05 May 2009

A Fish Miracle, My Teeth Still Hurt and I've A New Toy To Play With!

No pictures for this post. That may happen later today when the 4x4s I've been working on are done drying enough to play with my new toy!
RJ and Terah bought me a new 3in1 machine for my birthday. T came over today to install it. She was so worried about it not getting done this weekend. She was indisposed and could not do it then. She had her appendix removed on Friday evening and spent the weekend in the hospital. But here she was bright and early this afternoon to get it working! I've not tried scanning anything as of yet. We know it prints though! That's a good start! T is decopaging a metal kitchen step stool I bought at a yard sale the weekend before last. She printed off pictures of various people and animals I know to put all over that stool. She's not done with it just yet but it's looking so cool .....
So my new toy is the 3in1 machine! Not sure what I will do with the old scanner. There is nothing wrong with it, I've just no use for it now. Perhaps I will pass it on to another who is in need of a scanner. That is how I acquired it a few months back.

I am still battling pain in my mouth from the bad teeth in there! The dentist put me on anitbiotics to get rid of the infection and then they will pull some of those teeth and we shall go from there. I'd just as soon they yank all 15 of those teeth out of my lower jaw and give me some falsies. But finances are the problem with that plan. Unfortunately GIVING me the falsies is not in their plan! I think the worst of the pain is behind me. I've not been sleeping anymore than normal for the last two nights as opposed to sleeping from 11 pm on Friday to 4 pm on Saturday. I've given up with anbesol as well as it makes the gums hurt even worse when the numbing wears off. I'll be fine....just have to get those teeth out of my head.

While T was installing the 3in1 machine, RJ and Devon were out in the garage doing whatever they were doing. I'm really not sure just what they were doing out there.....but anyway, they put the garden hose into the pond out front to flush it out. That pond has not had any attention at all for the longest time. Last summer it was dry as a bone with a nice layer of mud all over the bottom of it. RJ cleaned out most of the mud and found two live goldfish in that mud. That was shocker to find LIVE fish in the pond beings there was nothing but mud in it. He then filled it back up with water for the hyacinths and water lettuce Ma gave me for the pond. After that the pond was pretty much forgotten about till today. It had water in it, brakish water....lots of dead grass, weeds, things of that nature in it but it didn't appear to have any life in it other than the few waterbugs that skittered across the water. RJ came in the house and asked if I wanted to hear something really cool. Well, of course I wanted to hear something really cool! He tells me there are two (more) live goldfish swimming around in my pond. They must of been buried in the mud at the bottom of the pond all winter. A Fish Miracle! I've not gone out to see the miracle fish. I'm wondering how big they are. The goldfish we found last summer were a good three inches long if not longer. Those fish spent a happy winter in Ma's pond with her happy fish. Her pond is much deeper than mine and it doesn't freeze but the top three inches or so. Mine freezes about that far down too but Ma has a lot more space beneath her ice then my pond does.

I went out to take a look at those fish and I didn't see any fish....only a toad that would have drowned had I not made it possible for him to get out of the pond. Boy, that water was cold! I put a big rock on top of a cement block at the bottom of the pond so the toad could climb out on his own. That pond needs a good cleaning! The water hyacinths are growing nicely though.

Well, I'm out of here for now. I need to figure out to get things scanned with my new machine. I will be back later with another post with some pictures.

Stay tuned!

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