23 May 2009

Another Saturday Upon Us....

Not much happening in my neck of the woods really. I'm sitting here listening to my brother mow the lawn between Susan's house and my own. Sammy came up again this weekend. He seems to spend every weekend here with us. His marriage is over and he just hasn't left completely as of yet. He can't stand to be around home on the weekends so he travels out of his way to spend the weekends with his sisters and his mother. We aren't complaining!
It's a nice day out. The sun is shining. It's warming up nicely.
I watered all the little trees yesterday. It took me almost an hour to do that. They are growing nicely. Some are pretty tall, some are short little trees. Kinda like people! All shapes, sizes and colors. One wouldn't think evergreen trees could be so many different shades of green!
I've been researching United States presidents over the last couple of days in preparation of doing a couple of ATCs. I've chosen to do Martin Van Buren and Grover Cleveland's 1st term in office. Interesting reading.
I also read a great deal about all of the First Ladies as well. It doesn't hurt to learn new information. They (whoever THEY are?) say you expand the pathways in your brain when you learn new things. They say it keeps you young. I don't know about all that, but I know I like to learn new things.
I finally got all the laundry done. OK, I didn't get all the laundry done cause it's damn near impossible to ever have all the laundry done for any length of time! But I did get both the hampers emptied for at least one day. I had been putting off doing the laundry cause I hate taking it to the laundry room.
I don't have any art to show you all today. I haven't really done any art since the last art I showed you. I did get my pink and green chunky pages finished off with their danglies and mailed off to the east coast yesterday. And I traded an ATC the day before yesterday. Still need to mail that one. I didn't have an address to send it to till this morning.
I've been methodically cutting presentation folders into ATC blanks on a daily basis. I've still many many more to get through before I'll have even one case of them transformed into something useful.
I think I will drag out the markers this afternoon and do a couple of ATCs with the presentation folder blanks just to see how well markers work with it. I need to cut some more flash cards into blanks too. I know those work wonderfully with the markers.
I got some good buys at the thrift store yesterday. More little things to use in my art were good buys. I got some cute little bumble bees for embellishments along with some gold sequined string, some blue and pink beads, a cloth tape measure, some little wooden hearts, and a bunch of other little things. The coolest thing I bought yesterday was a voodoo doll in a blue cloth bag. It is pretty funny actually. I don't know anyone I'd like to use the voodoo doll on. It's just one of those odd and quirky things that will go so nicely on the wall in the deskroom. Susan found it and showed it to me. She didn't want it so I got it. I bought me a new dress and a pair of sandals too. The sandals are going to take some getting used to... they kinda hurt my little toe on the left foot. My feet were swollen up like well-fed toads yesterday when I wore them though so maybe they won't rub the wrong way when my feet aren't swollen. Though I'm not sure when that will be cause those damn feet are always swollen! And I bought me a swim suit too. Not that I'm going to go swimming...I don't know how to swim!...but I do like to get wet!
Yesterday was my little friend, Sara's birthday. She turned 14. Not sure how that happened! Seems like only yesterday she was a tiny little girl. She got her driver's learning permit yesterday as well and was just tickled pink about that! I gave her a new watch with three interchangable bands (like the one I got for my birthday) and funky long necklace with bright purple beads. Her favorite color is purple so she was pleased with it too. She oohed and aahed over that shiny silver box I put the necklace in more than she did the necklace itself! But when she pulled the necklace out of the box, she slipped it over head and didn't take it off again. And as usual there was no birthday card from me. I got one out but forget to bring it along!
All my fur kids are doing alright. I'm kinda worried about Miss Blue though. She's getting skinnier and skinnier every day. She still eats and drinks. Uses her litter pan and sleeps no more than she always has. She is a cat afterall and we all know cats do love their sleep! She's getting up there in years and wasting away before my eyes. I almost stepped on her last night when I got up to go to the bathroom. She was asleep right in front of the toilet on the rug there. I don't turn on the lights when I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I know my way in the dark. She was in the shadows and I didn't see her despite the fact that she's white. I didn't step on her though and she refused to move so I just worked around her. She and Doob used to sleep with me every night but for some reason they've not been doing that for the last couple of weeks. Billy is just as ornery as he has ever been and Fred is still Fred!

It's only been a couple hours....four to be exact... since that last sentence was typed. I've been to a garage sale outside of Alton, went to see the site of the Big Barn (the Big Barn burned to the ground back in '95), then to the car wash cause we got rained on while out and about and Linda just couldn't stand her van being covered with chalk dust which turned to mud cause of the rain and we had lunch as well. We, being Ma, Susan, Linda, Sam and me.
Someone was at my house while I was gone. No clue who. Probably one of my sons.
I guess I'm done with this post. You all have a fantastic Saturday! Get your hugs!

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