01 March 2009

Weird Weather, A Bit of Art and Just Me Rambling

The weather has been very weird these last few days. Thursday saw temperature in the upper 70s F. Friday night into Saturday morning brought about an inch of snow and Saturday it warmed up enough to melt the snow by mid-day. Not really strange for Kansas though...
This crazy weather plays havoc with my old body though. I much prefer it to be warm and wish it would hurry up and stay warm for awhile! Spring will arrive eventually though....

I've worked on some ATCs in the past few days when I wasn't asleep. Saturday was totally lost to sleep.
Vino- Sharpies on recycled chipboard.

Lizard Rainbow-I collaberated with my little friend Allison on this one. She drew the rainbow and I did the lizard. Sharpies on recycled chipboard.

Killer Butts- I kinda stole this idea from a postcard on Post Secret. Sharpies on thin cardboard from toy packaging. Backed with recycled chipboard.

Calligraphy Horse- Sharpies on charcoal paper backed with recycled chipboard.
I've been working on Chunky pages since I got up at 4 this morning. I'm all but done with the whimsical cats. All that is needed is to add the danglies, scan them and put them in an envelope to send them out. I should have them finished sometime today. I'll show them to you all when I get them scanned.
I've also been working on a few monochromatic Chunky pages. Those are far from being done though.
I finally got the addresses to send the money fish and money trees to so they are on the agenda as well for this afternoon. I can get all six of those done in one afternoon, no problem! I have a whole list of artwork that needs to be done. I really wanted to add a few more to that list in the form of swaps over at AFA but I declined. I need to finish up what's on my plate before getting more on it.
I just came from the other end of the house where my bed is located. There was Fred all sprawled out on my bed with his head on my pillow, snoring his life away. He gave up that business of sleeping in my bed for quite some time. Now all of a sudden he's taken it up again. All three cats asleep on that bed as well. It still floors me that Doob lets him sleep on that bed!
I have laundry on my agenda for the day. The closet is not empty by any means but the laundry hasn't been done for what seems like weeks. It hasn't been weeks, but it has been too long! I don't mind doing laundry. I just don't like hauling it to the laundry room to do it! That wears me out.
I dyed my hair last week and not a person noticed I had done so. No one noticed the last time either though so this didn't surprise me at all. RJ said he didn't notice cause every time he sees me I have my head half-covered by my blankets cause I'm asleep in my bed. That isn't true though. I was sitting in the back seat of their car riding down the highway when I mentioned it to him and T. I'd been with them for hours before I'd mentioned it! It's not anywhere near my natural color now. It's a bit more red than I wanted it to be but I'm stuck with it for the time being. I just wanted to cover up the abundance of gray that showed up at the beginning of the month when RJ had surgery and RW was on his kick. The pair of those boys are the only things I worry about to any extent. Worry doesn't really cause gray hairs but ... I like to think it might.
I really have little to ramble on about this morning so I'll leave you with this:
When you stop caring whether people think you're crazy or not, you can get a lot of interesting things done.
Have yourselves a splendid Sunday and a fantastic week ahead!
I'll come yak at you all some other day when I have something important or entertaining to talk about! You might even get important and entertaining in one post.... stranger things have happened! :)

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