02 January 2010

No Information, Just Rambling

There has been a recount on the inchies and my final total is a whopping 973 inchies done in 2009. I didn't hit my goal of 1000, but, wow, I came real close! I am going to start all over on that endeavor again this year.

I have a headache today. Not sure if it's the weather or just my old body acting up again. It is supposed to snow again this evening.

On my list of things to do today, is hooking up the new computer. I think I've saved all that I can save off the old one. And if I've forgotten something, well, then I'll take my losses and move on.
I know I didn't get to save any of the music on this machine. That's not really a biggie though. I have tons of CDs and I can listen to them, download them if I want to, on the new machine. Seems a shame to lose over 4000 music files though.... unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about that cause I can't burn it off to disc on the old machine. The CD burner bit the big one a long time ago on this old machine.
The thing that has kept me from hooking up the new machine till now is that I am not looking forward to uploading all the accessories.... printer/scanner, camera and the likes. That, and I have to clean this messy desk off! Where did all this crap on this desk come from??? (Like you all would know the answer to that question!)

I promised you all some artwork and I've yet to give any to you. I have five new ATCs done in the latter week of the old year. Nothing too exceptional so you really aren't missing out on much!
I started a new project yesterday. My sister, Kathy, gave me a large stretched canvas (18 x 24 inches) that had a hideous painting on it when she found it in a 'free' box at a yard sale mid 2009. I wish I would have taken a picture of it before I covered that hideous painting of three women in wedding gowns hanging by ropes in mid-air. It was not signed. Can't say as I blame the artist for not signing the piece. I wouldn't have signed it either! I didn't have the camera yet when I painted over that painting with gesso though so there will be no picture of the hideous brides.
Now the canvas is covered with Medical Dictionary pages that have been painted a nice shade of red/purple. I've still not totally decided just what I will do with the canvas but I'm leaning, leaning really hard, towards doing a fish collage on it. I made eight fish last night. Got seven of them almost complete. They are sequin fish of different colors. I don't think all of them will end up on that canvas though cause it's a bit crowded with all of them sitting there. Maybe only five of the fishes.... I need to make one more fish that is not as small as the smallest but not as big as the largest already made.
Usually my fish collages are done on ATCs or 4x4s. This huge canvas isn't going to work out like the littler pieces do. I don't have enough glitter to make the sea glittery on the large canvas.... have to figure out how to give it some bling-bling!
I'll show it to you all when I finally get it done. Don't expect it soon though, like I said, it's a BIG canvas! This one will take awhile to get it right!
I am going to have to get dressed and go out into the world today. I'd rather not, but sometimes you do have to do what you don't want to do. I'll take Fred with me to town. He'll think it's a nice treat.

One of my intentions for the New Year is to make a blog entry everyday. I don't know that that will be possible, but I'm going to blog every day that I possibly can. I don't know that I'll have something intelligent to talk about everyday. Today's post seems to be more rambling than informative!

I need to read the owner's manual for my new camera so I can figure out how to get pictures from it to the new machine when I get it hooked up. I need to read the owner's manual for my new cell phone as well, for the very same reason! That and I really don't know anymore about that phone than how to dial a number, answer the damned thing and plug it into the charger! I gotta drag out my reading glasses to read those manuals though. Why do they put such tiny fonts in owner's manuals?

I don't need those reading glasses when I read a regular book or when I do artwork, but give me an owner's manual and I better have my 'eyes' within reach or I won't be able to even see the print to read it.

I suppose sometime today I should do away with the 2009 calendars hanging on the walls and replace them with 2010 calendars. I'm not even sure just where I put those new calendars! Desk in the livingroom, maybe?

That Tree is still standing in the livingroom as well. It needs to be GONE! I've no ambition to tackle that project today though. Not with this headache I have going on at the moment.

I guess this is a long enough rambling session for you all. I know it is for me! I have got to get busy with something productive. I think I'll work on my fish picture while I drink my morning coffee at 3 in the afternoon!
I'll show you art in the next post!
You all have a splendid Saturday!
Got get your hugs!

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