28 January 2010

Thursday's ramblings, no artwork in sight for this one.

I've done artwork today....two ATCs, but I've yet to scan the little devils. I'll scan them later this evening and do a post early morning to show you today's artwork. There may be more to scan before the night is over.
I got my paperwork filled out but not taken to its destination yet. I'm hoping that will occur tomorrow. It should have been done weeks ago, but being late isn't the end of it all...so I'm kinda procrastinating when I shouldn't be procrastinating. It'll get taken care of before the week is done! Guess that means tomorrow!

I had lunch with my brother at his house and then watched the movie, Foreve Young with him. He said it was a 'chick flick' and I reminded him I was not your typical chick. He agreed I am not your typical chick but he assured me I would probably like this movie anyway. And yes, I did like the movie! It was a good story. It reminded me somewhat of the movie Benjamin Buttons though it was an entirely opposite story. Good movie nonetheless and it wasn't time wasted in my opinion.

I have added a couple of books to the "books read in 2010' list on the sidebar. Sounder was an excellent read if any of you are looking for something to occupy your time in the reading department. The Body wasn't a bad book either! No clue what the next book on the list will be. I've yet to pick one from the shelves and get on with it.
I have about 1000 books in the house to choose from. And if I get desparate (like that's going to happen with 1000 books in the house,) I can always go out to the burned house and choose a book from the many, many boxes of books out there! I do have a book laying on the headboard of my bed that looks promising and it will probably be the next one on the list. It is called "Cranes On Parade" You all heard about Cows on Parade? Well, instead of cows, there are cranes (birds) painted in all fashion same as the cows were. I have a Cows on Parade book as well but it was read a couple years ago and a couple years is not enough time gone by to go back to a book I've already read when, like I said, there are 1000 books to choose from. I really don't know exactly how many books and I'm only guessing at the 1000 mark. There are books in every room of my house except the laundry room. (Ain't no time to read in the laundryroom!)

I was going to show you all something really cool that brother Sam found out in the trailerhouse shed when he was taking down the panelling on the walls, but it's so little I can't get a good picture of it. I was really surprised when he brought it in the house for me. Others wouldn't have even given it a second thought! So, what did he find? A dead scorpion. Yes, I get excited about things like that! It's a tiny little critter, but it's oh so cool! I'm going to keep experimenting with the camera and see if I can get a good shot of the pale tan exoskeleton of the scorpion. In life, the little guy was probably reddish brown as those are the normal scorpions found in my neck of the woods. He's only about an inch long and maybe 3/4 inch tall...he has his tail curled up above his body. The pose he is in is incredible! It looks as though he had died and someone pinned him to a board that way, but there are no pins in him! Sam said he was clinging to the insulation behind the panelling. It was an excellent find and I am so glad Sammy brought it to me. I have several dead critters in my desk room. Three skulls, a mouse skull and backbone, an owl pellet full of little bones from God knows what, a goat skull and a domesticated cat skull, not to mention the tarantula and emperor scorpions hanging behind glass on the wall. Yes, I am a weird girl! The strangest part of that collection of strange things is that the goat skull was given to me by my oldest son. The emperor scorpion and the tarantula were given to me by youngest son. The owl pellet came from my mother. The cat skull came from the trailerhouse shed. I'm pretty certain it was a cat I owned at one time. I've had two go missing in the years I've lived out here. The mouse skull and backbone was actually a whole mouse skeleton till I picked it up off the carpet beneath the china hutch in the livingroom when I rearranged last year. It fell to pieces though so I only kept the bones that stayed intact. I forgot to mention the coyote skull hanging on the wall above the desk. It came from my mother as well. There are strange things all over this room! Including the girl sitting in this chair typing on the keyboard! LOL Only my brother Sam will tell you I am normal and that isn't saying too much really cause he thinks he's normal as well and I know for certain he is not.

I like junk as well as most men do. I'm thankful my brother understands that. He is tearing down my trailer house shed and there is all kinds of cool little junk that most women would consider just that.....junk. Sam finds cool things and he keeps them out for me to see before he latches on to them for the junk pile. I garnered some tiny aluminum clips the other day that will work wonderfully for arms and legs on matchbox shrine dolls! Into my jar of little metal bits and bobs they went!
Somewhere on the www I saw little robots made out of bolts, screws, nails, nuts, you know, all that little metal crap that you find when you tear crap apart....my brother has been tearing crap apart right and left to separate the different metals whatever is made out of. I have access to a whole big pan of crap like that if I really want it. I need to figure out which glue would hold it together the best. I suppose I could solder it together but I'm not good at soldering and I always burn my fingers when I give it a shot! Too bad Sam sold his welding unit. I could learn how to weld, I think.
For those of you who also love junk, if you would like some little junk, I'd gladly trade you for it. Maybe you have different junk than I do or maybe you've some artwork that catches my fancy. Just let me know if you'd like some of my little junk crap and we can do some dealing.
Brother got news that makes our trip to the junk dealer not quite so dire so that trip has been put off for awhile. We'd rather sit on our junk than sell it right now anyway. The junk piles will only grow and then we'll just have more junk to sell for more money when we need it most!
The trailerhouse shed should be completely gone by next week! I'm anxious to see how much aluminum we get off the siding of that old thing. And the corregated iron on the roof will be a nice chunk to add to the iron pile! Not sure just how we will get it to the iron pile, but Sam says he's got that figured out already and I shouldn't give it any thought. OK. No problem.
I wish for another trip to the junkyard with my friend, but that doesn't appear to be going to happen anytime soon so I won't fret about that either.

I made a phone call this morning to inquire about putting my art in the gift shop at The Grassroots Art Center in Lucas, Kansas. It looks promising. I haven't heard back from the director yet. I sent her an email with attachments of some ATCs, some little books and the fish picture. I'm hoping she will want my work in the gift shop. I did two stone carvings for the Art Center back in '05 and Roslyn fell in love with those! They are both in the limestone courtyard behind the Art Center. Part of their permanent collections. There are other artists represented in the limestone courtyard as well. I was honored to be among those artists, as the two stones I carved for them were the first two stones I ever carved in my life! So, wish me luck on this endeavor. I'm rather excited about it.

I guess I'm done rambling for the time being. I can't think of much else to say.... Hmmm, me speechless? Doesn't seem possible!
You all get your hugs! I got a few today so I'm good to go!
Have yourselves a Fantastic Friday and I shall ramble again tomorrow!

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