02 March 2009

A Whole Bunch of Kitties

Hello Friends!
I've nothing but kitties to talk about today! I finally finished the Whimsical Cats for the swap and, lucky you, get to be the first to see them!
Here we go.....

Reservations?--Sharpies on beer coaster. I stole the cartoon...wish I'd of written down the cartoonist who originally drew it, but I didn't. The mouse on the backside is mine. Danglies include: vintage rickrack, hem lace, seam binding and some more seam binding.

Purple Cat- (That's real original for a title!) Sharpies and dimensional paint on beer coaster. Danglies include: nylon seam binding, vintage rickrack, vintage fancy rickrack and thin purple ribbon.

Orange Kitties- (No need to get fancy with the titles beings I don't really title Chunky Pages anyway!) Collage....Little Kitty is an orange paint sample, Big Kitty is an ad for Tide laundry soap that came in the mail. The background picture is of a bunch of people wearing orange shirts, it came from a recycling business magazine. We also have orange cardstock. Googly eyes, wire whiskers, sharpies mouths. Those two white stones are genuine opals. Danglies include: Vintage rickrack, seam binding in orange and brown and vintage lace. All is attached to recycled chipboard. I didn't show you the back cause the back has only a picture of fall leaves in shades of orange that came from junk mail from my ISP and some more of that orange cardstock from the front side.

Cowboy Kitty- fabric leaf, book page with words painted green with printer's ink, green tissue paer, gun came from a catalog, kitty is from a bag of cat food, horse came from a ranching magazine, quote (which says: When I was kid, if a guy got killed in a Western movie I always wondered who got his horse. George Carlin) came from the same magazine as the horse. The green hat is freehand cut from cardstock. It's all attached to thick chipboard from a game box. Danglies include: knubby yarn, vintage hem lace, cotton seam binding and novelty yarn.

Kid Cat Rock Super Star! - I'm keeping Kid Cat only because he's too darned thick to send through the mail. Cat is made from paper clay, his eyes are gemstones...jasper, I think and his whiskers are wire. His guitar is made of balsa wood painted with printer's ink, sharpies and white-out. His guitar cord is coated wire.
Backside of Cat Kid-- I built the amp out of balsawood, wire screen from a filter of some sort, assorted beads and the guitar hooks into it from the front side. The guitar is, again, built from balsawood and painted ith sharpies. The microphone is a shell bead with a string glued to the underside and a little red pompom (painted with a black sharpie) glued to the working end of it. I've yet to add my details to the back and the danglies ain't been added either. It is all attached to a beer coaster.

By The Grace of God Kitty- Collage of text pages painted green with printer's ink, the kitty is green cardstock painted with printer's ink, a googly eye, a tiny chunk of coal for his nose and wire whiskers. Theres a tiny mirror in the lower right corner attached to an inchie made from cardstock. The 'box' the cat is sitting on is a piece of cardstock with various bits of fabric sewn onto it. I got it in an envelope with ATCs in a trade. The Bible passage came from a box of such. They are in primary colors and I use them frequently, though not always with the Bible passage showing. There's a length of green ribbon from one of my Christmas presents there also. All is attached to a thick pc of chipboard from a game box.
Blue Serenader- I'd call this guy a rock star but he just doesn't fit the stereotype! So....We have a cat made from a fleece sweatshirt my sister gave to me because it has a couple of spots on it and I wanted the penguins on it to use for a book cover. Cat has genuine citrine hearts for his eyes along with cardstock on the eyes, wire whiskers, a genuine lapis lazuli triangle for his nose. The guitar is balsawood painted with Sharpies, gold thread for the strings and beads for the tuners. We have cardstock, recycled chipboard and lace behind Blue. That sparkly stuff is glitter. It is all attached to recycled chipboard. You don't see the backside cause it is nothing but a pc of light blue cardstock. I've yet to add the danglies to this one.
Two Blue Kitties- The background is a page from a magazine with glitter sprinkled on it, and a bit of lace across the page. Both kitties are freehand cut from paint samples. They have googly eyes, wire whiskers, sharpie mouths and the blue stones on their chests are genuine lapis lazuli stones. The cloud they're sitting on is from that blue sweatshirt from my sister, the heart is fabric with a genuine aqaumarine stone. All is attached to a beer coaster. The danglies include: knubby yarn, cotton seam binding, ribbon and nylon seam binding. The back isn't anything special, just a piece of cardstock and square cut from a calendar that I wrote my details on. Both are in the shades of blue found on the front side.

Three Green Kitties- Collage - Kitties are all green paint samples in various colors with cardstock cutouts covering the writing on the paint samples, googly eyes, sharpie mouths, wire whiskers and a genuine opal in each of their chests. We have cardstock and wrapping paper from a box of chocolates on the background. The back is that same wrapping paper with my details written in sharpie. Danglies include: Vintage rickrack, knubby yarn, and ribbons.

Aztec Cat- Sharpies and dimensional paint on beer coaster. Danglies include: organza ribbon, knubby yarns, vintage hem lace, and vintage seambinding. This is the frontside.
This is the backside of Aztec Cat. Sharpies on beer coaster.
Now all that is left to do is package them up and send them off to Oregon for the swap. I'll do that in a little while. First I'm off to shower!
I shall talk to you all later perhaps. If not later, then probably tomorrow. I've a big day ahead of me!
You all have a great Monday!

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