03 March 2009

Half a Gross of Inchies

I've been a busy girl. Whimsical Cats yesterday and now a boatload of inchies. I stayed up all night (again) playing with my markers, getting closer to the goal of 1000 inchies before the year is out. I'm up to 215 scanned as of this moment. I thought I had an even 6 dozen but I was one off so there's fodder in the inchie blank box for more inchies to appear.

My favorite in this batch above is either the little red hen or the third one from the left, top row. I'm not crazy about the face in the third row, far right. And the elephant ain't bad either, but he's plenty of room for improvement.
Miss Blue turned evil in the last row, far right. I can draw much better cats than that! I like a few in this batch. The rooster is my favorite, then the sumac leaves, the rider, the pink cup is pretty funky! I like the chair also.

I did a number of eyes on this installment but the eye in this batch top row, far left, is by far my favorite eye of the night. PUP is a nickname I go by. Got some boots down there in the bottom row, just made for walkin'. (In tribute to that handsome cowboy who let me sneak peeks while he ate his lunch.) My favorite in this batch is the pink flower, upper row, far right.

The only one in this batch that doesn't really move me is the pink heart. The flying fish in the lower left corner doesn't do much for me either. I especially like the fishing scene, big/little fish in the lower row, clown fish in upper row, far left and the red heart with the checkered background.

The eye in this batch turned out really well too. The music inchie is my favorite from this batch, though the lavendar farm in the lower right corner turned out quite good also. I can't find much wrong with any of these actually.

Then we went on a jester kick. I was looking through image files that I have on this machine and came across JOKERS in my art morgue. The jesters here are inspired by jokers from playing card decks. My favorite of this batch though, is the red sail boat. I like the gingko plant on the top row too.
Took me forever.... but..... I got it figured that if I do 100 inchies a month, I'll have this goal within easy reach. I didn't do all 72 of these last night...I think there were 6, maybe 8 of them in the little bag in the inchie blank box when I started around 11 last night. Don't see blowing this goal as a problem at all!
I have no idea what I will do with them all. Trade some. But the others? Not a clue! Maybe I'll make some little blank books and use inchies to decorate the covers? Maybe they'll just sit in a box and my sons can figure out what to do with all that original art once I'm gone? I really haven't a clue at this point!
That laundry did not get done yesterday.
I'm kind of in a funk. Not artwise, obviously...I stayed up all night, keeping my hands and mind busy so I didn't have to think about a sadness that has crept into my life. It's nothing earth-shattering. It's not going to be the end of me by any means, but it breaks my heart cause I don't want to lose what has been there for all these years. I don't know how to go about bringing back the joy sadness has replaced. I'm tempted to just storm the joint and have my say... but I'm not one to 'rock the boat'. I'm not even sure the sadness I feel is felt by others in this situation. I've some pondering to do on this matter and art seems to help with that even though sleep isn't in the equation.
I wouldn't have slept had I actually climbed in my bed at a decent hour anyway. I only slept for four hours before the thoughts invaded and woke me. I don't know why 'hello' is such a hard word to say to a friend. I didn't even get a 'hello' when my phone rang last night. Just a question that required a short answer and nothing else, "I have to go!" Why? Twelve years invested and hello isn't even on the agenda? It saddens me. We used to have conversations that lasted for more than a few seconds every few weeks. Those conversations mattered to me.
I'll work this out....one way or another. Sometimes friendships die. That's a fact of life, but it is a sad ordeal to endure the end.
I am going to Abilene on Saturday. I do believe I'll drive myself there and stay till Sunday. RJ and Terah are under the assumption I will ride with them. Saturday I'm going to my mother-in-law's 80th birthday party. I'll be seeing folks I've not seen in awhile. I need to call RJ and ask him if RW is going too. No, no. RW is going. He doesn't have a choice. I say he's going. Might have to make a run to Pburg to talk to RW and tell him just that, too.
Barry lives in Salina, which is about 20 miles east of Abilene. He called me a few weeks ago out of the blue. I'd love to catch up with him. I need to call him and see if he'll have lunch with me on Sunday.
I didn't go to town to sit with the girls last night. I believe they've outgrown needing a sitter. That has me in a funk, too. I've spent most Mondays for the last 11 years sitting with S and A. They grew up and no longer need me. It feels terrible not to be needed anymore.
I know I'm needed in other arenas and that softens the blow some. It's a time of transformations for me and I'm having a bit of anxiety about the changes forthcoming. They aren't of the good kind. I don't like change... routine suits me fine....I need constants.
I need to get off this wretched machine and do something productive, like laundry. The thought of laundry abhors me! I don't mind doing laundry so much. It's getting it all to the laundry room that is a pain in the ass for me. It's hard work! Has to be done though and ain't anyone but me around to do it! So.....
You all have a terrific Tuesday! I'm gonna give it a shot...I'll shoot for the best and pay heed to the sunshine that's sure to be there somewhere! I might even snatch me a hug or two along the journey!
Peace, my friends!

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