26 February 2009

Thursday Morning

Good Morning, Friends!

Thursday looks to be a gloomy day forthcoming. It is overcast outside and a bit chilly inside. I haven't had to turn the electric blanket on for the last six days. Looks as though the weather is going to change for the cold side. Someone said yesterday the weather gurus are predicting a bit of rain or snow...it got up to 75 (or better) yesterday! It is true that the weather in Kansas can and does change drastically in a matter of hours! Day before yesterday the folks in Norton woke up to 30 degree weather and by the afternoon the temperature had soared to almost 80 degrees F. Crazy, I tell ya! (Norton is about an hour's drive from me.) I'd rather the weather turned warm and stayed that way, but alas, I've no control over the weather! I don't particuarly want control over the weather now that I think about it! Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE complains about the weather!
I added another book to my list of books read this year. Charleston by John Jakes. It was an excellent book! The story of three generations of a family in South Carolina. The book begins before the Revolutionary War back in the 1700s and ends shortly after the American Civil War. I couldn't believe how Edward died! Few books have ever gotten such a strong reaction out of me! I was laying in my bed reading, with Doob laying atop the blanket snoozing and I woke her up when Edward got killed. I said outloud, in not a quiet voice at all...."What? No! Edward can't die!" I won't ruin it for anyone who wishes to read the book, but Edward's dieing was a shocker! Not that he died, I knew that was coming....he was the second generation Bell in the book so I knew his demise was going to happen eventually, but how he met his demise. It is a book well-worth reading! I happen to like the time frame in history that this book occurs in and that only made it a doubly good read! The characters were all very well researched and Mr. Jakes makes it very easy to relate to them all. This is the first book by John Jakes I have ever read but I will be reading others as I come across them. I don't believe I own any other books by him at the moment. I've no idea what book will come next.
I loaned my dil the last book in the Earths Childrens Series and I've yet to get it back so I can read it. Not to worry though, I've a whole library of books to choose from. All that's needed is to go look in the bookshelves and pick something!
It is only about 7:30 in the morning right now. I've been up since just before 4 a.m. I've accomplished not much in that time frame. I cut some inchie blanks, made one inchie to see if the paper I was going to cut inchie blanks out of would do...it did! I emptied one of my email boxes, read the newest blog entries of those blogs I follow, answered a pm and opened a couple of envelopes that arrived in snail mail yesterday. Don't know what I was thinking not opening them yesterday. They contained ATCs from a couple of trades I recently made.
This afternoon....later this morning... probably both... I'm going to be doing laundry and working on chunky pages for a couple of swaps. Yep, those cats you all been hearing about are on the agenda! I found a half finished chunky page in the drawer where I keep my 1inch punch when I went to put it away earlier. That one is going to the monochromatic swap. It's a purple tree. I have a boatload of trees to get done and a couple of fish as well. Not to mention the cats, monochromatics and other stuff that needs to get done. I just don't have enough hours in one day nor the endurance to sit and create for too long at a time.
I bought some new 9pocket pages yesterday that need to find a spot in one of the notebooks where I keep my ATCs. I looked for some slide pocket pages (for photographic slides) but the store I was in didn't carry them. I need some of those for inchies. I've yet to figure out how to display all the inchies I have. The only slide pocket page I have has been filled with inchies for quite some time and they are piling up.
I need to clean my worktable off so I've some room to work on! I've got stuff all out of whack over there!
RJ and T kidnapped me yesterday and took me out to lunch at Applebee's in Hays. I know progress is inevitable...but that drive to Hays down Highway 183 saddens me right now. The state is widening the highway. Someday in the not too distant future that two lane highway will become a four lane superhighway. It saddens me because Highway 183 runs through farmland, limestone cliffs and across the Solomon River. It used to be a really pretty drive. They have shaved off some of the limestone cliffs to accomedate for the road that is to be. They've cut down large tracts of large trees that took many years to grow. They've just made a mess of things! I know they aren't anywhere near done making that mess either. The bridge over the Solomon River is about half done...then they'll widen...no, probably replace the old bridge to accomidate for the new highway and more trees will meet the bulldozer. I hate it when trees are cut down for progress. I know it is necessary but that does nothing to ease my pains cause of it! It saddens me about the trees cause those trees are just put in a landfill to rot away instead of being used for something useful. If they'd do something productive with the wood from all those huge trees it would ease the pains somewhat. But as far as I know, they put them in a landfill to rot away. I look at those now dead trees laying along the side of the road and think how much firewood could be cut and split from them. Do you know how much lumber could be cut from those old trees? I don't know the exact amount myself, but I think a lot could be! The state should do something to recoup some of their money from those trees. The rock they shave off the sides of the cliffs is used to repair and build chalk roads. Chalk rock is a lot like limestone....they use it on all the county roads around here. Where others have dirt roads...we have chalk roads. They also use the rock to control erosion. All that is good and well, but I kinda liked the cliffs the way they've been for years now! Yes, I know, progress must go on... but still...it saddens me cause none of the things they've taken away can be replaced again. Tress can be planted but I'll never see them as big as the ones they cut down to make the road wider. I'll be dead before that happens. I'm just on a rant is all. Pay me no nevermind this morning! I'll step down from my soapbox now.
I'm hungry so I'm gonna go make some breakfast and get busy with laundry. You all have a fantastic Thursday wherever you may be. Remember to get you some hugs! I shall yak at you tomorrow. I'll have a bit of art to show you then...I have three ATCs that need to be scanned and few inchies as well. I'll show you the chunky pages when I get all for one swap done.
Be well, friends!

