30 May 2009

Some Kitties and Some Inchies

and probably some chatter from me as well....

Guess we'll start with inchies. We are up to 453 of them with this batch. They were done a week or so ago. Not sure how that squirrel got in with the mushrooms, but there he is. All of these are done with markers on recycled cardstock.

These four ATCs are for the "Look What The Cat Dragged In!" swap over at AFA. All are done in markers and done within the last two days. I've got them in an envelope and ready to start their journey to Arizona on Monday. I'd like to say the concepts for each of these was my own doing, but it wasn't. I got the inspiration for an artist by the name of Nicole Wong. The gray kitty is from a photograph I found in google images.

Cats are pretty cool subjects to paint and draw. That senile old Miss Blue cat was sitting here on the desk next to me while I was drawing that gray kitty early this morning. She decided she would fit in the small basket of markers that were sitting on the desk. She and the markers all ended up on the floor along with the basket which hit her in the head when it fell. She was certain I had everything to do with that indignity to her pride! Silly cat! It's been hours since that happened and she's not been back to talk to me yet.

I'm fixing to work on some chunky pages today. I wasn't aware we were having a chunky page-a-thon this weekend, but apparently we are! So I need to get busy. I'll be back after while with some chunkys to show you all.

Be good to one another! Go get your hugs!

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