01 January 2010

Happy New Year, People!

The sky's the limit!

2009 is gone and another year commences. Did good things occur in 2009? You bet they did!

January blessed me with a new keyboard from a friend afar and
also gave me a new start to a whole passel of new days to try and not screw up too badly. I think that mission was accomplished as here I am still.

Feburary gave me a roaring good party, contact with an old friend, and a dye job on my hair that not a soul noticed.

March gave me phone calls, visits to family, and an $18 dollar box of incense.

April gave me lunch out on occasion, a bout of the blues, a son's 26th birthday, the ending of an era, a couple visits with the vampires, the discovery of a songbird in the family and a badly needed fix of touches.

May made me one year older and gave me more visits with the vampires, the loss of my friends' good dog, a few days of sleeplessness and a few days slept completely away, an auction that made my packratness only blossom, an 8th grade graduation, read Treasure Island for the first time, and a picnic with Susan and Linda in the City Park.

June gave me the opportunity to do a lot of artwork, many visits with my sons, a ballgame or two here and there, a trip to the Capital to visit their vampires, a few trips to the State Lake with Fred in tow, another year to celebrate my Mother's birthday with her (this one was her 75th), lost my 15 yr old cat Miss Blue, an ovarian cyst and a two trips to the ER, and a roadtrip to take me into July.

July gave me a grandson's birthday to celebrate, a campin trip with friends, fireworks, a friend's birthday to celebrate, a son's 25th birthday, a bout of the blues, a roadtrip up the road, a visit from a sister, a declined invitation, 'Baby Watch' began and another roadtrip down the road to end out a most excellent month!

August gave me a sister's birthday to celebrate, drives in the country in sister's convertible, tried seriously to quit smoking, trips to the lake with Fred and Pug, a baby arrived on the 13th at 12:22 a.m., went to the demo derby with Helena, County Fair in town, I've a bald dog to contend with, and I played numerous games of Dr. Mario with my brother this month.

September gave me full custody of my grandpup Pug, lost Pug to the highway mid month, a visit to my friend on the hill in town, survived 09/09/09 just like the rest of yous reading this, got a fix of live music from my nephew, discovered movies with brother are a good deterent to being alone, made a boatload of art and missed a neice's birthday.

October gave me a few blank days to start it out but it got better as the days went on....I got a new kitten from RW .....her name is Lola, Rose died on the 11th, declined a volleyball invitation ....I hurt like a big dog most of this month, friend B celebrated birthday #53 and friend R celebrated birthday # 64, a birthday remembered that is no longer celebrated...that makes me sad each October. The trailershed got started on.

November gave me days of no sleep and days of nothing but sleep, no rhyme nor reason at any time of the year. A lot of blank pages in the day book for November. I went to a basket ball game at the high school to watch Allison play, paid a visit to the Pville vampires three times this month, long drives in the country with my brother, and Thanksgiving was spent with those closest to me.

December entered with ten blank pages in the day book, 131 days of nothing, Christmas come and gone--good by all standards nonetheless and an invitation declared void to end the year.

All in all.... it's been a good year with a few disappointments thrown in. But that is how life works. You get some good days. You get some bad. The mix was pretty even this year.
I hope your year is one you can look back on with little regret.

My intentions for the new year are to get many more hugs than I got in 2009.
I'm not certain about the goal of 1000 inchies getting met. I know I did well over 900 of them but the final count has yet to occur. I'm just going to call this year's goal a bust and start again in the new year. I have 16 inchies in pocket as I type that were made in the last hours of 2009. I'll make a recount and let you all know just how close I did come!

It's been a good one...let's start it all over again with the next post!
Thanks for sticking with me through the year.

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John said...

Happy New Year Donna!

2009 had been good to you indeed and 2010 is going to be better. Wishing you all the best in every aspect of your life in this new year.