15 March 2009

Today is Sunday... It Just Got Started

Hello All!
It's a CAT weekend. I've been busy making ATCs the last 36 hours, give or take. I did get some sleep in that time frame. You only get to see two of them tonight though cause I'm too tired to talk about all of them in depth like I'm gonna talk about these two. Maybe not the fish.
This is "Fish In Blue". I really like this card. I kinda hope no one takes it for awhile. I shoulda put some metallic blue paper behind that fish instead of the gray polka dots. Love those microbeads. Cool little devils, those! That white string those little gold microbeads are attached to is the string from Fred's dog food bag. That string is some cool stuff, too. Can't find string like that anywhere except on a big bag of pet foot. It comes in red too.
I really wish the scanner didn't wash out the colors so bad. All of this artwork is much more vibrant than the scanner allows you to see.

I made both of these cards for the Collage-A-Thon (CAT) over at ATCsforall.com this weekend. I've made a total of 15 cards this weekend so far. I'll probably make more tomorrow. I got a few ideas swimming around upstairs.

This is King Clyde. I have no idea what this man's real name is. He does have one! I found his face in the January report from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. I wonder what he would think if he came across this ATC with his face emblazoned on it? I don't mean any disrespect to his intelligence, his anything really. It was a draw of fate, I guess. If he hadn't been in the magazine for his achievements then I wouldn't have ever found the man. When I described this ATC in my gallery, I said this was his outfit for Mardi Gras. I don't know if he actually attended Mardi Gras, but whose to say he didn't wear a king's outfit if he did go?
The bad thing (or maybe it's not a bad thing at all?) is I made three different cards with three different men on them today. Two kings, one farmer. I think I'll make some more of these fellas. A guy in a space suit would be pretty cool.
OK, I admit it. I need (help) sleep.
Fred's raising cane in the livingroom. The two stray dogs must be back again. Not sure where those two medium canines came from. They've been hanging around the neighborhood all evening. Fred chased em off a little while ago. He can't go out again. I won't allow it.
I'm back. Fred's gone out and come back in again. The two dogs nowhere in sight.
I'm heading off to bed. Farmer Earl makes 15 cards done thus far. I'll show you more later today. I got a nice stack of cards that will be going to somewhere else come Tuesday. I hope to make that stack grow this afternoon and evening.
You all have a peachy-keen Sunday. I'll come yak at you later today.
Nighty night!

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