26 January 2009

Snow on the ground, a dead van and a crazy dog!

Happy Monday All!

I like Mondays! Though in reality Mondays feel like any other day to me cause I have no schedule to adhere to any day! Lucky me? Not really. I sometimes wish I had a job to go to each and every day. Only job I have is keeping myself busy with whatever suits my fancy on any given day.

There is snow falling in my neck of the woods today. RJ said the radio reported three inches were expected before it all stopped. It's really pretty coming down, big ol' flakes! I'm fixing to get in that van here in a few and take it for a spin around town to charge up the battery which was dead as a doorknob before RJ showed up and fixed it for me. Need to finish up this entry and get dressed before I go anywhere.

That dog is crazy cause he thinks there's something under the cabinet here in the deskroom and try as I might to convince him otherwise, he just doesn't get it! He's barking at the cabinet as though it is going to spit out whatever it is he thinks is under it!

It is going to be a short entry this time! I need to call my sister and see if she needs anything from town or if she wants to ride along for the spin around town. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt her in the least to get out and get some of the stink blown off her. I know it won't hurt me in the least!
Well, that was easy! I called and she said, "I probably better put some clothes on instead of these pajamas I have on." So I better get off this machine and do the same!

I'll be back later to show you the artwork I did this morning.
You all behave yourselves! I'll try to but I ain't guaranteeing anything!

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