07 January 2010

More Cold Weather and A Few Pieces of Art

Once again I started yakking before I uploaded pictures so the pictures are all out of sync but here we go nonetheless. You all should be used to my wonky posts by now anyway!

Free As A Bird
markers on recycled cardstock
6 january 2010
markers on recycled cardstock
23 December 2009
The Book of Tiny Art
7 January 2010
Matchbox/Little Book Swap AFA
This little book is made from kraft paper colored black with a big fat sharpie and inchies from the crop of 2009 inside the book. The book cover is kraft paper sandwiched between two pcs of tyvek and glued with E6000 at the spine. The book fits inside the matchbox which was colored inside and out with that same big fat sharpie. The landscape on the top of the box was done in markers on cardstock on 6 January 2010. There are two blue glass beads attached with copper wire on the front of the drawer of the box for easy opening. This pc will be swapped out when I get it and the other one I've yet to make in the mail.
Winter snow! Guess we are going to have a weather picture before we get through all the art. This picture was taken out my front door looking towards the northeast. There is an open field out there though you can't really tell that too well in the picture. Not a lot of snow out there on the 5th but some. And now there's another inch on top of what you see in the picture!

8 x 10 stretched canvas painted in acrylics
I gave this painting to Evelyn for Christmas. She loved it!

See! Snow on the ground 29 December 2009. This one was taken about two miles south of town on Highway 183 headed north. It was COLD that day! Sam and I were headed home from Hays when I took this picture as Sam was driving down the road.

I had to try out the zoom on my camera for the first time with this picture of a little squirell in a tree in Sam's front yard. Not the greatest picture in the world! I was sitting in Sam's truck and took this picture through the windshield.

I'm not entirely certain where this one was taken. Somewhere on Highway 183 south of the county line. I was just messing around with the new camera. This one was taken probably 25-30 miles south of home. Not as much snow in Ellis County as there was in Rooks County that day.

I am beginning to think the cold weather is never going to end. I know it will eventually. But spring is still a long ways off!

Wind and cold today. Though the sun out in full force... it was blinding actually! All that snow on the ground was just way to bright for these old eyeballs of mine! I didn't get up until after dark but I was up a few times during the day to let the dog out and back in. I could barely see from the blinding white of the sun and snow outside.

Not a lot of snow, mind you, but it does cover everything out there! An inch or so of new stuff on top of the old stuff from the previous two snow storms that moved through my neck of the woods.
I'll be working on my that other little book and matchbox tonight. In the morning I am going to Kearny, Nebraska with Susan and Linda. Susan has a drs appt up there and I'm just going along for the ride. Linda will drive from Phillipsburg. Susan can't drive at the moment cause of her neck (which is why she's going to see the doc in Kearny) so I will drive her from Stockton to Pburg and let Linda take over from there beings she will be driving her van.
I don't have much of anything of importance to say today so I'll bid you a good one for now. Don't forget that hugs are essential to a human being, so get yourself as many of them as you can.

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