30 August 2010

August is Almost Behind Us

I've nothing new in art to show you all except for a tree of life pendant that I made on Thursday evening.
My air conditioner unit died twice in the month of August. The first time on the 9th it was struck by lightning and/or a power surge fried the connector. The fix-it guy couldn't decide which. Then on the 19th, yes, just 10 days later, ants got in the damn thing and fried it again. Neither time was the part covered by the warranty. The A/C unit is only 5 months old.  I've yet to file a claim with the insurance people. I must do that on Monday morning!
This TOL is made from the connector that got fried by the ants. Medium size black ants to be exact. The connector had a good two dozen fried ants clinging to it when the fella brought it to me to show me it was indeed ants that had done it in. Sammy and I sat in the livingroom shooting the shit, unwinding the copper wire on the connector. Then when Sammy went home I made this pendant from that wire, some store bought copper wire and the beads Evelyn had given me earlier in the week. Those beads, at one time, had gold on them. They're plastic beads. Nothing fancy really. I like how the tree itself came out though.
And that's about the extent of artwork to show you....I've made some more fabric paper but I don't have those pictures downloaded at the moment.
I have three ATCs that need to be scanned.
I can show you the successful experimentation with dying paper towels....
ta da!

There are 30 of them here. I used Viva brand paper towels and Dr. P.H.Martin's Inks. It was a fun experiment with a new technique and I'm glad I did it! Haven't a clue what the hell I'm going to do with 30 dyed paper towels though. They look and feel like fabric.
I have little books that need to be sewn together but I've no ambition for little books at the moment.
My muse is occupied elsewhere these days.
I'm 9 days behind on the 365 Project. I intend to remedy that situation sometime this week...that is if my muse cooperates and comes home this week....

Friday was a terrible day in my world.
The 27th of August is the anniversary of the death of my husband. He's been gone 13 years now. It is always a sad for me because I miss him still. He was a good man and taken away much sooner than he should have been.
This Friday passed another soul was taken from this life much sooner than he should have been. I don't even know this young man's name but he lost his life in a terrible crash right in front of my house.
RIP young man.
I won't go into the gory details but the 18yr old boy died in his car in my driveway where it came to rest after he crossed the center line and collided with an 18wheeler.
It was a big mess and a bigger tragedy.
I know this sounds as though I could care less about there being a tragedy in my front yard, (literally) but that isn't the case. I've repeated this story too many times already and I've just not the energy to do it again.

I'm still waiting on Doc R to figure out what the hell was wrong with my thryoid. He told me last Thursday when I went to get the stitches out that the pathologist was working on my parathyroid. It apparently didn't stain right or something when they were doing thier tests on it. I need to call Doc R tomorrow and discuss this with him and find out what the calcium levels were from the vampire bite this past Wednesday.
I don't know if taking out my throid has improved my lot in life or not to be quite honest. I still sleep too much or too little. I do have a bit more energy, but I'd like a lot more, please.
My attitude's OK.

Kittens are fine...growing still just like kittens are supposed to. Turning into little demons who wake me at the crack of dawn wanting to be fed. Their mama is worse than they are about the feeding schedule! Miss Lola stands on my shoulder, leaning forward till her little nose is almost in my ear and she meows just as loud as she can meow to wake my hide up! There is no ignoring her. There is no ignoring the six little demons crawling all over me as I lay prone in my bed. The only thing I can do is get my hide out of that bed and feed their hungry bellies!
They will be advertised this week in the classified. It's time to send them out into the world.
I haven't taken their pictures for a few days.
I'll do that and show them off in the next post.
I've no idea when the next post might be though....

Right now, I'm off to dreamland.
Crack of dawn comes early. It's already almost 4 a.m.
Get your hugs!
Be good to one another!

22 August 2010

Pictures, Commentary and I'm alive and kicking!

Kittens are 5 weeks and one day old now. Just a month old in the picture above though.
The little buggers are running amuck~!

Brenton with an orange kitten.

Brenton with the smallest of the two darker kittens.
Fred and a couple kittens.
Little kittens, Big Footed dog!
Lola with a kitten or two.
Terah cooking some breakfast of a Saturday  morning.

def frog
Pink in the Pink Sands
Rapunzel's Rescue
who has the money?
Lola nursing the kittens.
Composition Notebooks covered with monochromatic picture fragments from various magazines.

Donna the day after thyroid surgery.

The drain tube was taken out on Saturday. Surgery was on Thursday.
Feeling pretty good on the 19th.
The incision is healing nicely. I've got a bit of energy. My attitude is good. The incision itches like crazy at the moment! I've a mole on my left shoulder area that has changed drastically in the last couple days....will make an appointment with Genny on Monday to have it looked at.
Fred and a kitten or two. He does really like these babies!

And they all like him well enough also.
Lola could care less that the dog loves her babies.
Could care less.

Fred has gotten bored with the whole kitten thing ....he's ready for a nap.

My fridge.

More pics of kittens.

Miss Lola is a tired mama!

I leave you with some muscular critters! I've no clue what originally drew me to this picture but I found it in my picture files under 'art ideas'. The caption for it is: OK, you maggots, let's keep it clean!....not sure just what that means!
Today I have been working in my altered book. Tomorrow I may show you what I've got done in it so far! Still a bit more to do in it though!
Get your hugs, people!
We all need some!

