09 January 2010

Art for Saturday.....and not much more.

I don't have a lot to say today. I don't feel well, all run down and tired. Following, you will find art from Friday and Saturday (today). Enjoy!
9 January 2010
Red Butterflies
Collage with magazine pictures and sharpies on recycled cardstock.
I think my muse is at kindergarten class today.
8 January 2010
The Blue Snake
Markers on recycled cardstock.
Yes, I know the snake is not actually blue! It was blue though when I drew this card in my sister's van while she was driving down the road. Once I got home I realized that snake didn't really look like much of a snake when it was light blue in color so I made it a green snake and pretty much got rid of all those blue lines made on this card when it was drawn. Still doesn't look a whole lot like a snake....his nose is a bit wonky.
8 January 2010
Ralph's Adventure
Markers on recycled cardstock.
This one was drawn while riding down the road as well. I need to go fix this picture! I guess I didn't do that when I did the others.
Over the Bridge
8 January 2010
This one was drawn while riding in the backseat of my sister's van while she drove down the highway. Just like the other ones here.
Markers on recycled cardstock.
I thought about coloring this one in but I like that it looks somewhat like a snow scene without any color. It IS a snow scene and if I'd added color, I think I would have lost that feel in the picture. Not a great drawing...but each drawing completed is practice and practice makes perfect. (Well, as perfect as I'm ever gonna get. I don't really think perfection can ever be met! We can only strive for excellence. And God knows I need a lot of practice to get anywhere close to that!)
8 January 2010
Gus the 'Pus
Markers on recycled cardstock.
This one, too, was drawn while in the back seat of my sister's van while riding down the highway. I put color to these after I got home. I only took a few markers with me on that trip so there was no way to really add color and make it come out decent (for any of the four posted here that were done on the 8th).
I kinda like this one!

I'll probably have made more art before the day is done. I've added more to my large canvas and took pictures of it yesterday. Added more stuff just a little while ago. Another couple of days and it should be DONE! And then I'll take some more pictures of it and you all will get to see it!
Until then though...I am out of here for now. Think I'm going to go crawl back in my bed for another nap. I've already taken one 5 hour nap today and it didn't seem to help any so maybe another nap will help.
Get your hugs, people! You really do need them. I'm staying away from folks today so there will be no hugs for me. I sure could use some hugs but, I don't want to give whatever is wrong with me to anyone else!

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