11 May 2009

Wretched Machine is a thorn in my side!

I hate this wretched PC of mine! Anti virus tells me I have a trojan of some sort. What the hell that means is Greek to me. I don't understand the workings of the PC at all. I know how to turn the thing on, I can get it to do certain things, but other things are like asking me to cook you a five course Swahili dinner. I've no clue what the devil Swahilians eat for any meal.

Needless to say, you all aren't getting any pictures again today. You didn't need any anyway! I made two more ATCs last night and got my pink and green things done... minus the danglies. (Think I said that yesterday!) My teeth are still killing me! I have a dr. appt on Wednesday to take care of that mess I do believe.

Ma just showed up with a big bag of Kibbles and Bits for Fred. I asked her yesterday if she would pick him up a bag of food when she went to Alco today. I thought I told her to get him some Gravy Train, but she didn't. Next time she will, she says. Ma acts like she doesn't like that fool dog, but secretly, she really does. She's always bringing him things to eat or play with. She pets him every chance she gets too. She just doesn't want him in her yard, digging up her flowers. I'm not sure where she got the notion he digs up plants from but she doesn't want him in her yard. That's OK though, he's got plenty of room to roam elsewhere.

I added another book to the list of books read. It was a stupid book! One of the stupidest books I think I've ever read in my life! No wonder the author didn't care to take credit for it!

I'm headed next door to have spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread. I'll come yak at you all another time! Be good each other. Collect your hugs and smile cause it makes folks wonder just what you're up to!

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I have an award for you, so come on over when you can and get it.