30 July 2012

Monsters, Books, Rugs and Let's Go Camping!

Hello Readers!
Thanks for stopping by to see the newest creative endeavors I have been up to.  Grab a cup of something good and settle in for a long post. I'm rather chatty today. 

I think some times I go too far out in left field in the art department when it comes to an All Types of Art Athon, also known as an ATART. I know that sounds impossible to do in light of the title of the Athon, but this last athon...the one going on right this moment, seems to me to be less accommodating to my muse than previous athons have been. 
This doesn't stop me from creating, it only stops me from offering all of these creations up for trade. This doesn't mean they aren't up for trade (though some of these are not up for trade because I never intended for them to be for trade), it just means they aren't up for trade in the athon. It isn't any fun to participate if you feel unwelcome to do so.
This being said, I am feeling rather down these days and this may be some of the reasons I'm feeling this way today. No one person participating the athon has caused these feelings. They come from within me, not from something anyone did or did not do.
My daughter-in-law brought me a giant smile early today with her news via telephone that I will be kidnapped come the middle of September. I will enjoy that kidnapping tremendously, especially if both of my sons are involved in it! That remains to be seen though. 

In addition to the creations in this post I have been working on polish stars, paper flower balls, mug rugs and other sewing projects. There is always preparation for the next project in progress. I have way too many projects in progress....that's a whole other story though and we are not going there today!

On with the art.....
I hope you enjoy the journey!
A lesson in cartooning a giraffe. Markers on cardstock. ATC
I never have been one to stick to any kind of rules. Giraffes are some times purple in my realm. 

I was cleaning in the cutting room...OK, I was digging around in the cutting room a few days ago and ran across a small box filled with 5.5 inch floppy disks. Floppy disks from the age of the dinosaurs (in computer terms anyway). Books have been on the muse's radar for a couple weeks now and when I picked up that box of floppies, took a good look at them, it hit me that these would make fabulous book covers with a bit of altering, disguising and innovation. 
I wasn't disappointed.

Sorry for the terrible goldfish pictures.
I took 13 floppy disks to the kitchen table where I proceeded to cover them in book pages with white glue as the adhesive. This process stiffened those floppies right up! The next day as I watched hour after hour of America's Got Talent on hulu, I stuck stickers all over both sides of each floppy to stiffen it a bit more and to use up those stickers and to give me a good surface for painting on. I still have three floppies laying naked on the kitchen table, waiting for their tranformations.

I have to tell you about the stickers. When RJ came down to see about the water pump, month or so ago, we went to the Dollar Store for something or other. While T and I were in the store, he looked in the dumpster to see what might be there. Well, he found a bunch of 'good' stuff! These stickers were among the 'good' stuff. Six, maybe seven rolls of these little tiny blank price stickers. They have Dollar General and the word price on them in black ink. Mostly white though. 
He was just certain I could use them for something. I covered five floppy disk books with these little white 1/2 inch by 3/4 inch stickers and I still have four and half rolls left to figure out something to do with.  Wish me luck on that....

The boy also found a broken clock and about 150 little plastic fasteners. The clock is useless, but the hands and the clockworks themselves...ain't a thing wrong with them. You'll be seeing a clock in one of these posts soon as I can figure out what exactly to make the clock out of!

The blue and gold book and the goldfish book are both painted in acrylics. There's a fish picture on the inside back cover of the blue and gold book too but it is a terrible-TERRIBLE- goldfish painting so there's no picture of it.
The finish on them is a technique using acrylics and 91% alcohol. I found the tutorial for it somewhere...I forget just where....and finally decided to give it a shot. What you do is thin acrylic paint down to a watery consistency and paint your surface. While the acrylics are still quite wet you spritz 91% rubbing alcohol on it and it does some wonderful transformations! I laid down the dark blue, black for the goldfish, and let it dry before putting a layer of gold metallic acrylics and alcohol on. 
The texture of the stickers kind of takes away from the wonderfulness of the painting technique but it's still quite a nice effect. Both books look much better in hand than the photographs make them appear! 

For the owl book and the two cat books, I drew the animals and then painted them with watercolors on paper. They are outlined in black sharpie. I cut them out and adhered them to the front covers and colored the black around them with a big sharpie marker.

The back covers are simply the stickers showing. 

I've a feeling the price stickers on these three books won't last near as long as the ones on the fish books simply because I neglected to seal these with anything before I sewed the books together. I'm not sure if the adhesive on the stickers is going to hang on as long I am hoping it will. The fish books, I'm not worried about the stickers coming off. I painted over those with at least two layers of acrylics. They're not going anywhere!

They're all sewn in coptic stitch with crochet cotten and have copy paper pages numbering 50. They are just over 5.5 inches square.

A few monsters were born.
This one is orange sweater material, green velvet and felt. I found some new nubby yarn for hair for the monsters.

This guy is green cashmere sweater material and green velvet. I found four different colors of the nubby yarn at the thrift store for $2. 

These two monsters are under 10 inches tall.
Art is insisting he likes the monster photo shoots so we will continue to allow him to hug monsters for the masses to see! 

