03 May 2009

Just a short post today.....

It might not be as short as I think, but it won't have any pictures and I really don't feel all that great to be sitting here yakking at you all.

I have a killer headache from an infection, probably an abscess in one of my teeth. I hurt like a big dog from the top of my head to the ends of my toes. The old eyeballs are slowly giving out and the lids are refusing to stay open. That is probably from the tramadol I took about an hour ago. I've slept the last couple days away.

I turned 48 yesterday. I hauled my beleaguered body out of bed long enough to go next door to eat my birthday dinner, some cake and ice cream and open my gifts from family. I came home from my birthday bash, took a shower, took a cyclobenzaprine and a tramadol and slept from 11 pm last night till 4 this afternoon. It's now a little after 8 pm and I'm ready to hit the sheets again.

I'll tell you all about my birthday loot and the good times had at Susan's yesterday for my birthday. Even though it was difficult to eat, I gave it my best shot cause Susan made roast beef with potatoes and carrrots and gravy. Ma baked me a cake and I got a boatload of really cool loot for my birthday.

Do I feel any older? Yes! Yes, I do!

Tomorrow I have a drs appt in Hays with the oncologist. I'm pretty sure a phlebotomy is scheduled for tomorrow. My hemocrit numbers are more than likely way too high. I blew off gettingblood drawn the last three months. I did go to the vampires last Thursday and gave them a bit. They had to poke me twice to get any blood out of me. No one has bothered to let me know just what the number are but doc will tell me tomorrow afternoon when I see him. I just hope this killer headache is gone by then!
Until next we meet: You all be good to one another and collect yourself some hugs!


Maria Sondule said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Happy Birthday. I hope you have a wonderful year being 48.

Mary Bee said...

So when is the appt to see the dentist for the abscess? Sorry to hear you are haveing such a hard time of it kiddo