06 March 2009

Friday Was a Good Day...

Yes, indeed it was a good Friday~! I went thrifting with Ma and Susan. Evelyn was along for part of that ride. I got a new purse, RJ a bag like he wanted, some magazines to cut up for art, (like I NEEDED more magazines! I only got a stack about a two foot high that haven't even been looked at yet! These three from the thrift store, though, I did not have any of them.) Ma found me a Big Dog Tshirt and I got four little books on various subjects. I saw Helena at the thrift shop in Stockton. She was on her lunch break. It was good to see her!
We had lunch at the Chubby Pickle in Pburg. It's a burger joint...I had a Chubby sub with tator tots and lemonade. Susan had a grilled chicken pita sandwich with baked beans and soda and Ma had a small bacon cheeseburger with baked beans and water. Ma always drinks water when we go out to eat. I'd be 85 cents richer if I'd of done the same thing! Lunch was fun!
Susan wanted me to pluck that baby bromelaid plant out of that big pot sitting on the butcher block table right behind me. She doesn't have a bromelaid plant and she thought it was pretty cool. I told her baby snatching was against the law. Ma said, "Any babies?" The pair of them! We did not leave with a baby bromelaid. It is still snug in its pot with mama unless someone is much more brazen than I and doesn't think baby snatching is any big deal (when we're talking plants). Lunch was fun!!
My friend from down south of me called this evening. It was really good to hear from him. Thanks for the conversation and the laughs, Mick.
My plans for tomorrow are somewhat changed. I am going to Abilene. I'm just not sure at the moment which mode of transportation I'll be arriving in. Susan has a date tomorrow night and has abondanded me. I am quite alright with that choice. It is midnight and I haven't called RJ to tell him that I do not have a ride unless I do indeed take the van but the van is grounded. It cannot go to Abilene. I do not trust the silly thing. Susan said I could borrow her car but she wasn't real crazy about that idea and neither am I, really. I'm gonna have to get up pretty early to call RJ to pick my hide up on his way through and I'll just have to call Barry and tell him plans have changed cause RJ and RW are planning on coming home tomorrow. Down there and back again. I won't be in Abilene on Sunday if I ride with the boys.
It's not that I don't want to go....but I don't want to go. No. I won't complain! I'll do what is right and wish that old woman a happy birthday. I'll enjoy the company and go with the flow. I'd really like to stay till Sunday though... not so much to have lunch with Barry, but to be able to spend some time with Marilyn and Kathy. That won't be happening this trip.
Well whatever's gonna happen, I need some sleep to get through it all tomorrow. That means I gotta get off this machine and head to my bed.
I will yak at you all probably on Monday. I should have some more inchies to scan by then. No pictures to show you all today.

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