (very stretchy) with fuzzy yarn for dangly, wooden beads for eyes and gold thread for a tuft of hair. Her wings are the same soft green color as the angel's wings. The rubber grasshopper is sewn to her tummy.

I don't know what to call this thing.
Pink Skirted Dotte
This one just went downhill from start to finish. She's made from a drapery sample, blue embroidery thread, wooden beads, a piece of pink lace, a bit of sparkly for dangly and a metal cone for a hat.
Surely someone can love the poor thing more than I?

Ponytail Dotee
He's made from that same striped material I used for the ugly owl dotee in the last post. He has blue wooden beads for eyes, gold thread for his dangly bits, a glass cube bead sewn to his tummy and cotton string for hair. He's quite little for a dotee.

I have a few things that need scanned which I've done in the last several days and I have a banner to take a picture of to show you all. 
Perhaps tomorrow will be the day we meet again? 
Be good to one another!