30 March 2009

Monday Morning and Another Week Upon Us

Good Monday Morning!

I've been up since 4 a.m. working on these Chunky pages and that ATC at the bottom of the pictures. I've drank a whole pot of coffee. I've been to Susan's house for a bit. I talked to my sister Jeanny on the telephone for awhile. She called at 6 a.m. on the half chance I would be awake.

These five chunky pages are going to Texas this afternoon. They're supposed to be there tomorrow. I don't see that happening but the swap host said she would wait on them. They should arrive no later than Thursday. These were done for the monochromatic swap. I didn't even scan the backs of them. Nothing fancy there anyway except on the brown cats. There's a large square stone there along with nothing of importance...some sandpaper backing, ect. The fronts matter the most so....

This is steak and cake kitties. Yep the pictures from the magazines I cut these cats from was a steak and a piece of chocolate cake. There's also some wire whiskers, googly eyes, a wooden heart that I burned the design into. That's a chair from a magazine across the bottom of the page. There's a tigerseye stone on the chest of the steak cat and a mystery stone on the chest of the cake cat. That's a brown paper grocery bag on the background and the danglies are novelty yarn, black ribbon and brown hem binding tape.

Here is Red Fish. I really like how red fish turned out! I've made sequin fish before but only on ATCs. This is a chunky page. That little fish charm was made out of sculpey clay and painted with acrylics. Nice page! The backside has a little mirror, wooden flower shape with a red button glued to the center and a red and white maze from a magazine covered with red tissue paper. This one turned out well!

This is Purple Tree. The trunk is cut from a painting out of an art magazine, the leaves are cardstock and metallic foil paper. Danglies are seam binding and hem lace.

Grow Old With Me---I made this one awhile back and I'm not sure that's good etiquette to send it in to a swap or not.. but I sent it. It's a silk leaf with a painted background. The leaf was covered with lime green colored mulberry paper, some shimmery paint and clear glitter. The danglies include cotton seam binding, fleece, hem lace, novelty yarn and a braid of green colored imitation leather cording. It is called Grow Old With Me cause that's the quote that is on the backside of it.

Green Collaged Trees A bunch of different green colored pictures from magazines all glued to recycled chipboard. The danglies include vintage hem lace, rickrack, novelty yarn, silk hem binding and a lampwork bead on a lavendar colored cord. I got the lampwork bead in a message in a bottle awhile back.

Green Leaf Remake. This ATC is a remake of the green leaf chunky page you saw above. I know it doesn't look exactly like the chunky page, but I really don't remember just exactly how I achieved what I achieved with the chunky page so I had to go with the flow and be happy with what turned up. I am happy with the results! I hope the recipient is as well.
This one is attached to a recycled game box. Silk leaf, mulberry paper, shimmey paint, clear glitter all sealed with diamond glaze.
I was going to show you all some inchies this morning too but I only have 8 of them done right now. So you'll get to see a dozen boats maybe tomorrow.
Right now though... I need to get off this machine and do something productive~!
Get yourself some major hugs this week!

28 March 2009

Picture Saturday again

hello All!
I've been away as you all know. No good reason for it really. I just haven't had a lot to talk about that seemed to be of any importance to anyone but myself. So no talking is good sometimes!
I have been busy here of late as you will be able to tell from the pictures I'm sharing this cold early Saturday morning!

I decided it was time to do a few more inchies to get to my goal of 1000 for the year. I'm up to 294 with this set of a dozen. I did the little yellow cat last week. Just couldn't get into inchies that day. The others were all done in the last few hours. I think the jelly beans are my favorite of the bunch. Then the grey cat. Then the green angler fish. A few silly fish this morning. I like the one with sunglasses on the best of the silly fish. You'll see more inchies in the coming weeks.

When The Fat Alien Sings- ATC sharpies on steno paper backed with recycled chipboard. All the aliens in this post were done on the 4th of January at my sister's house early in the morning while having coffee. I used what markers were available to me at Susan's house.

Ted and His Pets- ATC Sharpies on thick cardstock. All the ATCs in this post unless otherwise stated are on ivory colored thick cardstock that came from a set of flashcards I bought at the thrift store for a dollar. There were two boxes of them with more than 200 cards which gave me total of about 600 ATC blanks. It was a cool find! Ted and his managerie were drawn at the Branding Iron II cafe in Pburg on Sunday, 22 March about 8 in the morning. I kinda like Ted, he's got personality, I think.

