04 January 2009

Sunday's Ramblings

It's still cold at my house. That will change tomorrow! Thank God~!

I really didn't do much in the line of art today. I need to keep track of that artwork business. How many get done...I said I was going to do 365 pcs. I didn't say I was going to do one everyday. I did do one today though. Sharpie on a steno pad at Susan's this afternoon. Nothing special...alien upcomance or comeuppance ... my mind was a tad foggy when I named the piece. I could finish the two chunky pages that need done. Art isn't counted as done till it's ready to be traded or sold. Sold. That's an excellent idea! Now if I could find someone willing to shell out some cash for the stuff that comes out of me! I already got folks trading their own art for mine. I suspect there are more than a few of them who would love to find someone to shell out some cash for what comes out of them too!
I discovered ATCs in November of 2007, so I've been through my first year of trading. I couldn't tell you how many exactly that I have traded of my own. Generally when you make a trade with someone it is one card for one card or one chunky page for one chunky page. There are times when one will send out a RAK. I've done this a few times in the past year. The only way to tell you exactly how many pcs of original art have gone out of my house since Nov 07 is to go through that box of index cards sitting in front of me and break it all down into what went where. I really can't even give you an accurate number of ATCs and Chunky pages that have arrived in my mailbox from others who took a pc of my art out of their own mailboxes. The last time I counted the ATCs, there were 560some. A rough guess would be around 580 ATCs, close to 75 inchies. I've never counted the Chunky pages. I have a lot of chunky pages cause I like to make Chunkys. I haven't traded a great number of them though. I've participated in swaps for Chunkys where a group of folks all make chunkys with a set theme. Probably better than 100 Chunky pages. It's been a great year in the mailart department of Donna's house! I don't see any trouble in making 365 pcs of art this year. Maybe I should up those odds???? You know what? Let's see how long it takes me to get to the 365th pc of art. Until I get the scanner's cord retrieved from behind the dresser you all will just have to take my word on the art department. Once it's back to working order I'll show you guys some of it! Just remember....I haven't said anything about quality...I've only dicussed quanitity with you all!
Here's what's been done in the art department thus far this year:

Jan 1 - Zentangle- ball point ink on steno pad paper
Jan 2 - ATC with ribbon flowers
Red and silver Chunky page with postage stamp
Jan 3 - 1 Black Chunky with old photo of little girls
Zentangle - ball point ink on steno paper
ATC - red and black face in sharpie marker on white chipboard
Jan 4 - Zentangle in Sharpie on steno pad paper--Alien Upcomance (Comeuppance)

Yeah I don't see any trouble hitting 365 pcs of art this year! Those zentangles on steno pad paper are done at Susan's house. She hasn't participated in art with me for awhile. She could care less that I sit at her table and draw all over her steno pad. Works for me! I like to keep my hands busy and putting lines down on paper is one thing I truly enjoy.

Susan invited me to pizza at her house for supper this evening. It's not delivery! It's Di Giriono! It was alright. It filled my belly and I had a good time watching TV for a couple of hours. TV really doesn't interest me that much. We watched something on the Discovery channel about shallow seas. It was pretty cool actually but I don't need TV. I'm thinking I should go finish that book that heads the list of those read this year. It shouldn't even be there, yet.

Only people I've seen today are Susan, Courtney, Justin and Evelyn. The only people I've talked to are Susan, Courtney, Justin, Evelyn, Terah, RJ, Brad and Jeanny. Haven't seen my mother for days. I have many things to get done tomorrow! Many! First thing in the morning when that silly dog wakes me up to let his hide out, I'm gonna call the Coop and tell em to bring me some propane and then I'm gonna get dressed, go to the bank, rearrange the finances and go pay for propane before they ever get out here to put it in the tank. After that...I'll probably go back to bed for a bit. I sit with the girls tomorrow night. RJ said he'd come light the pilot lights for me. I won't know how to act with hot water and a stove to cook on! After the girls' parents get home from bowling I'm headed to Pburg to spend the night at RJ's house so I can get Brenton off to school on Tuesday morning. RJ and T are headed east aways for a dr's appt for RJs back. They want to do some sort of surgery on his back, this is a preliminary meeting with the surgeon. My brain is foggy...details escape me at the moment. I know I have a busy start of the week ahead of me. I probably ought to put some gas in that van before I stop by my house to pick up Fred around 10 pm. All the kids go back to school tomorrow.
Alright that settles it! I'm outta here! I gotta go read on the book that shouldn't be on the list yet and then close these old eyes before midnight strikes! You all behave yourselves on Monday! Spread some joy around...smile at everyone! Don't forget to pick out some hugs too!

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John said...

Yup, Monday was the first day of school here too :)

And that sure brings back a lot of memories of my own schooling days... Who am I going to sit with? Who's going to be the class teacher? Who's going to teach what? Will that girl sit on the bus to school again this year? Such and such :)