24 February 2009

Nothing But Inchies

These were all done on the 21 of Feb. All are done in Sharpies. I used various types of paperboard for the bases. Some are watercolor paper, some are what I call watercolor paper, some are from index cards, some are recycled butter boxes, some are posterboard. Each is 1 inch square. My scanner washes out colors for some reason. These are all much brighter in real life. Tell me which is your favorite of this batch!
I am up to 143 inchies completed out of my goal of doing 1000 this year.

23 February 2009

I'm Still Alive and Kickin'

I'm still around, guys! I just haven't had a lot to say here of late....
I've been working on art for the last few days. Inchies, ATCs and Chunky pages. Lots of inchies were done yesterday but I've yet to scan the little buggers. I have five fronts done for my whimsical cat Chunkys and one done for the monochromatic chunky swap. I haven't decided if that green cat is going to be a monochromatic or a whimsical cat yet. I've yet to start on the Tree Chunkys.
I take that back about having done ATCs. I haven't done any ATCs this week.
Tomorrow I'll post the newest inchies. I'm not sure how many I did yesterday... used up all my inchie blanks though and this evening I cut some more. I hate/love that 1 inch punch. Hate it cause it hurts my hands to use it. Love it cause I can't cut a straight line to save my soul! My paper cutter is too big to cut accurate 1 inch squares so I use the punch to make inchies out of scraps of chipboard. Some chipboard is way to stiff to use the punch on. It's a contrary critter in that aspect. I think I cut about 5 dozen inchies with the punch this evening. I still have scraps in the box to cut into inchies. I may finish that up tonight if my hands say OK to it.
I dog sat for Pug this weekend. She's a mess of a little dog! Miss Blue is quite relieved to have her gone! The kids came got her this afternoon. She terrorized Miss Blue all weekend long...just wouldn't leave that cat alone! Miss Blue slapped that dog, who isn't much bigger than Miss Blue, at least 20 times a day! And that little dog just came back for more! Pug is a fearless critter, I'll give her that! She terrorized Doob as well but Doob is bigger than she is and she's not quite so fearless with Doob. Billy on the other hand, played with Pug. Let her chase him all over the house and then he chased her. Just like he does with Fred. I'm pretty sure Fred is glad that Pug has gone home too. She antagonized Fred to no end! Pug's in dire need of bath after having been at my house for the weekend. She and Fred played outside more than inside. It was really nice this weekend. She's usually white....she was gray when the kids came to get her. I'm not complaining about having dog sat...just glad it's over. I'll do it again without hesitation when the kids have to go somewhere they can't take her. She's a pretty good little dog other than the shenanigans with the cats.
I've changed my days and nights around again. Just can't seem to sleep during the dark... then I'm alseep all day and up all night... just like now.
I'm off to straighten up the other side of the deskroom. My light table is buried under a pile of stuff that should find a place to reside. I'm tired of looking at it and I also need to clear that light table so I can do some drawing so I can get those cat portraits done one of these days.
You all have yourself a wonderful week ahead. I'll try my best to make it the best it can be!
Don't forget to smile at strangers and your loved ones! Get yourself some hugs in the process as well!

18 February 2009


Right now I'm feeling blah...Like big deal, it's Wednesday. But you know what? It WAS a big deal. I got a call out of the blue from a friend I've not heard from since 1994. How many years is that? I'd have to get out my pen and paper to figure it out quickly...It was good to hear from him. I don't know if this is a good thing. I'm not saying it is a bad thing. I was just thinking about him the other day is what makes it so odd. You go to thinking about folks you ain't heard from in years and the next thing you know you're talking to them on the phone. I knew his voice as soon as he said, "Is this Donna?" I couldn't for the life of me remember his last name...but that's irrelevant. It would have come to me eventually if he hadn't inadvertently told me himself. I used to work with this fella at Artex in Abilene when I was still married. It's good to know he is still among the living and wanting to talk to me. We had a nice half hour chat. I do believe we will be talking again.
I haven't done any art today. I need to be working on whimsical cats. I haven't been home much this evening. RJ and brenton came over and got my van running again. (Note to Self: Stop leaving those keys in the ignition!) Brenton rode to Pburg with me. I was headed there for supper. He wouldn't ride with RJ once I said he could ride over with me so RJ had to fly solo back to his house. Brenton and I had quite the talk about music on the half hour drive. He's a funny little boy. His Grandpa, (mama's dad) is a die hard fan of AC/DC and Black Sabbath. Brenton named off most of the songs those two bands preform. I'm not too worried about a six year being enamoured of heavy metal music. It isn't so much the music that enamours him, it's his Grandpa that enamours him. He do love his Grandpa!
T made swedish meatballs. We had some corn and orange juice to go along with the noodles and meatballs. It was tasty! That girl can cook! She warned me when I talked to her on the phone before RJ and Br came over that I was going to be her guinea pig for the apple caramel cheesecake she made. I was pleased to be the guinea pig! Like I said, That girl can cook! I brought two pcs of cheescake home with me. Susan and I will share tomorrow when she comes over.
Right now, I gotta go to bed. It's cold at my house again and it all the fault of the COOP. They were supposed to have delivered 100 gallons of propane last week and I ran out last night. I'm headed to bed to snuggle under the electric blanket and read on a new book. Or I might just turn out the light and go to sleep. Doesn't matter that I've only been up for 8 hours. I could easily go to sleep.
At any rate, I won't be here yakking at you all.
Have yourselves a Terrific Thursday and I'll come yak at you all another time!
Get some hugs too, they feel wonderful!

