20 May 2009

That Auction Is Behind Me!

Actually there is still stuff sitting in that building that my son paid money for...but I've not the gumption and neither does he, to go get it. Those signs I talked about... there were some other signs in that lot as well. We brought four or five of them home on Monday. Seems to me there are around 20 of them still sitting on the shelving. I suspect by now they have been moved off that shelving and put on the floor as that shelving had to go too. Good thing is: The boy didn't give big bucks for them. He paid $7.50 for 40 lighted signs that are sitting in the burned house AND these other signs were part of that lot as well. So he did REAL REAL GOOD on that deal.
My burned house is now pretty full of boxed things. Nice that it is all in uniform boxes! It certainly makes a tidier looking storage facility. You should see all the mix-matched boxes out in the storage shed! Ain't a pretty sight!
Course, I ain't intending for all those uniform boxes to stay in that burned house forever! Though I can assure you all they ain't gonna be gone by next month either....not really sure WHEN it will all be gone, but it ain't staying forever! That, I do know!
Once I figure out what to do with all that stuff, you all will hear about it.
The only thing I can talk about right now is the presentation folders. I have 51 cases of them. There are still around 70 cases sitting on the floor in that building where the auction was held.
I missed a school program in Pburg this morning cause sleep took over. Both Brenton and Gabe were in the program. Sorry guys. After that program RJ, Rooster and I were going to go back and get some more stuff but beings I didn't show up for the program, no one got anymore stuff.
I can get roughly 23 completely blank atc blanks, 6 blue one side/cream color on the other side atc blanks and depending on how I've cut them, 3 or 4 blank on one side and words on the other. I tried to cut inchie blanks out of the larger scraps of the folders left over from cutting ATC blanks but my hands gave out on me. Each case of presentation folders has 65 folders in it. It takes me roughly 9 minutes to cut each of them into ATC blanks. That's almost 10 hours of cutting time for each case....dang I hadn't thought of it in terms of how many hours it's going to take to cut those suckers up! I have 50 cases sitting out there in that burned house and only three folders made into blanks thus far.... I have a big job ahead of me! A goal to achieve! That's the way to look at this! Not how many folders and how much time and how many are left and all that gooblyguck. Here it is in writing! I intend to do 4 folders every day I am home. I'll plug along like the tortoise...no need to speed things up. I make the goal unachievable if I try to do an hour's worth of cutting everyday. I can't stand in front of that paper cutter for much more than 10 minutes at a time, and that's stretching it. Though I suppose each time I walk by the cutting room door I could go in there and do some cutting! Either way, eventually all those white and red boxes will be out of my burned house! Now, those beer koozies, keychains, letter openers and magnetic clips are another story...not sure when those will all be gone! Only time will tell.
I really have to figure out something to do with all those beer koozies.
Like I said, I missed the grandkids' program. The two boys are in the same class...both first graders. I really wanted to go to that program too. Terah told me it was The Tortoise and The Hare but there was a horse in there too? I don't remember a horse being in the tale of the tortoise and the hare, but maybe my old brain is not thinking right. Though that fellow at the auction site couldn't remember a horse in that tale either...anyway....I missed the program. Darn it! Missed it cause I was asleep!
I almost missed 8th Grade Graduation on Tuesday night too. I did make it to that event though. So glad I did! Sara was beautiful in her white chiffon frock and white wedge heeled sandals. I can't believe she is old enough to be graduating from the eight grade! Her mama and papa couldn't quite believe it themselves! Papa asked me if it was appropriate for men to cry at a graduation. I told him men could cry anywhere, that isn't exclusive to women. He said, "Good. Cause you might see some tears running my face." He and Mama are mighty proud and with good reason! Mama had tears streaming down her cheeks and Papa's mouth was quivering. My own eyes got a bit misty as well.
Her mama and her papa both introduce me to people I've never met before as 'the girl's second mama'. I've known these folks for better than 11 years now. To them, I am a part of their family, not just a friend.
It kinda saddens me the girls don't need me like they used to and I get down sometimes because of that. I bitch and moan when I've really no good reason, only speculation to go on...I love them like they are family. Because they are family... and we all bitch and moan about our families. Just means we love them.
I would have loved to have seen the little grandboys in their program this morning, but to have missed Sara's graduation from 8th grade would have broke my heart and hers as well.
I have chunky pages to put danglies on and get in an envelope to send off later this morning when I make it to town to the post office. I've five other letters and a package to mail as well. Can't put it off any longer.
I missed my vampire meeting. Not cause I didn't show up for it, mind you. I went to the clinic. There wasn't a soul there and note on the door saying they would be closed for the day. That was on Monday. I slept Tuesday away. So I will try again later this morning when I go to town to go to the post office to have another meeting with the vampires. The vampire I'm to have this meeting with is actually my neighbor... she lives up on the hill northwest of the house. I can see her house out my deskroom window. I may have to go to Pville for that meeting though...we'll see.
Get yourself some hugs today. I shall come yak at you all another day when I've either something entertaining or important to say or I have some art to show you. Be good to one another. It matters.

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