29 January 2009

Thursday Looks to be Starting out Good...

The weather warmed up and melted all that snow. My water pipes unfroze and I'm a happy camper this morning.
My sleep is under control somewhat...I'm tired all the time but at least I'm sleeping at night now and not up all night and sleeping all day! I'm sure that will change though..it never lasts for long!

I'm going to be gone for a few days next week. My son is having surgery on his back in Kansas City and I'll be going to be there for him if he needs me. The boy is in a lot of pain and it's past time to do something about it. It's an 8 hour surgery him. I'm in hopes he will feel much better once they fix the problems in his back. Keep him in your prayers if you're so inclined to pray. His surgery is scheduled for Wednesday. I won't be anywhere near a computer for at least three days. Maybe longer. All depends on who I ride to KC with and how RJs surgery goes.

I'm still plugging away at my whimsical cats. No further progress to report on those. I'll show them to you all as I get them done. I'll be taking art stuff with me to KC. Probably not cat stuff, but I have other swaps to work on as well.

I entered another tree chunky page swap. Yep, you'll be seeing more money trees.

Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching. If I'm not mistaken it is the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals? I'm really not certain just who is in the Super Bowl this year. I'm going to the Super Bowl Party for the food more than the football! Though I do like to watch football occasionally. Men are extremely funny creatures when football season rolls around and the ones I know become fanatics when Super Bowl rolls around. Should be a fun time. I'll be going into town to my friends' house for the wing ding. Not sure what food I'll be bringing. I was going to make brownies but Miss Allison informs me her mama is making brownines so I'll have to figure out something else. Will have to raid my cupboards cause I am broke and can't go buy something for the party... no problem! I'll figure out something.

I read two more books last night. I am very fast reader! Course these two newest books didn't have an abundance of pages either. The book about Mount St. Helens' eruption was very fascinating. I can remember when it blew its top but had never read any accounts (other than newspaper stories) about it. That book had about 100 pages. The book about the earthquake in Los Angeles back in '71 was pretty informative as well. It was more pictures than words though. It had about a 100 pages as well. Both of those books have been sitting in a bookshelf for over a year now.

I really wish my camera was in working order...it and the pc refuse to talk to one another...I would have taken a picture of my visitors the other morning. There's a open field to the north of my house. It was planted to milo last year, just stubble out there now. RJ was here that morning, standing in the deskroom, looking out the window. He asked me where my binoculars were. They were in the van and it was cold and snowy out that morning. I asked him what was out there. "Either turkeys or deer, I'm not quite sure which." Turns out they were deer, much closer to the house than the boy first thought. Nine of them out there pawing at the snow to get to the milo stubble beneath. I like it when the deer visit the field out back. Susan saw three deer in her driveway the other night when she came home. They were probably part of the herd RJ and I saw out the deskroom window.

We have an extra cat these days as well. Big grey striped and white cat. I haven't been able to get close enough to it to know if it's a friendly cat or not. I saw it out the front door window the day before yesterday. Ma said there was one hanging around last week. Her cat, Sam came home with a boogered up ear, he'd been fighting with someone. Probably the extra cat. I'm wondering if Billy's sore tail isn't a result of a schirmish with the extra cat? His tail is healing nicely!
Where'd the other cat come from? Your guess is as good as mine but I'm guessing someone dumped it out here thinking we'd take it in. We don't usually take the strays in. If they are wild critters, unused to human contact, Ma will live trap them and take them elsewhere. You can't change the thinkings of an old woman, least not that one! Cat can stay so long as he behaves himself, doesn't fight with my cats, Susan's cats or Ma's cat. If it's a friendly cat, it may even end up a house cat. People think just cause other people live out here, they can safely dump a cat and it will find a new home. We have six cats between us and six cats is more than enough! There's plenty of rodents to be caught out in the storage shed. He's more than welcome to kill as many of them as he needs. I'd put food out for him, but Fred would just eat it and I can barely afford to feed the mouths I have to feed now. This won't be the last extra cat that shows up out here. There have been many in the eight years I've lived out here.

Billy is feeling much more chipper these days. His tail is healing and he's up to his old shenanigans. Climbing the curtains! Running through the house! I found him asleep in the linen closet in the bathroom this morning. Sleeping atop the clean towels. Opened that cupboard door all by himself and climbed right in.
Miss Blue is sitting atop the pc monitor right now staring at herself in the mirror on the wall. She was asleep on my feet when I woke up earlier and has followed me throughout the house since I got up.
Doob's still asleep in bed. She's always asleep in bed unless she's at the food bowl.
Fred's gone outside.

It's beautiful out there this morning...a little chilly, the thermometer in the livingroom says it is 31F out there. It's nice and sunny though. Fred's asleep on the front lawn. Looks like it might be a really good weather day!

I have dishes to do. So, I'll stop yakking at you all and go do them! You all have a fantastic Thursday and get you some hugs today!


John said...

Take care Donna, you and your son. I will pray for his surgery, that it will go smoothly, and most importantly, it will take away the pain forever.

Donna said...

Thank you, John!