A Boatload of Inchies and little else...

All the inchies in this post were made either today, yesterday or the week before last. The majority of them are done in markers on watercolor paper or the equivalent of watercolor paper.

I'm up to 75 inchies thus far this year. My goal is 1000. I've a ways to go yet.
If you're wondering what guides my choices of subject matter, it's all up to fate. I only set out with a specific subject if someone gives me one. Otherwise I just go with whatever pops into my head. There were fish, sheep, pigs, trees, lawn chairs, cats, numbers and flowers in my head it looks like.... and I went off in left field a time or two as well.
It has been a really slow day. Tuesday passed without any fanfare at all. I didn't even get dressed again today. Didn't get dressed yesterday either. No, that's not right. I didn't want to get dressed yesterday but I did cause I was supposed to go town to sit with the girls. My van wouldn't start so I couldn't go to town. My van won't start cause someone (wonder who that was?) left the keys in the ignition. The van doesn't like the keys in the ignition unless it is going somewhere! So I stayed home and did artwork.
Now I got to go do the dishes cause Ma is coming over sometime today and I don't want her to find those dishes sitting on the cabinet.
You all have a good Wednesday!

16 February 2009

A Party, Some Art and Some other stuff...

We are in messed up mode apparently...no, wait! That was yesterday I was in messed up mode. You'll read about the party farther down the post after you get through all the art I made this weekend and before.

I have been very busy with artwort this weekend. There was a collage-a-thon in progress over at atcsforall.com this weekend. Not sure how many cards I made nor how many have traded as I'm still in the trading mode.
AND.... I've lost track of how many pcs of art have been made this year....my goal was to make 365 but if I've lost count, we may never know just how many I did make...Guess I'll have to find a free moment (or two) to figure it all out.

Here we go!
I forget what this one is called. I'd have to go hunt it down in the availables notebook. It's done in sharpies on posterboard though. I did this one while I was away in Kansas City when RJ had surgery. I sat in this giant room with steel girders all over the ceiling, many tables and many more chairs, lots of people coming and going...Natural light streaming in through the huge windows that looked out on a courtyard with the oldest building on the campus in view. It was a beautiful day! No one has caimed this one yet.

Green Flowers- freehand cut leaves and stems.. The flowers are pre-punched paper. I colored in the centers with sharpies as well as the lines on the leaves. The flowers are attached to a pc of cardstock that started life out as a greeting card. The design behind the green flowers is part of the greeting card.
Dunce- Zentangle done in sharpies on recycled white stock from packing of some sort. I think you all may have already seen this one. It's still up for grabs. Sharpies on recycled white stock from packing of some sort. I did this one at the hospital in that giant room also. That giant room is actually the cafeteria. There was peace there. Even among all the people coming and going. I people watched and colored on my tiny canvasses. The carpet in this room looked something like this card. The colors a tad off and the design is off a bit as well but the carpet inspired this one. There are some pretty cool carpets out there! This one is up for grabs.

Cantaloupe Sunrise- cantaloupe seeds, rice paper, blue rick rack, eyelet lace fabric and magazine cutout all attached to recycled chipboard from food packaging. I traded this one this afternoon. It was made months ago.

XOXO Feb CAT- menu from a travel brochure, red paper ribbon with gold stars, fabric heart, wooden heart colored with sharpies, sequins, little pink playing card, heart cut from a chocolate box, genuine garnet gemstone, plastic XOXO from a valentine's garland all attached to recycled chipboard covered with a paper napkin adhered with melted crayons. I traded this one. It will be headed to Finland along with the previous card.
Belly Scratch Feb CAT- black rice paper with gold emblems, woven straw from a placemat, magazine cutouts all adhered to recycled chipboard. This one traded. I forget where it's headed to. Somewhere in the states.

Together Feb CAT- hearts cut from a chocolate box, together sticker, velvet and lace ribbon, pink tissue paper, irridescent plastic film, foam sticker all attached to recycled chipboard. This is my least favorite of all the cards I made this weekend. It's way too froofroo for my tastes! It remains unclaimed.

The Grenadines Feb CAT- various types of paper, text, satellite map, cardstock, textured paper, ect, used postage stamp and fuzzy foot all attached to recycled chipboard.

In Honor of George Feb CAT- In honor of President's Day. Abe didn't get made cause I don't any Abe Lincoln stuff that I know where is. I happened to stumble across that $5 stamp with George on it and this idea kinda hit me. This one is contructed of cardstock, shiny ribbon (from one of my Christmas presents), paper flower, sequin, rhinestone, various papers, two used postage stamps all attached to recycled chipboard from a game box.
Excuse Me Feb CAT- map from an atlas (yes, I tore up a book that originally sold for $150. I was beyond saving after having gone through my house fire. Glad I saved it nonetheless though! I didn't pay that much for it! But that is what it originally sold for. I paid a couple dollars for it at a yard sale!), the fish came from a travel brochure if memory serves me correctly. Shark is from a magazine, Burp quote is from a sale bill for used books, cat and words are also from magazines and there's a triangle of cardstock behind the cat. It's all attached to, you guessed it!, recycled chipboard. David Feb CAT- magaizine cutouts attached to recycled chipboard. It's still up for grabs.

