04 January 2010

Cold in Kansas

This could be fun!~ I have a kitten on the desk walking all over the keyboard and trying to stick her nose up mine. She's purring so loud, I'm surprised you all can't hear her too! I just came from the kitchen where I found her sitting on the cabinet staring at the sink. She followed me back to the deskroom. Aren't I the lucky one! :)

As the title of this post says, it is cold in Kansas! And it doesn't appear as though it will warm up any time soon. My old body hates the cold worse than the heat of summer. This weather plays havoc with me! On top of that, I'm getting a cold and my nose is all clogged up and I've had a headache for three days now. Not to worry though, I shall survive, I'm sure.

I still haven't downloaded the drivers for the scanner so there isn't any art to show you all. I got a new computer for Christmas and the only bad thing about getting a new computer is getting it up and running smoothly with all the accesories one needs with their computer. I know it's not going to be a hard chore to get the scanner/printer up and working compatibly with this new machine, it is that I know it will be a daunting chore as I don't speak computer any more than I speak Swahili....so wish me luck getting it all going without pulling my hair out!

This new machine didn't even come with a user's manual! How am I to know how to use all the features it has? I think I need to look around in the Start menu and see if there isn't an owner's manual built into this thing!

That silly kitten is trying to drink my coffee. She just stuck her nose in it. Meowing her fool head off about something. Wish she didn't insist on sitting on the desk when I'm trying to type but every time I put her on the floor, she immediately jumps right back up here on the desk. She never wants anything to do with me unless I'm sitting in this chair with my hands on the keyboard, or when I'm cooking. She's such a pretty little cat, full of charm, that I can't get mad at her for just being her.

I thought she was a goner the night before last. She shot out the front door when I let Fred in. It was late, dark and cold out there when she decided to make her escape. I was going to go after her but she ran down the steps so fast, I lost sight of her. About an hour later, when she hadn't come to the door to be let back in, I called for her. No Lola though. Then about an hour later I sent Fred out to find her. He was out for about 15 minutes and came back without her. She's just a kitten, only about four months old and out in the dark is not a good place for a kitten to be. Not out here in the country. I thought for sure she was going to supper for the coyotes. Finally, about three hours after she had made her escape, I heard her at the front door. She always climbs up the porch railing and hangs off the screen door knob, makes all kinds of racket along with meowing as loud as she possibly can. I was very glad to see her!
I let her out during the day when she wants to go out. When it's light outside she isn't in danger from the coyotes, but night is a whole other story. She does have her markings in her favor as camouflage at night but she has white feet and a white chest which work against her in the dark. Coyotes have excellent eyesight and she can't run fast enough to get away from one.
I've lost kittens to the coyotes. Not a good thing.

That Fred dog is asleep on my bed at the moment. Snoring most likely with his head on my pillow, enjoying his nap. Billy is outside as far as I know. Haven't laid eyes on him today yet. I'll send Fred out later to bring Billy cat inside. It's funny, but when I tell that dog to bring Billy back with him, Fred 8 times out of 10 has that cat in tow when he comes back inside.

Doobie is asleep in the laundry room on top of that stack of blankets on the counter in there. She will be hollering for supper before too much longer.

I do wish the scanner were already hooked up! I have some stuff to scan! Guess I should shut this down and go hook it up! That's the only way it's gonna get that way!
You all go get your hugs for the day...

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