24 March 2009

Looks Like I'm Back In Business!

Guess I needed the newest version of IE to make it back in here. Done!
Not much happening in my world to report about this morning. I got two cats sitting here looking at me and dog snoring on the floor at my feet. I'm fixing to call it a day...I been up since 9 last night.
Too much to think about and not a bit of ambition to get me to do it all. Sleep is what I crave.
I don't have any new art to show you all yet. I forgot to scan those trees before I sealed them all up in that bubble envelope and sent them on their way yesterday. Those little acorns were really cute! I was pleased with my trees. I hope those who get one in the swap are pleased as well.
Susan and I went to coffee on Sunday morning. I took ATC blanks along. I always do a bit of drawing when we go to coffee, regardless what day it is. I cranked out seven drawings on stiff board with a green inkpen in about an hour's time. I left one of those drawings with the tip for the waitress. She said she liked it...it was pretty cool. It was a detailed drawing of the salt and pepper shakers, a fork, a napkin and the sugar jar with the clock on the wall peeking into the upper right hand corner of the whole. I hope it owned up to its name: Happy Sunday! The other six were two aliens of quite different persuasions, a giraffe, and two tree/lake scenes. I colored those I didn't give away or throw away with sharpies when I got home from the cafe. The one I threw away we won't even discuss cause...I threw it away...it's not worth discussing! I seldom trash artwork...but that wasn't artwork!
I've not scanned any of those cards either. I have three ATCs that must get made and sent off before Thursday. And those monochromatics need be finished by then as well. All that is left is to put some backs on them! Won't take me long to do... just need to find the motivation, the ambition. I've seemed to misplace that today, yesterday.... it was here awhile ago.
It's cold and windy outside. Good thing I stayed home today as opposed to what I had wished to do today. I'm gonna go snuggle under my electric blanket and sleep the day away.
You all go collect you some hugs from somewhere. I could use to take that advice myself...but sleep beckens!

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