#4 Global Elephant Feb CAT- Satellite imaging maps from that expensive atlas. Elephant free hand cut. Attached to recycled chipboard from a game box. This one is traded.

#6 Swallowed by the City Feb CAT - Satellite imaging maps from the atlas. Elephant free hand cut. Attached to recycled chipboard from a game box. This is traded. #5 White Tail Feb CAT- Satellite imaging maps from the atlas. Elephant free hand cut. Attached to recycled chipboard from a game box.
#3 Lost in Texas (on Mars) Feb CAT- Satellite imaging maps from the atlas. Elephant free hand cut. Attatched to recycled chipboard from a game box.

#2 Lost on Planet Earth Feb CAT- Satellite imaging maps from an atlas. Elephant freehand cut. Attatched to recycled chipboard from a game box.
#1 Mars in San Diego Feb CAT- Satellite imaging maps from an atlas. Elephant free hand cut. Attatched to recycled chipboard from a game box.
I have another three cards started that need to have some color added to them. I also did another whimsical cat page. Need to get those cats done! And those monochromatic pages!

I really can't tell you all much about the NASCAR party other than #17 won the race when it was called because of rain. I won the $2 in the pot because that is who I said was going to win the race. There was no rain falling in my neck of the woods though, only in Florida, that I know of for certain. I really don't generally watch NASCAR but I'm up for new experiences. I don't generally watch football either but I always see the Super Bowl. It's the company that accompanies those events that matter the most, not what the get-together excuse is!
The party lasted long after the race had been called on accout of rain. We laughed and giggled and all got silly as drunk people will do. I don't consider tying one on every now and again a bad thing. My old body doesn't particuarly care for the activity but I bounce back soon enough. The party was at Susan's house so I didn't have far to travel to get my bed. Not sure exactly how I got there without falling down somewhere along the way, but in my bed I was when I got up at 3 a.m. That didn't last long .... being up.....I was back in bed by 6 a.m. I hit that bed around 9 p.m. My right eyeball felt like it was gonna explode and make a hell of a mess! I generally have good recollection. I have never been so drunk I didn't remember what occured. Only reason I can't tell you all about the party anymore than I've done is because it's really all irrelavant. I had a great time and details really don't matter? That sounds like I don't remember it! LOL Truly I do!
Everybody brought chow to eat. We had bbq meatballs, little weinies ( the jokes abounded!), taquitos, nachos, hot wings, lots of raw veggies-carrots, celery, brocoli, radishes with ranch dip if you wanted any. Helena made a yellow cake with chocolate frosting that had a checkered flag in icing on top of it... Start Your Engines spelled out as well. It was a cool cake! Susan made cookies-chocolate brownie bites and chocolate chip cookies. I didn't eat much of any of that food. A few carrot sticks, a couple celery sticks, a pc of broccoli--radishes don't like me. I had a couple little weinies, 2 hot wings, a taquito and a handful of peanuts from the chex mix. I started out drinking iced tea. Should have stuck with ice tea!
It was a great day!
This whole weekend has been great! Only one real sadness to mare the greatness: Hopefully my brother will work that out and know that should he need anything at all....all he must do is ask.
I saw a great many people yesterday and collected a few hugs along the way. H, B, A, S, K, S, J, B, T, RJ, B, D, S. All of those folks, except 3 are especially close to my heart. It doesn't matter which three of the initials there, I enjoyed the company of ALL! Just some a little better than others. It's like that at a gathering...you enjoy everyone, but some you enjoy just a tad more. I like that I enjoyed the whole day.
I hope all is well with John. He's gone missing for a few days. Ain't like him. Be well, friend.
I'm sitting here listening to Neil Diamond's 'Delirious Love' on the media player. I've been in love deliriously a time or two. Each love we experience in a lifetime is a love all its own. Memories made between two people are memories those two people can never relate to any other person they've ever loved or will love. I call those rooms in my heart. Each occupied by a love that sustained, helped, enlightened and brought joy to me. I hope you have as many rooms to visit in your heart as I have in mine.
I'm gonna go make some more art---with words this time---so I'll yak at you all tomorrow perhaps. Have yourselves a wonderful week filled with smiles and hugs!

13 February 2009

Friday The Thirteenth

Superstition says today is supposed to be an unlucky day. It was quite uneventful til the last couple hours of it to be honest. But unlucky? Not in the least!
The things that made me happy today:

I went on a roadtrip, short though it was.

I got a box of chocolates today just cause I asked for them.

I was offered a bowl of artichoke spinach dip. I love artichoke spinach dip and T makes the best around! I declined that offer cause I got so much food in this house to eat right now, that another bowl in the fridge would have only gone to waste probably. I did have me a few corn chips loaded with it though while I was there!

I got to see BOTH of my sons this evening. In the same place, at the same time!

I got four hugs from four different people.

I talked to my friend Helena on the telephone. She called me.

I got a new candle.

RW gave me a little gift.

And I hung out with Susan!

It has been a stellar day all around! Art got made. Not completely done, but some got started. I'm a quarter of the way through with my whimsical cats!
I'm a happy camper tonight!
A few posts back I told you all I was going to take some pictures while in Kansas City. It just occured to me that I didn't take any pictures while in Kansas City. Not a one. So unfortunately there will not be a picture post from that time frame.
I do hope you all had as stellar a day as I did on Friday on the 13th!

