02 January 2010

A Short Post

I'm fixin' to head to bed here as soon as Fred decides he wants to come back in the house. It is almost 4 a.m. so it's time for bed.
We have very cold weather tonight.
I spent the whole first day of the new year at home in my pajamas. Didn't even step foot on mother earth! I didn't! I have stepped only on my man-made floor today.
I did see the moon rise earlier this evening. There it was high in the eastern sky, glowing like it was on fire! It was beautiful! Outshone the blue moon of the night before.
Fred is out in the yard barking at something. Might be awhile before he decides to come inside. He's been asleep most of the day and night already. He didn't go outside from 2:30a.m. until almost 9p.m. How that dog can hold his bladder that long is beyond me! He drinks like he always does. He eats like he always does. I asked four times throughout the day if he wanted to go out. He stands in the doorway looking out into the yard while I stand there with the front door standing open wide, cold air coming in, and turns around to go lay back down on the sofa. Not sure what is up with that....
I've cut a lot of words today. I have a ton of magazines that have different fonts and words in them. I think I'm ahead of that game... cutting words, not diminishing that stack of magazines. Those magazines are never ending cause I keep taking them out of the mailbox across the highway.

Time to go to bed! Fred wants in.

Go get your hugs!
Have a fantastic Saturday! (I actually typed Wednesday there before I realized it wasn't Wednesday at all!)
Have a good one!

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