28 January 2010

Green Girl

Good Morning Readers!
This will be a short post today. I still have things to finish up from yesterday. A roadtrip is in order for later today and I have another assignment added to the task that was started yesterday. In short, I've another busy day ahead of me.
This drawing fits perfectly with my state of mind and physical well being yesterday. I was a tad green around the gills as it goes. Much better today, but still busy as all get out!

Green Girl
27 January 2010
365 Project
Markers on recycled cardstock.

I'm not sure what possessed me to draw a green girl, but there you have it! It's the only art (and I think calling this art is a stretch of the imagination if there ever was one!) that was produced yesterday. Not sure what will get made in the art department today. I know I need to finish the matchbox for my second matchbox/book for the swap. The book is done. The matchbox is still white...not very exciting! Still trying to figure out just what to put on the matchbox. So I will be wracking my brain to solve this dilemma sometime today. The matchboxes and books are not due till the first week of March but it's time to get them done and in the mail so I don't have to deal with them anymore till the returns come in.
I have cards to get into envelopes and mailed in the next couple of days too.
Brother Sam wants to take a roadtrip either tomorrow (Friday) or Monday, depending on the news he gets. I will be taking that roadtrip with him as we are headed to Salina to sell some junk to the junk dealer if all goes well. I'll be having to help load all that junk to take it to the junk dealer so that will cut into art time in the next few days. I wish things weren't so busy, but nothing I can do about that but go with it!
You all get some hugs on this chilly Thursday. Weather gurus said we were to have a dusting of snow on the ground this morning but there is no snow to be seen out there right now and it doesn't look like it's going to snow. I didn't want more snow anyway!
Peace, my friends!


soulbrush said...

she is hilarious, sorry you felt green.

Cate said...

I love your Green Girl!! I have been feeling the same way...Yuck...you sure got it right in this piece.

Hope you feel better real soon and all goes well with the junk dealer...man I love me some junk...love to sort through it, find little fun treasures...