Art Promised Yesterday

Here is that art I promised you yesterday. I fixed the scanner this morning all on my own. I swear this machine does crap like that just to mess with my head somedays!
These three inchies (1 inch sqare pcs of art!) came from Nanner in Wisconsin. I had sent her a package of blank inchies a few weeks ago and she sent me these three as a thanks for having done so. I think the 2009 one is just a riot! The octopus is just too cute...he has personality! And lots of it! And the little penguin is also adorable and he goes well with my penguin collection. I'm going to mount him on matboard and frame him in a little picture frame I have so he can go in the bathroom with the rest of the flock of penguins. The staples are there because Nanner enclosed each inchie in a clear plastic film of some sort. I'll take the penguin out of his sleeve before I mount him. If you look closely, the penguin is actually the number 8. How cool is that? Nanner is in the inchie number swap as well. I'm hoping for another of her inchies from that swap. Thanks Nanner!

A Really FAT Cat, Some Mail Art and Thursday's All But Gone

Looks like there will be no mail art afterall. There is something seriously wrong with my computer! The damn thing has developed a mind of its own again! I've lost my scanner. Earlier I lost my Yahoo Messenger and had to download it again. And then it wouldn't work still. Not sure what kind of bug has infected this wretched machine. Gonna have to get T to come take a good look at it and fix it for me.

Hello Friends!

Guess we'll start off with that fat cat mentioned in the title. The cat in question would be Doobie. I weighed her earlier cause I picked her up this afternoon and about killed myself in the process. Ok, not really... but that cat is FAT! She weighs 23 pounds! I don't think cats should weigh that much! I call her a pig disguised as a cat! She never misses a meal. I give all three of those cats a can of food to share everyday (in addition to a full bowl of dry cat food) and she wasn't even in the kitchen when I pulled the tab on that can to open it. I hadn't even got the lid completely off and there she was wanting her share (and anyone else's she could get away with!). It's like she has radar that can detect the opening of a can of food from anywhere in the house. Last I'd seen her before I opened that can, she was in the deskroom asleep on the chair in front of the painting table. Someone licked that dish clean and I know for certain it was not Fred! He was outside when I gave those cats that food. Billy had to fight his way through Doob to even get to the plate. Miss Blue is the reason I give them a can of food everyday. She's skinny as a rail. She's an old thing (14 yrs this April) and her teeth aren't much good anymore. The dry stuff is hard for her to eat. The canned food is easier on her but Doob thinks its all for her. Miss Blue never eats much but she does get a good dose of the canned stuff so long as I stand there and make sure Doob doesn't take it all for herself. I have to make sure Billy gets a bite or two as well. Miss Pig is now asleep on the chair again cause I wouldn't let her up on the desk to sit between me and the keyboard. She used to like to sit atop the monitor but she refuses to even attempt that anymore.
I laughed so hard at that Billy cat earlier today. He tried to jump on the counter by the kitchen sink. He looked like he had it all together at the start of that jump. He didn't. He got about two inches off the floor and slid back to the floor. Then he tried again and missed again! Not sure what his problem was with that ... the third attempt got him up on the counter. Yes, I know cats don't belong on the kitchen counter but try telling mine that. They really don't care about rules. They eat on a cabinet in the kitchen cause if their food bowl was on the floor the dog would empty that bowl minutes after it was filled. So, they think ALL counters are fair game. I do make them get down when I'm cooking but other than that... I guess the counters are fair game.
Thursday was a very uneventful day. I didn't even bother getting dressed. I did drive the van today though. I moved it from the backyard to the upper driveway. Fred thought we were going for a ride and he hopped in when I opened the door. He cracks me up! He didn't seem to care at all that we only went a short distance. He was pleased as punch to have gotten to go for a ride, short though it was!
I talked to RJ on the telephone a couple of times today. He's doing really well.
I was worried about RW cause he went missing last night and I didn't know where he'd been all day. RJ had his buddy drive him to RWs house in Pburg to see if he was there or not. I don't know what to do about RW. He's a mess! He was at his house. I don't know if he's trying to work things out with Lou or just what is going on with that. I wish he'd come back home and move on with life without her but that isn't my decision. Being a parent is a hard job even when your children have grown into adults cause you still worry yourself sick about them. I cannot make his decisions for him though and I just have to learn to accept that. Hard as it is....
I spent hours culling My Favorites list on this wretched machine today. That list is still terribly long.
There's a collage a thon this weekend over at atcsforall.com. I really need my scanner to participate in one of those. I'll see if T can come over tomorrow and fix it for me. She's good at pc stuff. I'm not. RJ keeps saying I need a new pc but I think this one just needs a good going over and some elimination of stuff I don't need on it. I'd really like to get my word processor back too. Lost it a few months ago.... can't even open any of the documents saved. Fustrating to say the least cause I used my word processor almost every day!
Well, that's about it for now. I've nothing important or entertaining to talk about today. I hope you all are doing well, are happy and healthy in your own lives. I won't complain about mine.
Don't forget to collect some hugs today! :)

11 February 2009

Wednesday's Recollections of Tuesday

Shelf: An over-populated piece of furniture with crowds of books hungry of eyes to give them an opportunity --- Alfonso Brezmes

