16 March 2009

Monday Now....

I traded all of these cards and few more this past weekend. I don't have time to talk this afternoon. I gotta go out to the storage shed and help the slave driver rearrange things. I'll come yak at you all later this evening perhaps.
Yes, I know I didn't make it back here on Sunday night. These cards getting traded are the reason for that oversight.
Stayed tuned! I will return!

Excuse Me


Free Ticket

Ladybug #1

Glow in the Dark Skeleton

Fish In The Blue Lizard Rainbow
Alley Cat Commander Cedric
Carpet Yellow, Pink
Where Among The Corals

You and Eye
Orange Cats

Boogie Beat The Elephant Pink Garden

Tennis Anyone

Royal Prince
30 White Horses

Happy Green Kitty

Do Not Disturb
Psychodelic #3

Green Fish Pink
None Came Life Force Dunce

The Grenadines
Lost on Planet Earth

Hullo Jake
Kingston Orange Bales

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