16 May 2009

Some ATCs and a Few Inchies

It's been awhile since I had any new inchies to show you all. These were done within the last 8 hours. It's 5:21 a.m. according to that little clock down there in the right hand corner of my screen as I type this.
The 36 below are up for grabs this weekend during the Inchie-a-thon (IAT) over at AFA (link up top left hand side).

I've traded the first dog on the last row. All of them are done with markers (sharpies, bics, etc) on recycled watercolor paper. It's not really watercolor paper per say, but it's damn close and that's what I call it. It is actually refill paper for a photo album. It has gold embossed lines on the front of it and gold embossed writing on the back. I simply use the front where no gold lines are and ignore the writing on the back side and write my info overtop with a black pen. It works wonderfully. I paid a whole quarter for that box of paper. Enough to make thousands of inchies! I can get two ATCs out of a page as well.

All the kitties have traded. I didn't think they would last long. Most likely you'll see some more kitties in the next batch of inchies posted. I knew better than to do more mountain lake scenes. I still have two of them left over from the last IAT. We still have all day today and tomorrow till 11 p.m. to trade the inchies for the IAT so these might go.

These are done on stiff paper from a board game. No clue what the name of that game was. The paper is kind of like posterboard. The front of this stiff paper is coated with what looks like screen printing to me, in different colors. Once again I ignored what the backside of my inchie blanks had on them and simply wrote my information over the top of it. Can't use the dark blue or the black stiff paper from that game. I've yet to trade any of these but I'm confident the fruits and veggies will trade. And if they don't...I have a plan for those eight, plus one more. Seems to me I have some fruits in the box for 1000. I'll need nine of them, not eight for my plan. If it happens I'll tell you about it.

Zentangle Butterfly ATC- Markers on heavy recycled cardstock. (flashcards) I like the green parts of this card, but that butterfly does nothing for me at all. I should have got out the butterfly book and took a look at a real butterfly. Will have to do that next time!

Prayer On A Door ATC- markers on heavy recycled cardstock (flashcards). I realized much too late that I should have left the black dots off the stones around the door. Other than that...I like this card! It reminds me of Larry. He's a stone carver I know. I was listening to Keith Urban on the media player while I was drawing and when the song , can't remember the name of it at the moment, with the line 'like a prayer nailed to a door' came on, this picture came to mind.

Lizard Eyes ATC- markers on heavy recycled cardstock (flashcards) I'm really pleased with this one too! I did all these ATCs on early Friday morning. Matter of fact, all three of these ATCs were done early Friday morning. Early, like between 2 and 6 a.m. This one was done last. I really like it too. I must of been on a good level with my muse Friday morning. I really two out of three of them!
I think sleep is the only thing on the agenda for the day. It's only ten to six right now so my Saturday isn't over quite yet. I've been up since 9 pm last night. Slept the whole day away --- again. To sleep about 11 am and up at 9pm. Doc said don't worry bout it though so guess I shouldn't!
I've more inchies to make this morning. I doubt I'll be back anytime today. Have a fantastic Saturday. Give some hugs today...get some in the process!

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