04 January 2009

Brrrrrrr! Art Attacked!

It's danged cold at my house tonight! That ain't a complaint. It's fact! The Coop wouldn't deliver any propane without it first being paid for so I'm still without heat until Monday. I got the little electric heater right here beside me at the desk.

I made art earlier today. 2 ATCs and a couple of Chunky Pages. Make that three Chunkys. Only two of those have their danglies though. Wish I could show them to you all. I kinda like the red and black ATC. The scanner's cord is still on the floor behind the dresser where that hellion, Billy cat put it! I stuck to a monochromatic theme for the 3 chunkys. black and silver for all three of the pages. I had a couple of old photographs that were sent to me with other ephemra of two little girls about 3 yr olds, I'd say. I incorporated those into two of the chunkys.

I'm sitting in front of th pc here yakking at you all and listening to a bit of Nickleback on iTunes. They all wanna be Rock Stars. Big Dreamers! Nothing wrong with dreaming big!~ Not a thing wrong with it! I really like this song!

I went to lunch with Susan, Justin and Courtney. I think Justin got shafted on the bill. It shouldn't have cost 44 dollars and some change for three sandwiches with fries, three pieces of pie and 4 drinks. Frank's a good cook, but he ain't THAT good! Justin didn't argue with them though. It was tasty and I'm thankful for the invite! Susan and I shared a sandwich and fries. It worked out well.

It's been quite chilly today. Temp said it was 27 outside but the wind is blowing like a troop of dancers hellbent on entertainment that it felt MUCH colder out there! It's getting down in the 40s in the house at night. I am VERY thankful for the electric blanket! (Which I owe my sister $8 for still.) We found it at the thrift store week before last. I almost left it there cause I didn't have the money to buy it. Susan insisted and I'm toasty warm cause she did! Thanks Susan! :)

I sometimes get to feeling sorry for myself, thinking I'm all alone in this world. I am weary of living alone. When I'm not feeling sorry for myself though I do not doubt there are those who love me. I may be alone a lot but that's more often my choice than someone else's. When I think about sharing my space with another...I'd rather have my own space, I think. I've lived alone, with only animals for more than eight years. I'm kinda set in my ways.

Someone really should go get that box of puzzles off the seat of my van and give them to someone. I've already given one of them away. I don't do jigsaw puzzles myself but Ma and Susan enjoy them and I was given a box of them last Monday. They've been in the passenger's seat of the van since then. I gave one of them to Cory. He likes puzzles and he really liked the artist of that one I gave him. Sorry can't remember the artist's name. I'm lucky to remember my own name sometimes!

The Christmas tree still stands proud in the livingroom. I was gonna take that thing down but it never got done.
I procrastinate a lot.
It's cold in the livingroom though. Fred sleeps on the sofa. Remember I told you he took up sleeping on my bed when I wasn't in it? He gave that up not too long after he started doing it. I gave up telling him to get out of my bed everytime I found him there. It was like it wasn't any fun for him anymore and he stopped. I found him sprawled out on top of the blankets a few hours ago. That electric blanket is turned on to the highest setting. That bed is warm! He ain't a stupid dog like I sometimes call him. :) He still can't sleep in it when I'm in it though! There ain't enough room for one thing. And dogs are not allowed in the bed!

All three of those cats are asleep on top of that warm blanket right now. Fred's more than likely there as well cause I haven't seen him in the deskroom and he wasn't sleeping on the sofa when I went to the kitchen to fill my coffee cup. I've run out of clean coffee cups because of no hot water to do dishes. I had to hunt in the cupboard earlier to find one. It's platic. I hate plastic! It's the scrouge of the earth. I prefer ceramic coffee mugs to any other, though I do have a couple of glass ones that I drink out of frequently. Ronnie and Terah gave me a really large black mug for Christmas. It's not only pretty but large like I like my coffee mugs. I don't drink near as much coffee in the summer as I do in the winter though.

Not really much has happened today that is noteworthy enough to talk about. It's been a slow day. Not much excitement. That's not a bad thing though!
Guess I'll go climb under that warm blanket in the bedroom and shut these old eyes for the night. That would be a change...me going to sleep before dawn! My leg hasn't given me any trouble for a week or so. Maybe the kink it had has been worked out. This fibro confuses the heck out of me cause when I hurt, it is hard to figure out if it's something new going on or if it's the fibro playing havoc.
If I could take one day in my life and change the circumstances of that day, I'd have never taken Rich back to Sappa Valley with Ronnie on the 25th of December 2000. Perhaps it wouldn't change a thing that has happened since that day, I don't know. I'd like my old body back, please. It worked so much better than this one I have now. I used to strong as an ox! I had muscles, not flab! I had strength in those muscles! Even after eight years of living in this not so perfect body, I miss being able to do anything I wanted to do! I am thankful for what does still work. I had my doubts about the arms ever working properly again right after the wreck. I couldn't even cut my own food up to eat it for better than three months afterwards. I've come a long long way since then in so many ways! I do still miss my old body though...

Alright! I'm outta here for the time being!~ You all behave yourselves and I'll come yak at you another time! Probably tomorrow. Hugs!


John said...

Wow, I didn't know a lot of things about you Donna, until this post. Didn't know you lived alone. Just like me. And if I had not mistaken, you had a bad accident? Sounds like it, from your 2nd last paragraph.

I'm very glad that you had chosen to be positive despite all that had happened... the house fire, the accident, the pain, etc. I somehow know that there are more sad stories to all that. I have a lot to learn from you Donna. And I'm glad to have you as a friend :)

Donna said...

I've always believed the Good Lord doesn't give us more than we can handle. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger...there's truth in that statement. I may not have the strong body that was once me, but I still have a strong spirit, the ability to use all my limbs (even if they don't work at tip-top shape all the time), the chance to wake up every time I sleep and I have my family and friends who accept me just as I am now. One can't ask for much more than that.
As for there being more sad stories ... we all have sadness in our lives. If sadness never came calling, we would lose the ability to recognize joy when it comes calling. I'm happy with life at the moment. I sometimes get down and do feel sorry for myself. That just proves I'm human and prone to emotions. :)
I'm glad to have you as a friend as well, John. We have a lot to learn from one another.