12 August 2010

A Kitten Update, A Bit of Art and I'll Be Gone For Awhile

The six little terrorists in training are now 27 days old. We had to move out of the box and into the bathtub. The little buggers are on the move! Two of them escaped the box, wouldn't have been long before that would have become routine. The little kids now reside in the bathtub in my bathroom. They can't get out of it!
They are growing just as kittens should grow and in another week or so I will take thier pictures individually so I can make up a flyer and give the little buggers away! Then Lola will go to the vet so this does not happen again! I am way too old for babies of any variety for too long of a time!

Lola does look content! the mess of them woke me up at 7 am this morning. I don't know what they were all hollering about. They were all lined up at the buffet...just like in the picture...two or three of them were meowing their little fool heads off for no reason I could detect.
You all will get to see their pictures when I get that done!

I've been busy with art. If it's quality art, that's not up to me to decide, but it is art. Only ATCs and a postcard this time.
Brown Garden Snail
11 August 2010
markers on recycled cardstock
365 Project Day #224

Gray Sheep
11 August 2010
markers on recycled cardstock
365 Project Day #225

Illuminated A
11 August 2010
markers on recycled cardstock
365 Project Day #226

Orange Turtle
6 August 2010
markers on recycled cardstock
365 Project Day #219

Pink Flower Cactus
9 August 2010
markers on recycled cardstock
365 Project Day #220

Purple Female Nude
9 August 2010
markers on recycled cardstock
365 Project Day #221

Purple Pup
9 August 2010
markers on recycled cardstock
365 Project Day #222

Sanchez Sunflower
11 August 2010
markers on recycled cardstock
365 Project Day #227

The Frost Gnome
9 August 2010
markers on recycled cardstock
365 Project Day #223

Vogsland Nude
9 August 2010
markers on recycled cardstock
365 Project Day #228

The Moment Has Come
July 2010
Collage of magazine pictures and text on recycled chipboard. Might be food packing or recycled greeting card. This particular card has another collage on the other side that is suitable for the address and message for mailing.

As the title of the post suggests, I will be gone for awhile. Hopefully only days, but who knows! I'm to have surgery on my thyroid tomorrow at 10 a.m. I should be home on Friday. Sometime soon I shall be back with lots of commentary and some artwork if my muse doesn't desert me between now and then.
Get your hugs! Give your smiles! Be good to one another.
It matters!
And remember:
Every survival kit should include a sense of humor!

06 August 2010

Kittens, Kitties, Guitar Strings and Copperwire

Happy Friday!
You will have to overlook any typos today. My fingers are hurting like big dogs this morning. The right hand especially for some reason.
Only six days till I have surgery on my thyroid. Will be glad to have that done and over with. I'm still not sleeping like one should. Was up for 22 hours straight and slept for 6 until the dog woke me wanting outside. I'm wide awake and there is no going back to sleep this morning! I shall survive though, I'm sure!
I'm heading on a roadtrip later this morning with my brother so there will be trip pictures tomorrow to post if I don't foget the camera when we walk out the door later!
Kittens are 22 days old. This picture was taken three days ago. Growing like kittens are supposed to grow. No complaints from anyone but Lola who yells about everything and everything. I honestly don't know what that cat's problem is 99% of the time.

There's Fred and his Buddy Lola....I haven't figured out how to crop pictures with Paint. I tried but it was a FAIL.....keep trying, I guess.

I finally got caught up with the 365 Project. For how long remains to be seen. If I don't get an ATC done by tomorrow, I will be behind again.
This is the Russian Kitty Series. Not numbered but identified by color.
They were all done on the 4th of August 2010 and are pretty much all the same composition with variances in color and that's about it!
Kitties are freehand cut from Russian Text. Wire whiskers, metal foil tape for their noses, googly eyes. Backgrounds are random monochromatic colors cut from magazine pages and adhered to recycled chipboard. That thing on the kitties' chests is a plastic sequin. All of those are actually the same color but look like the color they are on top of more than the irridescent color they are.

(Must of forgot to resize this one.)
(Yes, I know the kitty is yellow but these are named more for the background colors than the kitty itself.)

My friend, Cordless, gave me three sets of guitar strings last week and requested I make him something out of one of them. I tried my hand at making bracelets from guitar strings. These are the results of my first attempt. They are pretty 'rough' but I think with each one made they will become prettier! Someone suggested I should use beads on them but I was trying to go with a 'manly bracelet' for my friend cause he is a man and I don't think beads are really him at all. Those gold things are the ballends from the strings. I also used a bit of copperwire on them. He hasn't actually seen them yet.
2 Guitar String Bracelets
5 August 2010
Guitar strings, ballends and copperwire

Tree of Life Pendant
5 August 2010
I bought some glass seed beads to make more of these in different colors. So expect to see some more in the future!
I have little books ready to be sewn together but that has yet to occur. I think I'll be taking the little books with me on the roadtrip later this morning. I can sew books while I'm sitting in the passenger's seat riding down the highway! Kill two birds with one stone, so to speak!
Thanks for stopping by today!
Get your hugs! Fridays are the best days for hugs! (Just my own opinion! :) )