Good Morning Good People!
I'm just settling down with a cup of strong coffee and a morning smoke. I'm still working on eliminating that smoke. John explained it in a way that makes perfect sense to me that it is not good for me in any way but it's hard, hard, hard to break the nicotine habit. I am working on it though.
RJ is still mending nicely! I'll be headed to Pburg sometime today to take a load of stuff to his house. He called yesterday wanting his wallet. Said he needed some money. I reminded the boy there isn't much in the line of money in his wallet. And where he thinks he's gonna go to spend the few dollars that are in his wallet, I don't know. He can't be traipsing all over town right now! At least he shouldn't be traipsing all over town! He's a grown man, I can't make his decisions for him.
I finished up the laundry last night. Went to Hays at around 11 pm and didn't get home till almost 3 am. The cupboards are no longer bare though.
The weather gurus are predicting rain and snow for later today. It appears to be nice outside, but a bit windy this morning. It was really windy on our drive home last night from Hays. Susan and Fred went with me. Susan's cupboards are now full as well.
I added another book to the list at the left. Weedy Rough. It was a great book! A novel that takes place in the 1930s in a little town in Arkansas. I finished it on the way to Kansas City. I wish I had taken another book along as well but I didn't.
I read quite a bit while in Kansas City though. Brochures, newspapers, magazines, anything I could get my hands on really. But only books get added to the list. There's a book laying on the coffee table that I didn't even know I owned that I will be reading next. I do believe RW put that book there with the intention of reading it.
RW has moved back home again. I do hope he doesn't go back to the situation he left. It wasn't good for anyone involved! He's gone off to work this morning and said he won't be home for a couple of days. He's going to stay at Justin's house cause he has to work early tomorrow morning. He works in Pburg so that makes sense.
I haven't worked on any art for days now. I need to get those whimsical cats done for sure. There are more trees to be made as well and also monochromatic chunkies. I've a list of things that must be done this month. There were 11 things on that list. I've accomplished a grand total of 1 of them thus far. Once I go to the post office later I'll be able to scratch another 4 off the list. I have 18 ATCs to complete...no, I have 3 of those done, so I only have another 15 ATCs to complete for the art show in NJ. Looks like art will be on the agenda for sometime today.
Soon as I get done talking to you all I have envelopes to get ready to take to the post office to mail today. I have paperwork to complete that needs mailed today as well. I might just take that paperwork to Pburg with me and hand deliver it though. Gotta get it done first though regardless the method in which it arrives at its destination.
I picked up a boatload of paint chip samples, brochures and a few magazines to add to my art fodder while I was in Kansas City. I do believe those paint chip samples-some of them at least-will end up on my whimsical cat chunky pages. I love paint chip samples! So many colors to choose from! The brochures will be cut up for collage images as will the magazines. I always pick up magazines that I don't generally have access to if they are free. And the ones I found were free for the taking! I got an Art In America magazine from the hotel room and an Apartments For Rent brochure at the hospital. Not to mention all the travel brochures I picked up in the lobby of the hotel. Art fodder and trading fodder. I need to do more trading!
Tomorrow I'll be going to Plainville to the hospital to have blood drawn so they can check my hemocrit numbers. I need to make a drs appt to see Genny about my face. I've developed a rash of some sort across my nose, forehead and cheeks. I think it's roseacea but I'm not a doctor and a doctor should take a look at it. It itches like crazy sometimes but I refrain from scratching as much as I can. That itching goes along with the itching on my arms and legs. Arms and legs itch because of my spinal cord injury. I got the toughest skin on my upper arms from all the scratching I've done over the last eight years! That itching is deep down inside, not on top of the skin though.
I woke up with three cats in my bed this morning. Billy asleep in the crook of my legs, Miss Blue asleep right beside my tummy and Doob snoring away in her usual spot by my head. I had to move all three of them before I could climb out of that bed or cats would have gone flying! Two of those cats are still asleep on that bed an hour later. Fred had already gone outside, courtesty of RW, by the time I got up. Actually RW woke me up. He wanted to borrow some money for gas for his car. I gave him a 20. He'll return it next week when he gets paid.
Guess I better get off this wretched machine and go do something productive. Dishes need done, there's a load of laundry in the dryer that needs put away (last of the laundry!) and I need to get dressed and do that paperwork.
You all have a wonderful Wednesday! I'll come yak at you all again another time!
Peace, my friends!

09 February 2009

Six Days Gone....

And mighty glad to be back in my own space again!

