12 January 2010


I only have a couple peices of art to show you today. The purple horse is my ATC for yesterday. It's done in, yep, you guessed it! Markers on recycled cardstock.
Purple Horse
11 January 2010
markers on recycled cardstock
Bunny Twinchie
11 January 2010
Old Cat Inchies
I drew the Bunny today, for my sister Jeanny to make into a pendant for a necklace. The inchies were all drawn sometime last year. Sis wants those for pendants as well.

yeah, It is Tuesday, no doubt about it!
I've accomplished zilch today. Nadda! Zip!
The old body is still in rebel mode and I'm fixing to head back to bed! I shall yak at you all tomorrow....


Cate said...

Love the purple horse! Great card! :)

Cheryl Ann said...

Cool purple horse! Love it!