09 March 2009

I'm Home

I've been home for hours actually. I got a chicken baking in the oven, sitting in front of this wretched machine listening to music and coloring the inchie drawings I did on the roadtrip to Abilene. There were ten of those. You'll not see them or any other art for this post. I haven't gotten any scanned to show to you. Drawing in the back seat of a moving car is not such an easy to do! I was only doing line drawings in black fine point sharpie with all intention of coloring them in when I got home. There would have been more but Brenton kept asking to use my lap desk to play with his three matchbox cars. He kept putting that yellow firetruck in his sock that was on his foot! It looked like it hurt to be there! He said it didn't though. He's such a silly kid! He drew a few ATCs for me while I drew inchies though. He used the phone book on one of my pillows for his desk. But drawing got boring for him after about 50 miles and I gave up the lap desk so it could be used for a racetrack.
The drive to Abilene was quite fun. The kids listen to decent music and Brenton and I agree totally on the music we were offered. Everytime a song that I am not fond of came on, Brenton would say, "Next one, please." and either RJ or Terah would make it go to the next song.
Rich stayed home. I'm not too happy with that boy about it either. Wasn't nothing I could do to make him go though. He took his oldest, Gage, who is 10, fishing on Saturday instead. His granny missed him terribly!
Edna was totally surprised to see all her people there. She didn't know anything about the party beforehand. Jason had called her earlier in the week to tell her not to make any plans cause he, April and their four girls were gonna take her out on her birthday. She tried getting out that right off the bat...but April is pretty persuasive and they pulled it off. The only two who weren't there were Brett and RW. Both grandsons. Had they shown there would have been 22 people there. I'm not sure how many kids Brett has. Last time I saw him he was about three foot tall! It was a good time had by all. Cindy is to send me some pictures from the wingding. T and RJ forgot to take their camera. I'm glad I went.
The mode of transportation to get there changed drastically though. Susan got asked out Friday for Saturday and she was quite pleased with that turn of events so she opted out of going and I rode with RJ instead. That mans that I did not get to have lunch with Barry in Salina though. And I forgot to call him and tell him I wouldn't be coming to Salina afterall. He called shortly after I got home and accepted my apology for forgetting to call him. He had company all day on Saturday anyway so lunch may have been out of the question regardless. I will make another lunch date with Barry. I'd really like to catch up with him.
I came home to a clean house again. Ma finished up my laundry, changed the sheets on my bed, mopped the bathroom and kitchen floors, put all the laundry away that I did on Friday and she did up the few dishes I left in the sink. I called her when I got home and thanked her. She said she didn't have anything else to do and did I have a good time? She helped Susan hang curtains and some other things in Susan's bedroom. They did a whole lot in Susan's bedroom over the last few weeks. Susan had new carpet laid and Ma helped put a lot of her things away after that was done. I ain't the only one she helps out. She has a lot more energy than anyone I know!
I got a lead on a commissioned etching while I was in Abilene. Roy wants two wolves etched on the little side windows on his truck. That won't take place till it warms up some though. Not sure if I'll be going to Hutchinson or if they will come to me. Doesn't really matter either way. I can travel or they can. The etchings will take about ten hours total etching time. We'll figure it all out when I get the drawings done and Roy approves them. It will be the same wolf on either side so I've only one drawing to do actually.
I worked some monochromatic chunky pages when I got home. Got four of them done on the fronts. Still have four more fronts to do and all the backs and the danglies. Trees are on the agenda next.
That chicken is smelling mighty good! I'm out of here for now. I need to go take it out of the oven. It's been in there almost four hours now. I had to cook it tonight. It's been in the fridge for four days and it wasn't gonna last much longer uncooked. I'm having chicken for breakfast!
You all have a fabulous Monday! I'll give it my best shot!
I got an over abundance of hugs yesterday and today so I'm good to go .... now, you all go get yourselves an over abundance of hugs this coming week! I shall yak at you all another day!

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