10 January 2009

I thought today was Sunday...

Wordsworth....collage magazine pictures on chipboard with a spider I made from two fake pearls and jewelry finding. ATC
White Flowers (How original is that? lol) fuzzy string, gold fabric leaf, sequins, two different kinds of ribbon, tissue paper with sparklies in it all on chipboard backing. ATC

Welcome to the Club- mulberry paper, an inchie that T made, cancelled postage stamp (not sure where it came from), magazine pictures, all attached to a blue paint sample. ATC

And they Crowned Him King- cancelled US postage stamp, royal mail stamp, tiny paper money, a bug sticker, silver foil paper, plastic star sequin, his crown is patterned paper and it's all attached to a playing card. ATC

None Came- the butterfly is cut out of vintage wallpaper, blue paint sample, patterned paper, pipe cleaner, black cord, and words from a book (I'm altering) it's all attached to chipboard backing. The butterfly is actually black where it looks gray... not sure what's up with the scanner not wanting to stay true to color on this one. The rest of the colors look pretty true...a little washed out, but not too bad. ATC

Kingston- Red and Black Sharpie marker on poster board. ATC

Encaustic Crayon Trees- melted crayons on watercolor paper. ATC

Boogie Beat- fortune cookie fortune, cancelled US postage stamp, sheet music, air mail stamp from envelope, blue magazine picture background and blue strip of magazine picture all on attached to chipboard backing. ATC

I did think it was Sunday when I got up earlier. I'm glad it's not though...
You're getting pictures today! (Like you hadn't already figured that one out! LOL) I drug the cord for the scanner out from behind the cabinet a bit ago and scanned all the artwork that needed scanned. I won't show it all to you guys cause some of it ain't worth showing and some of the stuff done this year so far hasn't been scanned and probably won't get scanned anytime soon. I'm fixing to make ATCs this evening. I'll show you them tomorrow.

Have you taken a look at the full moon this evening? It's gorgeous! I hope you got to see it! The moon is the largest it's going to appear from earth this year. It's pretty big out there right now! It just come up though about an hour ago and it's at its biggest at moonrise. I do hope you all got out and took a good look at it. I stood in my front door and watched it peek over the horizon. Magical!
I have a six pound yardbird (aka chicken) in the oven right now. I'll be going to take it out of the oven in about half an hour. It smells divine in this house at the moment! Haven't decided just what I'm going to have with that yardbird just yet though. Yes, I know I said I was going to put it in the oven yesterday but it didn't get done yesterday. I every intention of doing it then, but things came up and I didn't have time to sit for four hours with a cooking bird. So I put her in the oven when I got up earlier today.
Sometime before 10 pm I need to get dressed (I'm still in my jammies) so I can go to town. I should have taken Susan up on her offer to go to Plainville an hour ago but I was in the middle of scanning pictures, doing dishes (Yes, I know I said those were going to be on the agenda yesterday as well.) and finishing up the laundry. (I did get it started yesterday!) Dishes aren't completely done but neither is the laundry. I figure it's a good day when I get things started that I've put off for awhile. It's a great day if I can actually accomplish the task of getting it all done! Today looks like it might end up being a great day afterall! I have two blankets and my light cape yet to wash in the laundry and only glasses are left of the dishes. Yeah, I might get it all done!
And ATCs are on my agenda as well. There's a Zentangle-a-thon going on over at AFA and I intend to get a few of those made before 11pm on Sunday! That's why I'm glad today is only Saturday! I missed Friday working on Zens for the ZAT. Forgot all about it being this weekend.
I didn't show you all the chunky pages I had stacked up to scan. Perhaps tomorrow I'll show you some of those and some of the zentangles I'll be making later as well.
You all behave yourselves and have a fantastic Sunday! You might as well make the most of what's left of Saturday too!
Peace, my friends!

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John said...

Ah, I just learnt a new thing today... a zentangle :) Looking forward to see your creations :)