10 May 2009

Machine Fixed? Nope, Don't Think So...

It ain't up to it's old tricks since the last post so I guess it's good to go. Is it fixed though? I've no idea! It's working, that's all that matters.

I still have no pictures to show you all. I have been busy organizing and sleeping. I should be organizing my sleeping so it doesn't interfere with organizing but I don't see that happening.

There are piles of stuff all over this room that need to find a permanent spot to sit. The spare room, which you all know is not really a spare room, is in better order than the deskroom where I sit at the moment. Sleep invaded before I was done putting things away.

I need to get busy and finish those pink and green pages for the Chunky Swap that is due on the 31st. That means I have about a week to get them done, packaged and to the post office on their way. I can do that.
I have four pages comepleted on the fronts with the back of one completely done. The other three are in various stages of the backs being completed. The thing is, I really wanted to make 8 pink and green chunkys so I'd have enough for a book when the returns came back. Eight may not get done, but 4 definetly will.

I did accomplish cleaning off the painting table. I know for certain now that it still has a green top. I couldn't see the top of that table on Friday morning. I slept the day away Saturday.

Fred is asleep on the floor behind me. Snoring and giving me a massage at the same time. That dog snores DEEP! Rattles the floorboards for my massage. I've pulled six ticks off his hide this week. They are thick this year.

RJ, T and Brenton went camping on Friday evening. I've not heard from them since RJ called me around 11:30 last night asking if needed, could he come borrow some blankets. Silly kids go camping when the temp is in the 50s and forget to bring blankets along! I didn't hear back from the boy so those that were expected to arrive still must have brought enough blankets for all. I suspect I'll see them sometime on Sunday.

RW's car is still sitting in the driveway. I went out there on Friday night when it was fixing to rain and put plastic over his window. Not sure it helped to keep the rain out though. The wind blew pretty hard and I didn't make a real good effort to make sure the plastic would stay with a lot of wind.

Fred and I went to town around 8pm Saturday. Filled the van with gas, bought me a big bottle of Coke, some smokes and a sandwich while I was there. I knew I should have filled that van with gas on Tuesday when I was in town. Gas went from $2.05 to $2.15 in that time. Cost me almost $33.00 for just over 16 gallons of gas. I can remember when gasoline was less than .70 cents a gallon. Memorial Day is coming and the price of gas will only increase. That is WRONG! The only reason it goes up is cause on Memorial Day Weekend people are traveling to other destinations and those who are in power of gasoline are greedy bastards who see dollar signs! That is WRONG! But they got us by the shorthairs, don't they? My van was sitting on empty and it won't run unless I put gas in it. I've no choice but to pay what they are asking.

I am going to turn on some tunes, shut down this machine and go sit at my painting table for a couple of hours and get my chunky pages done. I have other things that need to be put in envelopes to be sent out come Monday. I won't have time to do that tomorrow. I'm expected in Pburg with Susan in tow around 10 a.m. It's now almost 1 a.m. I might not get any sleep until I come home from Pburg tomorrow. I also have to wrap Ma's mother's day present. She's getting a new picture to hang on her wall. No. I didn't make it. It's a cloisonne picture. Really cool! That I found at a yard sale weekend before last. She will LOVE it!

I'm outta here for now. Collect your hugs. I'll do the same. Be good to one another! I'll come yak at you all again another day!

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