14 May 2009

As Promised.....ART

It is art! Little art, but art nonetheless.
And check it out! This new 3in1 machine doesn't wash out the colors like the old scanner did! I like that very much!
All of these ATCs were done since the beginning of May with the exception of the tan colored one with a green ink drawing of a car. That one was done in September of 2008. Why it hasn't been scanned till now is beyond me! It just wasn't.
I have, since downloading these pictures fixed them so that big white patch isn't on them anymore.

Sunrise ATC on recycled heavy cardstock done in markers. I bought myself a new set of Sharpies for my birthday.

P-bird Car ATC green gel pen on textured tan cardstock. I drew this one at the cafe in Phillipsburg, KS. It is called P-bird cause there was a note on the bulletin board that day. It was a flyer advertising lawn mowing services in the P-bird area. Most people call Phillipsburg, Pburg for short. The fellow who wrote the note offering his services called it Pbird. I thought it was hilarious and that's how this card ended up with the name it ended up with.

Nature's Way ATC markers on recycled heavy cardstock.

Meadow Life ATC markers on recycled heavy cardstock.

Martini Marvels ATC markers on recycled heavy cardstock.

Fore ATC markers on recycled heavy cardstock. These ATCs on heavy cardstock are made from what was originally a set of flashcards with different words, grammatical symbols and things of that nature on the front sides of them. Well the front sides of the flashcards become the backside of an ATC. On the back of this one is the FORE. Worked perfect for the title of a golf ATC!

Blue Bubbles ATC markers on recycled yellow cardstock from a greeting card. I know none of those bubbles really look blue, but trust me, they were rendered with a blue marker thus the name of the ATC. I have a terrible time coming up with coherent titles to my ATCs for some reason and sometimes the titles seem to be way off in left field. That's cause they are off in left field some times!

I don't have any inchies to show you all. I haven't done any inchies for awhile. I need to get at least 200 of them done this month if I'm to catch up to where I should be to get 1000 of them done this year. Inchies will be forthcoming, I assure you.
Now we are going to take a look at those green and pink pages for the swap over at AFA. Only four of these five will be going on a journey for that swap though.

I don't generally give my chunky pages titles. I have to give them some sort of descriptive heading for filing them though when I save the pictures of them to my documents on the pc.
This first one of the pink cat with green sunglasses doesn't have any danglies on it yet. That will happen later this evening. It is done in markers on a beer coaster. The backside is more more marker in a different design and with my info there as well.

I tried to scan Boots' danglies cause his danglies have something to do with the fact it says boots on the page. The danglies didn't show up in the scan~! It is as though they weren't even laying on the glass plate of the scanner along with this card. The danglies consist of a pair of little pink boot beads my sister Jeanny sent me awhile back. There's also some pink rick rack.

No danglies yet on this one either. The holes have all been punched and filled with an eyelet for the danglies to go through though. This one is kinda complicated. It was fun to make though. The base is a beer coaster. The background was first filled up with different shades of green found in magazines then there's a layer of ironed easter grass (If you check out 'go make something' from the link up on the left top of the page, you can learn how to iron easter grass into some really cool background stuff!). After the easter grass is the fish which is a foam sticker that I cut around the edge of and glued a pc of pink paper from a catalog to. That's a picture of a pink skirt the fish's body is made from. And of course, you know that is a googly eye on the fish. On top of that we have some gold threads, pink yarn, green cotton string and a piece of lace edging. Microbeads are such cool little things and they work wonderfully for underwater scenes like this one. The microbeads are the little gold things clinging to the other strings. The backside is pink tissue paper, green easter grass and my info on a pc of mulberry paper.

This is the one that won't be going on a journey with the swap. I'm giving this one to Evelyn. It will go in a chunky book I'm making for her birthday at the end of July. it is waiting for its danglies too. That's a pink tassle on it so far. I'm not sure why this scanner won't picture the danglies as well.... I'll have to look at the manual and see if I can figure that one out.

this one is a lot like the other one with the fish. The base is a beer coaster with pink tissue paper, clear ironed easter grass (the other one is made with different easter grass), eyelash yarn, green cotton string, pink rick rack, microbeads and small fake pearl beads. The glue wasn't quite dry when this one was scanned a few days ago. (The only thing scanned till today!) The fish is just like the other one, foam sticker....actually the sticker was inside the frame and I cut around the frame of the fish to use the background of the sheet of stickers. The fish's body is a pink shirt from the same catalog the other fish came from. And the googly eye. I forget what the backside looks like but I think it is the same as the other one.
I'll be working on putting danglies on these chunky pages this evening and doing a few inchies. I've only 18 days left in this month! Better get hoofing on the inchies or I'll fall so far behind I won't know how to get caught up. This is supposed to be fun, not frustrating!
Jesse gave me a couple of awards yesterday for this here blog. I'm supposed to tell you all why I like blogging. I like it cause I don't have to drag out my paper and pen to record my thoughts, ramblings and artwork. (Makes it real easy to share the artwork.) I like talking to people. Hell, I talk to myself, I like it so well! It is a good feeling to know that there are others out there who read what you have to say, regardless of how crazy they think you are or are not. I've always liked words. I have notebook after notebook of thoughts and ramblings from years past that came to be because of my love of words. This blog enriches my life to a degree...it is something that has become a good habit for me. Thank you for the awards, Jesse!
OH! And I added another book to the list of books read in 2009. Carnal Innocence was an excellent murder mystery! I do love a good murder mystery! This one did not disappoint! If you happen to run across it, by all means! give it a read! I read it in about 9 hours. Yep, nine hours straight actually. Never put it down once I turned the first page except to fix me something to eat. Excellent book~!
I shall come yak at you all another day. Collect your hugs! Send your smile to others! Behave yourselves!

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