28 May 2009

A Thursday

Nothing special about Thursdays I suppose.
I've added two books read to the list in the last two days. No post yesterday, but I did add Treasure Island to the list. Then I read The Old Man in the Sea yesterday. Only took about three hours to read the whole book! It was a good book but I thought it would take longer to read! I've no idea what the next book will be. Guess I'll figure that out when I pull it from one of the shelves in the house.

I don't have any art to show you today cause I've got nothing scanned as of yet. The only thing to show you is the president's books I'm working on. George Washington's pages are done, but he's yet to be turned into a book. Not sure how I'm going to bind these little six page books. I have things ready for the next victim. John Adams I think is #2 on the list. I'd have to go look at the folder where all the ingredients for the next book are to be certain it is indeed John Adams I'll be working on next.

I should be doing some cat ATCs this weekend for a swap over at AFA. Those won't take me long. I have 3 ATCs to make for that one. Cats is the theme. I'll be doing them in markers on heavy recycled cardstock. Or I may drag out the acrylics and paint the little devils.

I have been faithfully cutting ATC blanks from the presentation folders. There are still MANY in the box to be cut though and then there's another 50 boxes in the burned house. I've a huge job ahead of me....

RJ and Rooster showed up to work on RJ's car earlier this morning. I thought T was coming with them. She said she was, but RJ said they left her at home. So, guess I won't be seeing T today.

RJ and Rooster came in the house to find me coming out of the bathroom with my face covered in green clay. My beauty treatment once a week... RJ busted out laughing and Rooster giggled. Ain't much funnier than a teenage boy giggling! Well, unless he's giggling at an old woman with a green face! RJ was calling me lizard woman. Least it was me he was laughing at and not out there in the driveway cussing at his car. I've since taken a shower and washed that green clay off. Those two have gone off to somewhere... probably for parts for that stupid car, as RJ calls it.
I hear them pulling into the driveway now. They didn't go far...just to town I'm thinking.

The propane guy delivered propane yesterday. I'm pretty sure he's cussing me for various reasons. The main one being he had to fight with the elm tree's branches hanging over the propane tank. He looked like he was fighting off bees out there trying to open the lid to hook up his hose to the tank. If that had been the worst of his endeavors in my driveway yesterday, he'd of been doing pretty good. But it gets worse. It's all his own fault though so I have very little sympathy for him on this next ordeal. I had moved the van out of the lower drive the night before so he could pull his truck closer to the propane tank. He got lazy and pulled that big ass Propane truck almost to the very end of the drive. The only reason he stopped where he did was cause he ran into my redbud tree and broke the side mirror on his passenger's side. He didn't want to have to unreel that hose so far. The closer to my tank, the less line of hose...Can't say as I blame the man for wanting to make things easy on himself, and perhaps that really doesn't make him lazy at all...just trying to save his energy for later. I'm sure that hose is pretty heavy. But I've little sympathy for his broken mirror. He should have been paying attention.
Course I didn't know anything about this broken mirror till RJ, Rooster and T showed up after he'd been here. RJ comes in the house and wants to know what's up with the broken mirror in the driveway. I didn't put two and two together until that moment. I'd seen propane man out there fooling around with that mirror while the tank was filling...had no clue what he was doing at the time. Then he goes around behind the truck and leans on the back of it and kicks the bark mulch in my driveway around...Like he was pondering something dire...it was that mirror. I had sympathy with him for the tree. Truly, I did. I trimmed that tree hours after he left so that next time he delivers propane he won't have to fight off the elm tree. I bet he won't ever back that big ass truck into my driveway that far again!

The day has progressed since starting this post. RJ and Rooster have gone home. RJ is still mad at his car.
Haven't heard from RW since he called this morning and didn't even leave me a message! I need to talk to that boy! He needs smacked upside his head for a little attitude adjustment to set him straight! Somedays you just want to pull your hair out because of your children! This shall pass.

Oh wow~! I really didn't expect this post to still be here after having gone away from this page. Cool! Hmm...now its telling me my request could not be processed. I didn't make a request actually. All I did was type this paragraph. Guess I should just post and see if it takes.
Here goes nothing!

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