Ronnie's surgery went very well according to the doctors. They opened the boy up front and back. Scraped off the herniations, put in some bone grafts to fuse two of his vertebrae together and stapled him shut. He's in a lot of pain still but not near as much as I had thought he might be. He and T went home this morning. I'll be heading over to Pburg later today with stuff of theirs that ended up in my bags. I loaded up the car while T got the boy ready to leave the hospital. I just packed everything willy-nilly and didn't separate their stuff from my own in the packing process.
We stopped in Abilene for a visit with RJ's grandma on the way to Kansas City on Tuesday. Then on the way home we stopped there again to give RJ a rest from the car and to have supper with Edna (RJ's grandma). It was good to see her again. Had been quite sometime since I had seen her. There has been animosity between her and I for the past 11 years and I really haven't had a desire to confront her all those years. She's an old woman though and it really did neither of us any good to hold onto those bad feelings produced when Gary died. We've come to terms and for that I am grateful. I have forgiven her for words said all those years ago.
We also stopped at my sister, Kathy's house to see them and give RJ more rest from the car. Abilene is 2 1/2 hours from home so we still had a stretch to go. Was good to see Kathy, Mike, Jenny and Chris. Marilyn and Taylor came over to Kathy's while we were there. Marilyn is another of my sisters. We stayed in Abilene for about an hour and half...something like that...
Ran into rain on the interstate between Abilene and home. Nothing major. Rained off and on all night though.
RW showed up at the house shortly after we got home. He and Lou are having marriage troubles again. I do believe they will be calling it quits. I think that is a wise choice as they are not good to one another nor for one another. And those four little boys suffer the most for it. RW will be living with me for awhile it looks like.
I came home to a clean house! I knew I would though. Thanks Ma! 831!
The trip would have been a whole lot more fun if we'd been going for a different reason. I walked 26 miles this week. Least it feels that way. Our hotel was across the street from KU Med Center but it was still quite a way to walk for me. I was more than happy to find a chair after the walk over to the hospital. Or around the hospital for that matter! I would lay good money down that there were as many people in that hospital on any given day as there are people in Stockton. Big, big place!
I lost a crown off a tooth while eating cinnamon bears that T and I snagged from RJ's get well balloon. That'll teach us! So a trip to the dentist is in order.
It amazed me the variety of people I saw over the last six days. Stockton is a predominately white community and I really don't see a lot of people of any other race. I enjoyed the extreme variety over the week. Emnet was one of RJ's nurses. I'm uncertain what nationality she is but she is the most beautiful person I have ever laid eyes on! Her friendliness only added to her exotic beauty. She had long black, wavy hair, deep brown eyes, chocolate caramel colored skin...she was a beauty! And she cared for her patient's well-being also.
I saw folks of every skin hue there is, I think. That was one of the best parts of the trip....all the different people I was exposed to. I still have no desire to live in the big city, but a visit every now and again sure doesn't hurt at all.
The critters were happy to see me. Especially Doob. Ma said she only saw Doob once in the six days I was gone. That's cause Doob doesn't like Ma and she hides from her. Doob meowed her fool head off all morning this morning! Miss Blue is sitting here on the desk watching me type. She missed me as well. I can't get out of her sight without her coming to find me. Bill acts like he could careless if I'm here or not. And Fred was all tail wagging for all of two minutes and now he's like...OK, she's home. Where's my ball?
I missed them a lot more than they missed me!
I need to go do some laundry so I'll stop yakking at you all.
I hope everyone is well and happy! I missed posting in the blog too~!
Peace, my Friends!

08 February 2009

I Am Now Home

Hello Friends!
Seems like forever I've been away from home. I got home about half an hour ago and I'm fixing to head to Susan's for the night. My bed is being occupied by my son. He's doing pretty good considering he's got two new large holes in him that he didn't have the last time I talked to you all.
I'll write more tomorrow when I get things unpacked and life seems to be back to normal again.
It is GOOD to be home!

02 February 2009

Monday Morning

Once again I forgot to add the pictures before I started running my mouth....
Hope you all had a great weekend! I did!

This is "red lady" chunky page. Piece of a broken brooch, netted ribbon with silver glitter, a postage stamp from Cameroun, silver foil paper from a cigarette pack all attached to recycled chipboard from food packaging. I haven't added the danglies yet. "Little Girls with Money" chunky page. Black paper from an antique scrapbook, play money, snaps, cat came from a greeting card and an old photo of two little girls all attached to recycled chipboard from food packaging.

This conglomeration is a set of 9 ATCs. These were done for the Black and White Zentangle 9/9 Fill In The Blank Swap. The template came to me as one sheet of paper and I put the zentangle to it, then cut it out to fit on white shirt box stock. It's headed to California to be swapped out for 9 ATCs done on the same template from 9 different artists. The idea is to end up with 9 ATCs that fit together as a whole. I'm anxious to get the returns. I hope mine is well received!

Well the Pittsburg Steelers won the Super Bowl yesterday. I forget the score...but it was a close game! By the time the final score was met, I was pretty well blitzed from all the jello shots I'd consumed throughout the previous hours. Vodka will do that to you! Susan went with me to the Super Bowl Party and she had a blast as well! Who knew football could be so fun?
There was lots to eat, lots to drink and lots of laughter from all present! Not too many folks were present come to think of it! I've been to much bigger Super Bowl Parties in the past at the SClan's place. Helena and Bob hosted the wing-ding. Jerry showed, Kellen was there, Lois came late (but we all knew she would! Lois will be late for her own funeral I do believe!) and me and Susan. Nice little crowd! I really don't know what was so funny that had us laughing all the time, but laughter didn't cease for any length of time for the five hours we were there!

Even with the not-so-good news that was delivered last night, I didn't let that get me down at all. I don't think that not-so-good news is going to hold up anyway so I'm not going to worry about it! And if it does come to be...well, I'll deal with that when the time comes. I'm not one to worry about anything till it is time to worry about it!
I'm waiting on T to get here so we can discuss the trip to Kansas City tomorrow. I kept thinking all weekend that the trip would commence on Monday but we won't depart till tomorrow actually. Good thing, too! I haven't even started packing. T says we will be gone till the 9th so there won't be any posts for awhile on the blog after today. I'll take some pictures with T's camera while we're gone and when I get back I'll have a picture post for you all.
I've arranged for Susan and Ma to take care of the cats and Fred while I'm gone. Ma will probably clean the house from top to bottom while I'm away too. Not cause I've requested it, but cause she will. I'll be truly surprised if when I come home, the house looks like it does now. I'll get the few dishes in the sink washed up today but I won't have any dirty laundry or dirty floors when I come home. I go away and Ma always comes along and cleans the house from top to bottom! There just ain't no stopping her!
I'm still working on my whimsical cat chunky pages. Better get moving on those soon! I think I'm going to take them along to KC afterall. I can pack up the paint and brushes along with a boatload of collage stuff, no problem! And while T is watching TV in hotel room, I can work on cats! And other obigations as well. Better drag out my hard suitcase to load all that stuff into. Where the heck is that suitcase?
I might be back tonight with one more post before I depart tomorrow. T says we are leaving early so that means I better get some sleep tonight. I think I can do that! I actually feel quite fine this morning despite the fact I had way too much vodka last night in the form of jello shots. No hangover at all! Though I did stumble from my bed at 7 a.m. to get a drink of water... I was dying of thirst when I woke up at that time! Alcohol will dehydrate a person. That's why you wake up with a headache... is because you're dehydrated. I washed the jello shots down with plain old water throughout the evening so I was ahead of the dehydration game last night!
RJ has arrived so I shall yak at you all another time!
Be happy, Friends!