I sewed a few mug rugs day before yesterday.
My sewing skills are improving with all the monsters and mug rugs I've made. 

I FINALLY finished the red mountain board book.
I added the red, yellow and orange beads to the orange braided ties that hold it all together. 

I can't tell you when I made this little book. It's made from a piece of plastic that came off a hard floppy disk. I've made lots of little books out of the hard floppies and I've always removed that black square of plastic that wraps around the edge of the hard floppy. That's what this is made from. I drew the cat on book cloth with sharpies and glued it around the thingamabob. I've no clue what to call the dern thing! I'm not sure how many pages it has....probably around 20 or so. The pages are a grid paper...graph paper. Vellum-like paper. I glued them in with white glue. The book is usable though it doesn't open at a comfortable level to do any serious writing in it. Though if you were determined to do so, it could be done! 
I can't tell you when I made it cause I found it on the shelf above the scanner the other day. It was buried in crap that covers the surface of that shelf at the moment. 
Been months since I last laid eyes on it! Had forgotten I'd even made it.

While digging around in the cutting room the other day, I ran across a take out box filled with fabric pieces I'd acquired somewhere, sometime. Five fat quarters of flannel and two other hanks of material I'd bought brand new sometime in the past. I made flowered monster out of half of one of those fat quarters of flannel. You can't see them well, but he has green velvet horns also.

Today is Evelyn's birthday.
I sewed her a mug rug last night.
And finally a chunky page!
It's collaged. I don't do well with collage. Someone sent me the paper used in the background. The orange trailer is part of an envelope. The text comes from a medical text book, as does the door and the window and hub of the wheel. The ground is scrapbook paper with more green dots added with a sharpie marker. The wheel is just black paper and the hitch is drawn with a marker. I used the remnants of the braided cotton string from the Red Mountain Book along with the the same wooden beads used on it. The base is recycled chipboard from the back of a pad of drawing paper. Backside is just orange envelope paper with my info written in black marker. 4x4 inches.

Thanks for taking a look!
Be good to one another!
It matters!

21 July 2012

Some Bookmaking, Stars, Baking and a Monster

Hello Everyone~!
There's been a bit of creating happening at my house. 
I have a couple boxes full of these drug pamphlets. I used a few of the pamphlets on the paper mache cat I went on about for weeks late last quarter of last year. There are 10 pamphlets in each box and I probably have close to 60 of these boxes still to work with. My son gave them to me. He got them from the police cheif in the town where he lives. Each pamphlet deals with a certain drug or alcohol. I don't have a use, other than making something else out of them, for all these pamphlets and the lovely little boxes they are housed in. 
The pamphlets are printed on newsprint, each pamphlet a different color as you can see in the picture. The box is made of lightweight coverstock and has that wonderful little velcro dot attached to it! The boxes are a bit over 6x4 inches and 3/4 of an inch thick. 
I figured out how to make books out of the boxes and I went a tad nuts with it!  

scrapbooking paper inside and out, sewn with cream colored crochet cotton thread in the long stitch. This one has manila drawing paper pages, I think.

scrapbooking paper, sewn in long stitch with crochet cotton thread. Pages are refill pages for a Day Runner Planner.

Scrapbooking paper, sewn in long stitch with crochet cotton thread.Pastel colored unlined writing paper pages.

scrapbooking paper, sewn in long stitch with crochet cotton thread. Linen stationary paper pages.

scrapbooking paper, sewn in long stitch with crochet cotton thread. Refill pages for Day Runner Planner for pages.

Painted orchard paper with red glitter, sewn in long stitch with thin blue crochet thread. Manila drawing paper pages.

Painted orchard paper with red glitter and gold glitter, sewn in long stitch with thin blue crochet thread. Manila drawing paper pages.

Painted orchard paper, sewn with long stitch in white crochet cotton thread. Kitten stationary paper for pages.

Painted orchard paper, sewn in long stitch with white crochet cotton thread. Manila drawing paper pages.

Painted orchard paper, sewn in long stitch with white crochet cotton. Manila drawing paper pages.

Painted orchard paper with red glitter, sewn in long stitch with white crochet cotton. Manila drawing paper pages.

Painted orchard paper with red glitter, sewn in long stitch with white crochet cotton. Manila drawing paper pages.

All box books have 50 pages.

Acrylic Painting
I did this sometime last month. It will end up on a book cover. I plan on making another paper mache board book.

A series of shots of the four star and beer cap garlands I made a couple months ago. I don't think I ever took a picture of them. So here they are! 

I sewed another monster. 
Art thought Monster needed a hug and insisted a photoshoot was necessary! Art is 12 inches tall so that makes the monster right at 10 inches tall. Monsters body is made out of a felt Santa hat. His horns and eyes are felt as well. 
I still have a few Santa hats so expect to see a few red monsters from time to time.
Perhaps Art will decide hugs are in order again sometime!

