22 January 2009

So Much For Wednesday!

I slept the entire day away! I really have to get a handle on this sleeping business! I had no sleep to speak of on Tuesday and slept for 18 hours straight on Wednesday...essentially the whole freaking day! I laid down 'for just a second' on Wednesday morning knowing full well I had things that needed to be done then. Next thing I know, it's dark outside, the dog is asleep on his pallet at the end of the bed and the clock is glowing 11:58. Had to be P.M., it was dark outside! How could I sleep for 18 hours straight? I remember vaguely talking to RJ sometime during the day...he said something about Devin being next door helping Susan with some projects and that he'd talk to me later. I didn't give those errands I needed to run another thought in the short time I was almost awake. I wasn't even awake to take my meds. That's probably a good thing though cause one of those pills always makes me sleepy. But that's beside the point! Twice this week I've slept for more then 12 hours straight and accomplished nothing that needed to be done. Sorry, there's no whimsical cats to show you all today. I can't very well paint in my sleep! Wish I could! I'd get all kinds of things done if that were the case! Poor Fred had to pee really bad when I finally got my hide out of bed! Must of been sometime before noon when RJ was here. I know he let Fred in at the very least. I know I didn't! I did let him out about 9 a.m.
So, painting cats is on the agenda for today (if I can stay awake long enough to accomplish it).
I've been for a drive this morning and it's only a little after seven. Fred and I caroused through town a few times, checking up on folks we have no reason to be checking up on... just a friend I haven't talked to for what seems like forever. It was a wasted trip in that aspect though cause we didn't find a friend at all. We did, however, see a beautiful crescent moon high in the eastern sky with a hint of sunrise peeking over the distant hills. It was well worth braving the 33 degrees outside this morning. The weather gurus say it's going to be in the upper 60s today if we believe everything we hear on the morning radio. Boomer said it, so it must be true? Guess we'll find out.
I just folded a load of laundry that's been in the dryer for at least three days. There are now sheets in the dryer that were washed at least three days ago as well. They didn't have a musty odor like things usually have that have sat in the washing machine for three days though so maybe someone washed them yesterday while I was among the sleeping dead? I don't know. I do know that they'll be dry in about 45 minutes or so and I'll put that load of towels in the dryer and start in on the rest of the laundry as well. I really should accomplish something productive today even if it is only laundry that gets done.
I need to take the van to the car wash! That windshield really needs a good cleaning! It has been awhile since I drove anywhere in the dark and when it's dark, the windshield is pretty evident. And it's pretty evident there's a lot on that windshield that shouldn't be there! Dog nose prints on the inside of the passenger side especially! I'll take Fred through the car wash later this afternoon when the temp is up there. That dog's never sure what to make of the automatic car wash. He sits there watching the sprayer go around the vehicle. He wrinkles up his eyebrows as though it's all foreign to him even though he's been through it a hundred times before! It will be an adventure for both of us!
I should start another book sometime this week. I'm behind in my schedule for book reading for the year. The goal is 50, I'm still sitting at 1 in the third week of the year! I believe the book I'll start is going to be The Plains of Passage by Jean M. Auel. That's the last one in The Earth Children Series. I did read about 3/4 of a book Ma brought me the other day but I'm not sure I should count it in the books read even if I go back and read the chapters in it I passed over. It's a textbook about Design. I really did read every word of about 10 chapters in it the other day sitting on the sofa. I hardly ever read anywhere but in my bed. I read almost everyday. Usually magazines but it's still reading. Then I cut up the magazines for art fodder. I have a whole stack of them that need to be cut up...
I'm out of here for the time beings. I have things to do before the day gets too old. That paperwork needs to be gathered so I can make a trip to Pburg later this morning and the dishes need to be stacked so I can do them later today and and and...you get the picture! Now, the hard part of all this is going to be staying awake to get it all done. Wish me luck on that one! A shower wouldn't hurt anything either.....
You all have a thoroughly terrific Thursday! I'll do my best to have just that too!

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