25 January 2010

Hearts For Haiti, A Puppy and A Bit of Chatter From Your's Truly

Good Morning Readers!
I'm getting a late start this morning. Slept for 12 hours last night and feel as though I could go back and sleep another 12 if I didn't have so much to do today.

I added the button for Hearts For Haiti to the left side-bar of the blog yesterday. Click it and you can see what this is all about. The deadline for submitting your own work of this cause is fast approaching! Friday 29 January 2010 is the deadline. I showed you all three of the hearts below yesterday but the three I showed you then are the ones I am sending in to the project. I also promised you all a showing of my sister Linda's ATC she made for the cause.

This is Linda's ATC for the Cause.
Graphite pencil and markers on recycled cardstock.
The rest of the hearts are mine.

All are markers on recycled cardstock.

24 January 2010
Markers on recycled cardstock.
This is Cat's little pup, Chief. He's a chocolate lab. I'm not really pleased with Chief's portrait. I am going to paint him in acrylics one of these days. Dogs are not one of my best subjects for some reason. I can draw cats like there's no tomorrow, but dogs are shaped different than cats and I just don't do so well with them. I am in hopes Cat thinks it's a lot better than I do.

Last week, I think it was, I showed you all the bull sculpture that sits atop the hill behind my house and promised you then that I would try to get a better picture of it. I got a better picture of it but I really need to get a lot closer to the bull to take a good picture. The zoom on my camera didn't zoom very far! Here's another picture of it though where you can actually see the bull sculpture.

Not the best picture by any means! You can make out the bull though in this one! There are two bull sculptures within sight of my house. This is the one to the west. There's another bull and a pioneer family farther east. And if you come into Stockton on 183 Highway from the south, you'll see another sculpture of an indian on a horse (I think that is what it is) atop the big hill just outside of town. I wish I could remember the name of the man who did these sculptures, but I can't. He lives in Ellsworth, KS, that much I do know! The sculptures are all sillohuettes (not sure I spelled that right) made from sheet metal and painted black.
A few years ago I took a hike up to the bull farther to the east with my nephew. That bull is all of 15-20 feet high. It's not near as impressive up close as it is from a distance. The bull to the east is closer to the highway than the one I've shown you a picture of. I'm going to have to walk down there and get a picture of that bull one of these days. Too windy to do it today though.
You will see more of the sculptures in Rooks County on this blog in the future.

I need to get busy. I have laundry to do, a kitchen floor to sweep, the fridge needs a good cleaning and dishes need done. Oh, the joys of housework! NOT!
You all find something creative to do today and give some hugs, give some kisses and yada yada, you know the drill! :)

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Cate said...

You are toooo hard on yourself! I love the portrait of Chief! You totally caught that whole silly expression he had on his face! I love, love, love it!!

A treasure...