Sunday Mornin' - ATC done on Sunday 22 March at the Branding Iron in Pburg. Sharpies on ivory colored heavy cardstock. I screwed this one up but scanned nonetheless. Susan says she can't see where I had originally put the moon. The coloring of these done on that Sunday were done the following Monday. I can see where the moon was originally placed. Perhaps you can too. I won't trade this one just cause it isn't quite right.

Solitare-ATC Done 22 March at the BI II in Pburg.

Silver Fish in The Corals- ATC I made this one for the CAT the weekend of the 14th. Scrapbooking paper background, silver foil paper from a cigarette pack for the fish, foam sticker fish shape, googly eye and various fibers. On thick cardstock from those flashcards. This one is traded.

School 53- ATC- Sharpies on thick cardstock. Made this one yesterday.

Rexford ATC- Don't ask me where the name of this one came from. My mind goes blank on naming these ATCs sometimes and this one eluded me. Rexford was the first thing I thought of, so Rexford it is! Sharpies on heavy cardstock. Made yesterday.

Mr. Phallus ATC- Just me being silly at breakfast last Sunday morning. I doubt I'll trade this one, but I'm putting it up for trade nonetheless.

Miss Blue ATC- sharpies on heavy cardstock. I did this one early this morning. Looks a little like Miss Blue....not the best cat I've ever drawn by any means but not terribly bad either. This one is up for trade.

Ladybug 2 ATC- This is a remake of an earlier version of this card made for the CAT this month. It is traded.

Hello! ATC- Sharpies on heavy cardstock. This one is up for trade.

Hearthead Alien ATC- sharpies on steno pad paper backed with heavy cardstock.

Gorfus From Morfus ATC- sharpies on steno pad paper backed with heavy cardstock. The theme the morning the aliens were drawn was (are you ready?) aliens!

George The Giraffe ATC- I'm so original sometimes on these titles~! lol (Just kidding!) Sharpies on heavy cardstock. That red string you see hanging out up there is not actually attached to the giraffe. It's a string off the fish up the ways a bit. This one is for trade.

Comeuppance ATC- not sure if 'comeuppance' is even a word! That's the word written across the left top of the ATC. All the aliens were drawn on one sheet of paper and cut out only yesterday. This one's up for trade too.

Colorado Bound ATC - (though why any self-respecting cat would venture to Colorado at the moment is beyond me! Even with his coat and hat the chap is gonna be a cold cat there!) Sharpies on heavy cardstock. I borrowed this idea. The cat in the picture I got the idea from was headed to Mexico. He was wearing a sombero and serape. And he was an orange cat.

Breakfast Flowers ATC- Sharpies on heavy cardstock. The picture was drawn at coffee on Thursday the 26th. It was colored in later that day. This one is up for trade.

A Sunday Stroll ATC- Sharpies on heavy cardstock. Drawn at coffee on Sunday, 22 March. This one is up for trade.

A Chairful ATC- Sharpies on heavy cardstock. Drawn yesterday. This one is up for trade.
Not much happening in my neck of the woods. The weather gurus promised us a hella snowstorm but that never materialized. Not a flake of snow in sight! I didn't really want a blizzard but we really need the moisture. Everything is so dry!
My quitting smoking campaign has resumed. The price of smokes went up by 80 cents a pack~! They justified that increase in taxes to help pay for healthcare for kids who don't have health insurance. I'm not sure it's fair for smokers to pick up that bill. That's one of the reasons I am quitting. The others are all health related and can only be good for me. So I'm trying very hard to not light up the fags. Can't afford to buy the damned things anymore either and writing a check for $12.31 for 3 packs of smokes that only last me three days deters me on that front as well!
Brownie dog moved on to greener pastures. He left as abruptly as he had arrived. Susan went out and bought a big bag of dog food for him and Evelyn had accepted him as a second to Fred. Fred will always be #1 with Evelyn. Not sure where he went off to, just hoping someone else took him in. It's been a bit chilly here of late.
You all have a fabulous weekend. Stay warm where it's cold out and cool where it's way too warm!
Get yourself a few hugs this weekend too!

24 March 2009

Looks Like I'm Back In Business!