01 February 2009

I'll Be Gone All Week

Ma called this morning to tell me about her captive. Yep, she's been a'trapping again. She was after a black and white cat that someone dumped down at her place. The gray and white one I talked about last time hasn't been seen since the last time I saw it. She got herself a black and white critter but it wasn't a cat. She caught herself a skunk in her live trap. She didn't relocate the fella though. She said he didn't stink at all! But she didn't want to pick up the trap and scare the thing so she snuck around the back of the trap and opened the front so he could just go on with himself. She figured out why he never sprayed while in the trap. Skunks have to raise their tails to let loose with their scent. The trap isn't tall enough for the skunk to do that! lol Ma was tickled pink! She said, "Oh, goodness!!!!! I'm so glad he didn't smell up my trap!" Mr. Skunk got his belly full of cat food while confined to the trap. Ma said it took him a good half hour to figure out that the door was open and he could leave. Ma had the trap sitting where she could sneak up from behind it so he never seen her open the door. She went around the house to where the trap was and let the skunk see her and he ambled off to the row of cedar trees next door and went on his merry little way. It was a fun story to wake up to this morning.

I'm going to a Super Bowl Party later this evening. I'll be making brownies afterall. Looking forward to this diversion from the norm.

Sometime today I need to pack my bags for the trip to Kansas City. I'll be riding down with T and RJ and staying till they let the boy out of the hospital so T doesn't have to stay there all by her lonesome. RJ says someone needs to keep T busy so she doesn't give the nursing staff too much trouble trying to tell them how to do their jobs! She only means well, but I know just what the boy is talking about. Susan had a change of plans and coudn't go afterall so it works out OK. I really didn't want to have to stay all week long, but what else do I have to do? I will not be anywhere near a computer that I know of. Not unless T's dad will let her use his laptop for the trip. He'll be staying with Brenton while we're all gone. Brenton will like that...he'll get to hang out with PawPaw all week!

I haven't been around here for a couple of days for no good reason. I just haven't been. Been living, loving and laughing though. I don't know why I haven't had anything to say on this blog. Ma always told me if you got nothing good to say, don't say anything. It's not that I didn't have anything good to say... it's just that I didn't have ANYTHING to say apparently!

I made money trees day before yesterday at Susan's house with her. She made one, I made three. RJ wanted them. I still need to put magnets on the back of them. I'll do that sometime today. You all have seen the money tree chunky pages and if you haven't just go back a few posts and you'll find them. That is what these are, 4x4 inches square. They have no danglies though and won't end up in a book. RJ wants to give them to a few of his buddies just for laughs. He's been asking me to make him some for about a month now.

Ma came over the day before yesterday and we cleaned the fridge. Moved it out from the wall and cleaned under it, inside the working innards and mopped the floor under it. Fred ate the dead, dried up mouse Ma found on one of the coils under it. That dog is a mess! And that fridge was a bigger mess!!! It's all nice and clean and not working near so hard now.
After the fridge cleaning, she went out to the mailbox across the road and fixed it. I was certain, as was she apparently, that that thing was going to fall over! It's been leaning quite percariously for quite some time. I got the mail out of the box yesterday to find a pink post-it note from the mail lady thanking me for fixing the box. She must of been pretty certain it was going to fall over as well. It will stand straight till someone runs into with the side mirror on the van again. Wonder who that is that keeps running into it with that side mirror on the van???

I'm taking art stuff with me to KC so I can get 18 ATCs done for the Burlington County Artfair..That's not what it's called exactly but these 18 ATCs will be going to New Jersey for a show. They aren't due till March, but I figure the sooner, the better. So I'll get them done while I'm gone away from home. T will make art with me, I'm sure. I just hope the hotel room has a nice big table in it!

I should get off this machine for now. I need to get a lot of things done before tomorrow gets here. Packing is going to take a bit of time. I also need to take a shower, get dressed and go to town for smokes and cat food. Susan and Ma will look after my critters for me while I'm gone.

Justin is coming sometime today to fix the outside water faucet. Digging holes is his profession and digging is required to replace the faucet. The head on it broke cause water froze in it and blew a big old chunk of it out... it leaks like there's no tomorrow and we just can't have that! The pump will burn up if it isn't fixed soon. And we won't even mention all that water wasted that's fallen on the ground around it! Sure don't want my well going dry! Don't want to replace that pump either! I haven't had that new pump for even three years yet... it's got another 20 yrs in it if all goes well.

Alright! I haven't had much of importance to say, but I was here and that was the goal. You all have a fantastic week ahead. I'll do my best to not worry too much about RJ and I'll try to have a little fun while I am away.
Don't forget your hugs!!!!!