08 May 2009

I'll be Away Until I Can Fix this Wretched Machine -- It's being a witch~!

This box I'm typing in doesn't even look like it should and I'm not sure this will even post but here we go....

No pictures again. I've been battling with my anti-virus program today. It failed bigtime and this machine is infected with I don't know what! I haven't had time to upload pictures. They just didn't seem as important as getting my anti-virus going again, which I have yet to accomplish!

When not in front of this machine cussing it, I've been in my spare room trying to organize some things in there. I accomplished a great deal in that room! Still a long way to go till I can say it is done, though. I wanted to get the little desk in place so I can move my mailing station into that room. The spare room isn't really a spare room at all. It is an extension of the deskroom cause all my crap doesn't fit in the deskroom! I did make a good dent in the mess in there but the little desk is nowhere near where it should be in that room. There's still boxes to empty and sort and organize. We won't even talk about the closet which I didn't even LOOK in today. I know it is full though.

There was moving around of things going on in the deskroom today as well.

I went out to the pond to take another look for those goldfish. RJ was here at the time and caught me heading back to the house after having taken a look at the pond. Fred had been IN the pond, getting his feet wet, stirring up the muck on the bottom and I didn't see a goldfish one. RJ says they ARE there, but I've yet to witness the miracle fish in the flesh. Perhaps tomorrow.

If you all don't see me for a few days its because I'm working on this machine or I've given up and sent the damn thing to the PC gurus over in Hays!
Either way, you all take good care. Have a great weekend and I'll come back as soon as I can!
Get your hugs!

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