21 March 2009

Saturday again...

No pictures today. I haven't been around for a week and I've nothing new to show you all. There's art been done, I just don't have anything scanned yet.
A new dog adopted us on Friday. Morning came and Mr. Barney Brown was already established as a part of the neighborhood. He's a big brown German Shorthair, still intact. He's a nice dog. Haven't a clue where the devil he came from. Susan's decided he's her new dog until someone comes along to claim him.
He's a healthy boy. Has a nice disposition. Fred likes him. He doesn't seem to give a hoot one way or another about cats. Scooter and Pug like him too.
He just showed up out of nowhere. I took him to town on Friday evening along with Fred and Pug. He did great riding. He's a nice dog. I called him Brown yesterday. Seems to fit the boy. He's not got much in the spots of white on him. Linda comes along today and decides his name should be Barney Brown. She has a thing about giving animals names that begin with the letter B. Fred's official name is Robert Fredrick Barker...aka Fred Barker. My sister Linda is a nut!

Ma made fried chicken and gravy for supper. My brother Sam was here visiting. He has been here since Friday evening. He went home a bit ago. Susan made creamed peas and I brought the bread. Ma makes good fried chicken. Seems like we're gonna do it all over again tomorrow evening too. More fried chicken. Ma says it has to be cooked... so... there you have it!
I've not done much of anything today. Pug is still here as her people are in Hutch till sometime tomorrow. Brown's settling in nicely. Ma likes him and that is a big plus! She thought Brown had chased her cat, Sammy, off earlier. (Yes she has a son and a cat with the same name! Cat came with his name though. That's why we call the cat Sammy and our brother, Sam).
I really don't feel all that great today. Nothing I can put my finger on specifically, I just hurt like a big dog today. From head to toe! I didn't sleep well at all. I haven't for two days now. My feet and legs are giving some terrible cramps when I lay down to sleep. It's the feet mostly. The toes try to curl up backwards and the arches feel like they're on a freefall into the abyss. Hurts like hell, I can tell you that!
I started a new book today. I found it laying on the desk at Susan's house earlier. "For One More Day" by Mitch Albom. I'll be finished with it before morning.
I'm fixing to shut this pc down so I can get my tree chunkies done. All that's left to do to them is put the fibers on, put 'em individual baggies and then in an envelope to go out with the other envies ready for mailing come Monday morning. I still have ATCs and monochromatic chunkies to get done before Monday. That isn't a problem though. They will be done. I just got to sit over there<<<<<<>
So you all behave yourselves and I'll come yak at you another day. Doesn't appear as though I had a hell of a lot to say of importance today anyway!

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