14 May 2009

Thursday ....Just Thursday

And Thursday is about over with.
I slept the day away again. I went to see the doc yesterday. She told me not to worry about sleeping the hours I sleep. She's quite aware of all my medical problems and she says if I want to sleep during the day and be up all night, there isn't anything medically wrong with that. Some folks are day people. Some folks are night owls. I'm a night owl. I told her to tell my family that. She said they'll just have to accept that I sleep the hours I sleep. One would think they would be used to it by now. I've been this way for damn near nine years. That car wreck totally screwed up my sleep patterns. I've always been prone to being a night owl, even before the wreck but before the wreck I was forced to be a day person cause I had a job and had to be awake during the day. I don't have that now. There is essentially no reason for me to be awake during the day if I don't want to be. And it's not that I don't want to be awake during the day, it's that it just works out that I am not always awake during the day. Lord knows I've tried to change the nights and days around so I will be awake during the day but it never lasts for long. There just isn't any rhyme or reason to the hours that I do sleep. I will show you what I mean. We'll start at the 1st of May
1 Friday 11pm to 4pm (saturday)
2 Saturday 9pm to 1:30 pm (sunday) this was my birthday
3 Sunday 11pm to 11 am (monday)
4 Monday no sleep
5 Tuesday 3am to 9am
6 Wednesday 4am to 10:30am
7 Thursday 6am to 2pm
8 Friday 11:30am to 4pm
9 Saturday 3am to 3pm
10 Sunday 6am to 6pm Mother's Day
11 Monday 6am to 6pm
12 Tuesday 12pm to 5pm
13 Wednesday 4am to 9am
14 Thursday (today) I slept from 4:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. ....... 11.5 hours

Do you notice what happened from Wednesday into Thursday? I woke up at 9 a.m. and I didn't go back to sleep till 4:30 a.m. on Thursday. That's 19 hours awake. This isn't a random thing really. It happens quite often. I will sleep for many hours then the next day I'll sleep hardly at all and then the next I'll be up for many hours. It drives me crazy!
I have little trouble most of the time in adhereing to other's schedules if need be. Like if I have an appointment or something and I have to be somewhere... I will just set the alarm and get up when it's time to be somewhere. I usually get that accomplished with not too much problem. And then there are times when I will just blow off what needs to be done cause I can't wake up to be where I need to be. That alarm just becomes a part of sleep. Doc doesn't seem to think this is such a bad thing in the whole scheme of it all. She says that other's will just have to understand that that is how my body works and there is little I can do about it. She, herself has been one of those blown off because I could not wake to do what needed to be done. She's much more forgiving than others are at times though.
On the days when I am supposed to be somewhere or have something that I need to do and I don't get out of bed and do those things, my phone message machine is full of messages with folks telling me to get my ass out of bed and be among the living! Not so much in those exact words, but you get the point.
All I can do is try to please those who need placated and try to worry about those that don't matter so much. That in itself is a hard decision to make. Who is the most important? And who should I blow off without a second thought?
Doc also gave me a new diagnosis on Wednesday. She tells me my thyroid is out of whack and I have hypothyroidism. I saw an endocrinologist in Jan of 08 and he said my thyroid was fine. Least that's what I remember and there were no drugs prescribed or anything like that. It was like, OK, I've looked at you, we've done the tests and there isn't a thing wrong your thyroid. Keep taking your metformin and eat like you should and keep up with the checkups with your regular doc. Done all that, pretty much. I don't always eat right but I've done the rest. This new diagnosis came as a bit of a surprise to me. Actually what I thought was: Oh, great! Something else to worry about in the health department. Like I didn't already have to worry about the polycythemia vera, the diabetes, the spinal cord injury that will always be there, the occasional migraine and the fibromyalgia which kicks my ass on a daily basis. And now my thyroid is screwy too. What next? Oh, the next is that my teeth have gone totally bad on me too. Dentist is the next doc I'll be seeing. I think the teeth have gone bad as a result of the diabetes. Even though my blood sugars are well within range of being normal more than they aren't, diabetes wrecks havoc in all parts of the body. She wants me to see the dentist and the eye doctor. My eyes aren't the best they've ever been either.
I am falling apart at the seams!

Thanks for listening to me ramble on about the sleep issues. I'm done with that for now. I feel much better!

I'm going to do some scanning and I'll be back in awhile to make another post with some pictures in it. I got my green and pink chunkys done but some of them still need danglies. I'll scan them without danglies. I have some ATCs to scan also. Now let's see if I can remember just how to do that with the new scanner!

I shall return!

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