26 January 2010

A Pink Horse Rode In

I've been procrastinating on a certain area of my life and I really need to get a move on and get that task accomplished. When I'm putting things off, which is what I am doing with this mess, I focus elsewhere. Art seems to be a likely focusing spot. I doubt I'll get any art done tomorrow. I have things that MUST be done and art will have to go on the back burner. Some days you just have to live in reality!
Hey, but when I get this way, you all get to see what my muse finds so important in those times. She was all over the board today!

Winter Sunset
26 January 2010
365 Project
Markers on recycled cardstock.

26 January 2010
Markers on recycled cardstock.

26 January 2010
Markers on recycled cardstock.

Lone Soldiers
26 January 2010
Markers on recycled cardstock.

Pink Horse
26 January 2010
Markers on recycled cardstock.

It amazes me I have stuck with this project for 26 days straight.
 In that time I have been fairly prolific in the production of artwork.
71 ATCs
8 twinchies
33 inchies
1 2x3 foot canvas fish picture
2 pen and ink drawings larger than an ATC
1 Matchbox Book
5 stitched books
I did five drawings this evening that did not get scanned because the damn scanner is having a PMS moment and it isn't cooperating with me in scanning those 5 inch squares of black lines on whtie paper. It wants to scan the drawing in two pages! Why? Makes no sense to me so I've given up on them for tonight.
I have to get up early in the morning. My mother is going to call and wake my hide up! We are going to the museum in Logan to see an exhibit. Ma made reference to my fish canvas saying they had stuff like that on exhibit. I'm curious to see it.
Can you tell I don't have a real job?
I did those five drawings while waiting on supper to cook at my brother's house. Ma was doing the cooking. She stopped by my place and said, "I'm cooking fried chicken at Sam's, get dressed and come along." I told her I'd do just that and meet her in town in awhile. I needed a shower and to get dressed. I suppose I could have gone in my jammies...but I didn't.
Supper was good! Ma makes excellent fried chicken! Don't ask her to cook fried eggs though, she's not real good at that! Guess she needs her chickens grown to do something yummy with them!
We watched an old movie while we chowed down. Baker's Hawk with Clint Walker and Barbara Baker. It was an OK movie. Not one I am itching to watch again though. It was kinda cheesy in spots.
And now I'm home fighting with my scanner...I'm done with that wretched machine till tomorrow evening! Actually I'm fixin' to head to bed pretty soon.
My sister Susan had surgery on her spine this morning. They tell me she's doing well and will be home tomorrow, God willing. Doc fused a couple of her vertebrea together to fix them. Herniated they were. Anyway, she's gonna be just fine, in time.
I drove right by the indian on the hill sculpture out south of town earlier this evening when it was still light and totally spaced off getting a picture of it. That's OK though cause I'll be headed back to town come Thursday to accomplish totally that task I've been putting off.
You all have a great Wednesday! We are supposed to get a bit of snow tomorrow night ...I'm hoping not much.
 Get your hugs!


soulbrush said...

oh donna these are all outstanding,pink horse can ride over to london... i know what you mean by transferring what one should do to what one wants to -i.e. art, my art has becoem a very important part of my mental well being.love the sound of that meal, just didn't understand a word about what you ate, never heard of them.love project 365 as i am meeting new people, like you. xx

Cate said...

I can sooo relate to putting stuff on the back burner and focusing on art! But, how many years did I do it the other way around? Many. Many of them!

Everyone of your cards today is just lovely! I love the pink horse and would love to ride off into an open field, that sounds fantastic!

Hope all goes well with the task you are putting off and hugs and prayers for your sis to have a speedy recovery!!