I made some more polish stars with glittered points. 
Glittering the points is a pain in the neck. I haven't decided if the extra work is worth the results acquired. I've only made six of them that have glittery points and they do shine like the dickens when the light hits them just right! I imagine they'd shine really nice on a Christmas tree lit with many little lights. 
I rather like the plain jane variety of polish stars too. They look smashing on a lit Christmas tree!  I gave my son a little polish star and he hung it on the rear-view mirror in his van. They look quite cool hanging just about anywhere! 

I played Betty Crocker.
Homemade Hot Pockets filled with seasoned ground beef, onions and a bit of cabbage. Some of them have cabbage, some of them don't. This isn't all of them. I already ate three of them and I gave my sister another three of them.
No, I did not make the bread dough. I cheated on that. I got it from the freezer at the grocery store.

I made rolls out of the leftover bread dough. 
Hot out of the oven, they were to die for! I ate three of these too! 
Oink, oink, oink!

I know I have more pictures of this cat than this one! I couldn't locate any others though. This must be the last one ever taken of Billy....:( I haven't seen hide nor hair of this cat for the last 11 days. That means one of two things;
Billy has gone on a walkabout and he'll be be back as soon as he's done with it.
or Billy's not ever coming back again.
I really don't know what's become of him. And not a thing I can do to make him come back home, either. 
I tell Fred dog, "Bring that cat back with you." every time I send let him out the door. He has yet to bring this cat back.
Lola cat is fine as frog's hair though! My left hand bears the marks of mean little claws that got a bit rambunctious in play yesterday. I wanted to simply pet her. No, she wanted no part of any petting business. She wanted to bite and play.

I shall keep praying that Billy comes home.

I don't have much of anything other than polish stars in the works at the moment. 
Something creative will happen around here, I am sure! 
You all stayed tuned!
Be good to one another!
 It matters!

15 July 2012

A Plethora of Creatures, A Couple Things and 3 Little Books

Hello Readers!
I've been busy since yesterday! 

Chipmunk Max
I know Max looks like a squirrel, but he's not.
markers on cardstock

Gary Goldfish
watercolor and marker on book page adhered to cardstock
In honor of my late husband. 
God rest his soul.

Gertie Goldfish
watercolor and marker on book page adhered to cardstock
In honor of my friend's late cat.
God rest her soul.
I am certain animals have a soul.

Mean Purple Fish
watercolor and markers on book page adhered to cardstock

Orange Monster
I started him on Thursday and finished him when I got up on Friday afternoon.
He now lives with 4 yr old Jo. I sure hope Jo's papa isn't too mad at me for not showing up at Jo's wingding. It just wasn't in me. I sent Orange Monster with my sister to Jo's celebration.

I think I've already shown you all the red Polish Star in this picture. The other three I made on Wednesday. They have glitter on the ends of all the points. They really shine when the light hits them! All three are magazine paper.

Orange Fish
watercolor and marker on book page adhered to cardstock

Purple Fish
watercolor and marker on book page adhered to cardstock
I really, really like how this book page paper takes watercolors! Wow! It soaks up markers on their own, but the watercolor wash slows down that process! I love how Purple Fish turned out!

Turkey Vulture
markers on cardstock

4x4 inches
watercolor and acrylics on book page

4x4 inches
watercolor and acrylics on book page
George looks a bit drunk...He surely looks nothing like the famous painting of him that adorns the US $1 bill! It's all practice though! All practice! If I hadn't told you who he's supposed to be, you 'd of figured he was a drowsy colonial planter or something. You'd have known it was a man at least! My adventures in painting portraits has come a long way! :)
Practice, practice, practice.....

Gloria Goldfish
watercolor and marker on book page adhered to cardstock
In honor of all goldfish ever flushed.

4x4  inches
watercolor and acrylics on book page

Practice is definitely necessary! 

Orange Poppies
Altered Envelope 
4.5 x 5 inches
oil pastels and acrylics on paper

Pink Owl 
Altered Envelope
4x5.5 inches
Oil Pastels on paper

Reidid, Agnes
markers on cardstock

Blue Text Twinchies
Pamphlet Book
5x6.5 inches
6 brown paper bag-like paper pages
book text collaged on chipboard from a cereal box, watercolor wash, two twinchies drawn in 2009 and a bit of white nylon cording to hold it all together. 

Gray Journal
6x7.5 inches
16 manilla drawing paper pages
acrylics on chipboard from a cereal box
there's a blank natural colored pc of chipboard inside the front cover to stabilize the fold I couldn't avoid in the cereal box.
You could theoretically take this book apart, pretty it up with your own creations and then sew it back together again. It would be a lot easier to work on the cover if the pages weren't in it. 
Manilla drawing paper is good for dry mediums. Crayons work wonderfully on it! As does pencil and charcoal and oil pastels.

Green STripes and Dots
pamphlet book
3.5x5 inches
scrapbook paper adhered to cereal box chipboard
16 manila paper pages
sewn with green crochet cotton
This one is headed to The Netherlands as soon as I make it to the town to go to the post office.

That's it for today.
We'll have to see what tomorrow holds....

Be good to one another!
It matters!