14 January 2010

Art for Thursday

Not much happening in my world today. Course that happens when you sleep the entire day away!
I've gotten into the habit of making my ATC for the day directly after getting up from sleeping. Some days that happens early morning, other days late evening, sometimes it happens in the middle of the day or the night. No rhyme or reason to it!
The kitty I painted this evening happened around 9 p.m. I'm fixing to do more kitties tonight too.
Blue Eyed White Cat
14 January 2010
Acrylics on recycled cardstock.
This one turned out OK, though there is much room for improvement. But as I've said before, each art session is just practice and practice makes perfect.
I sent my sister Jeanny three inchies and two twinchies the other day to make into pendants. I showed you all those pcs of art. She got them today in the mail and wants me to draw her another grey cat with green eyes on a twinchie cause she says the inchie she got with the gray cat with green eyes just isn't quite big enough. It was her favorite from the entire bunch I sent to her. So painting is on my agenda cause she also wants a black cat with orange eyes. I can't do black cats with markers. They just disappear into the paper and you'll be able to make out are the eyes so I told her I would paint one for her. She also wants two more inchies. Greedy thing! (Just kidding!) I don't have to make the inchies. With almost 1000 of them made last year, I have plenty without having to make more.
It has been some time since I dragged out the acrylics to do some painting, proper painting anyway. I did use a lot of acrylics on the big canvas, but that doesn't count cause it didn't make up the bulk of the picture.
I'm off to my painting table to create kitties and trees.
You all have a great Friday and I'll be back tomorrow to show you what I've done tonight and the ATC for Friday!
Get your hugs! That's an order! :)

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Cate said...

this is beautiful! gorgeous eyes on this kitty! can't wait to see more!