11 January 2009


Here you go! Zentangles! I really like drawing zens. They take no thought, you just let the writing instrument go where it wants. The mind does come into play sometimes, but it's easy to shut it out. Most zens are not as colorful as the first of these. That's my own twist on my perception of what a zen is supposed to be. If you ask me, there aren't supposed to be any supposed to be's in art...but that's a whole other bag of worms. Can of worms. Worms don't generally come in a bag.
All the zens below are done in Markers; either Sharpie, Bic or a cheapo brand of one kind or another. A couple of the black and white ones are done in black gel pen also.
Here's Lookin' At Ya Silver Pines

Don't Leave
The colored ones were all done after the black and white ones. It was like the muse got off the pot and got her stuff together! I'm not pleased with these below.
Points of Light--gel pen

Peeking In--sharpie marker Onion- gel pen and sharpie marker on coated thin corregated cardboard. The coating on the card did not like the gel pen at all! I'm not happy with the effect it left behind either. This one probably will not trade but it is a lesson learned. No gel pen for this particular type of blank.
The rest of them are done on white poster board.
I have traded two of them thus far. "Here's Lookin' At Ya" and "Silver Pines".
I updated my flickr with every card I have available, plus a few chunky pages as well. Here's the link if anyone wants to go take a look at it. There are over 130 ATCs available.
I'm up for trades, just shoot me off a message or leave me a comment on the blog if something interests you. I'm open to all kinds of themes to trade for. I prefer to trade like card for like card...as in painting for painting, drawing for drawing...colage for collage...you get the picture. I do collect specific themed cards also:
monochromatics in black, purple, brown, green, yellow, red, orange and blue
I like funky and quirky. I am in Kansas, USA, if that makes any difference to you. I will trade internationally.
Beings I put 'make 365 pcs of art' on my new year's list, I should probably add 'trade some of those 365 pcs of art' on the list as well! Doesn't do me much good to hoard them. I like other people's art better than my own - I gotta trade. I'm up for a trade anytime!
I haven't accomplished a dern thing today! It's about time to hit the sack.
You all have a fantastic week ahead! I'll be back another day to yak at you all. Might even show you some more art. Won't that be fun! :)
Peace, my friends!


John said...

Wow! I love your zentangles, especially the colorful ones :) I didn't know it comes with colors! I think I had seen some of that before, but in black & white.

Great work!

John said...

By the way, Inge's latest post has a nice elephant picture :) Thought you'll be interested.

Donna said...

Thanks for telling me about Inge's post,John. That is a nice elephant picture. Glad you pointed it out to me! Thank you!