Guess I needed the newest version of IE to make it back in here. Done!
Not much happening in my world to report about this morning. I got two cats sitting here looking at me and dog snoring on the floor at my feet. I'm fixing to call it a day...I been up since 9 last night.
Too much to think about and not a bit of ambition to get me to do it all. Sleep is what I crave.
I don't have any new art to show you all yet. I forgot to scan those trees before I sealed them all up in that bubble envelope and sent them on their way yesterday. Those little acorns were really cute! I was pleased with my trees. I hope those who get one in the swap are pleased as well.
Susan and I went to coffee on Sunday morning. I took ATC blanks along. I always do a bit of drawing when we go to coffee, regardless what day it is. I cranked out seven drawings on stiff board with a green inkpen in about an hour's time. I left one of those drawings with the tip for the waitress. She said she liked it...it was pretty cool. It was a detailed drawing of the salt and pepper shakers, a fork, a napkin and the sugar jar with the clock on the wall peeking into the upper right hand corner of the whole. I hope it owned up to its name: Happy Sunday! The other six were two aliens of quite different persuasions, a giraffe, and two tree/lake scenes. I colored those I didn't give away or throw away with sharpies when I got home from the cafe. The one I threw away we won't even discuss cause...I threw it away...it's not worth discussing! I seldom trash artwork...but that wasn't artwork!
I've not scanned any of those cards either. I have three ATCs that must get made and sent off before Thursday. And those monochromatics need be finished by then as well. All that is left is to put some backs on them! Won't take me long to do... just need to find the motivation, the ambition. I've seemed to misplace that today, yesterday.... it was here awhile ago.
It's cold and windy outside. Good thing I stayed home today as opposed to what I had wished to do today. I'm gonna go snuggle under my electric blanket and sleep the day away.
You all go collect you some hugs from somewhere. I could use to take that advice myself...but sleep beckens!

Not Sure this will post

I haven't been able to view this blog for the last few days. It simply says IE cannot open this webpage. This post is somewhat of an experiment to see if I can view the page after the post is made. The last post was made, but I've yet to be able to read it from the blog itself.

Here goes nothing~!

21 March 2009

Saturday again...

No pictures today. I haven't been around for a week and I've nothing new to show you all. There's art been done, I just don't have anything scanned yet.
A new dog adopted us on Friday. Morning came and Mr. Barney Brown was already established as a part of the neighborhood. He's a big brown German Shorthair, still intact. He's a nice dog. Haven't a clue where the devil he came from. Susan's decided he's her new dog until someone comes along to claim him.
He's a healthy boy. Has a nice disposition. Fred likes him. He doesn't seem to give a hoot one way or another about cats. Scooter and Pug like him too.
He just showed up out of nowhere. I took him to town on Friday evening along with Fred and Pug. He did great riding. He's a nice dog. I called him Brown yesterday. Seems to fit the boy. He's not got much in the spots of white on him. Linda comes along today and decides his name should be Barney Brown. She has a thing about giving animals names that begin with the letter B. Fred's official name is Robert Fredrick Barker...aka Fred Barker. My sister Linda is a nut!

Ma made fried chicken and gravy for supper. My brother Sam was here visiting. He has been here since Friday evening. He went home a bit ago. Susan made creamed peas and I brought the bread. Ma makes good fried chicken. Seems like we're gonna do it all over again tomorrow evening too. More fried chicken. Ma says it has to be cooked... so... there you have it!
I've not done much of anything today. Pug is still here as her people are in Hutch till sometime tomorrow. Brown's settling in nicely. Ma likes him and that is a big plus! She thought Brown had chased her cat, Sammy, off earlier. (Yes she has a son and a cat with the same name! Cat came with his name though. That's why we call the cat Sammy and our brother, Sam).
I really don't feel all that great today. Nothing I can put my finger on specifically, I just hurt like a big dog today. From head to toe! I didn't sleep well at all. I haven't for two days now. My feet and legs are giving some terrible cramps when I lay down to sleep. It's the feet mostly. The toes try to curl up backwards and the arches feel like they're on a freefall into the abyss. Hurts like hell, I can tell you that!
I started a new book today. I found it laying on the desk at Susan's house earlier. "For One More Day" by Mitch Albom. I'll be finished with it before morning.
I'm fixing to shut this pc down so I can get my tree chunkies done. All that's left to do to them is put the fibers on, put 'em individual baggies and then in an envelope to go out with the other envies ready for mailing come Monday morning. I still have ATCs and monochromatic chunkies to get done before Monday. That isn't a problem though. They will be done. I just got to sit over there<<<<<<>
So you all behave yourselves and I'll come yak at you another day. Doesn't appear as though I had a hell of a lot to say of importance today anyway!

16 March 2009

Monday Now....

I traded all of these cards and few more this past weekend. I don't have time to talk this afternoon. I gotta go out to the storage shed and help the slave driver rearrange things. I'll come yak at you all later this evening perhaps.
Yes, I know I didn't make it back here on Sunday night. These cards getting traded are the reason for that oversight.
Stayed tuned! I will return!

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