07 January 2009

A Day Away From Home, A Runaway Dog and A Visit to the Vet

The day away from home started Monday night around 9 p.m. I didn't sit with the girls on Monday cause their brother was going to be home and he could keep an eye on them. That's two Mondays in a row now. I LIKE sitting with the girls on Monday evenings and I feel as though I've missed out on something important when I don't get the chance to do so on Mondays.
RJ and Terah spent all day Tuesday in Kansas City consulting with the doc about RJs upcoming surgery on his back. That surgery will occur on the 4th of Feb in Kansas City. Was a long day for the kids. Kansas City is a six hour drive from their doorstep. I stayed at their house to keep an eye on Brenton...get him to school, get him home from school, feed the kid. I got him to school via Richard and the principal brought the boy home cause we got our wires crossed somewhere and Brenton missed his ride home with Lou (Rich's wife) when she picked her younguns up at school. It all worked out alright though. Brenton made it home. I was fixing to go find the boy when he came through the front door. He devoured a bowl of cereal after school and an hour later he devoured six pizza bites. That's a lot for Brenton to eat at once. He's a picky eater!

The runaway dog was Pug. I really thought it would have been Fred who took off on me in Pburg instead of Pug. She was hellbent on talking to the dogs across the alley though and she paid no attention to me when I called her back to the house. Fred went right on inside after he peed on the tree in the front yard. Not Pug though! Dang that varmit's hide! I chased that dog all over the trailer park where RJ and T live.
She's the dog that went to the vet today too. I didn't take Fred with me on Monday night to Pburg cause we thought Pug had a touch of the mange and I sure didn't want Fred getting the mange. He spent the night at Susan's with Evelyn. Evelyn was quite happy to have Fred spend the night with her too! :) She said he tried to climb in bed with her twice but she's like me and doesn't think dogs belong in the bed! Especially one that weighs upwards of 120 pounds! Anyway, Fred didn't go with me on Monday night. My sister Linda, (who is RJ and Ts neighbor more or less) went with me to Dr. Nash's office so he could take a look at that rash Pug has. Come to find out the dog is allergic to fleas. So we came home with some antibiotics, some flea killer for the dog and for the house and Pug got a cortisone shot to make her stop digging at herself. She saw the doc at 11 am and by 11 pm her rash was no longer red and she had stopped itching. I gave her the first of the anitbiotics earlier this evening.
I could have stayed the night at RJ and Ts but it was only 1am when they finally got home and that's still pretty early for me. So Fred and I got in the van and drove those 23 miles to Stockton without seeing a single vehicle till we topped the hill on the north end of Stockton. That's quite a ways to drive without seeing another vehicle! Not even a big truck on the highway. I ain't complaining mind you, I'd rather have the whole road to myself anytime!
I spent the whole day in Pburg. I don't know how to run their television so I couldn't watch TV once Brenton went to bed cause I forgot to ask him to fix it for me before he fell asleep. I made him turn it off when we did his homework and read his books for the day. He's a first grader, six year old. Pretty bad when a six year old can run a remote and a 47 yr old woman is clueless! I have to laugh at the absurdity of that!
I still have no heat in the house. I knew it was going to be cold at home when I left RJ and Ts. I'm uncertain if propane was even delivered! I haven't been home to know. Wouldn't matter if it has cause no one has lit the pilot light on the furnace or the hot water heater. No shower for Donna today....That is on my list for tomorrow though! Should have taken one at RJs while I was the only one there but I had my hands on the sharpies and was busy drawing while Brenton was in school. I went to the Dollar Store with Linda after we took Pug to the vet also. Then she and I headed to Stockton to check on things at my house and to get the mail and bring Fred back to Pburg for the evening.
He and Pug get along great. She's a tiny white and brown dog and he's a huge black lab. She cracks me up and terrorizes Fred at the same time. He steals her balls and she demands that he give them back. She'll bite him on his heels and he'll sit on her head to make her stop it! They make enough noise for a herd of dogs when they get to playing like that. Growls abound like they're going to tear one another's throats out! It's all show though.
Played with the sharpie markers well into the evening while Brenton played a car racing game. I did 11 4x4 inch drawings Tuesday night. Of the 11 maybe four of them can be called quality. Those four are all trees of one sort or another. They will go in my tree chunky book once I get them chunked up a bit and I get my other trees in the mail. Those will be here within the next two weeks.
My kitties missed me while I was gone. I've been fighting off Doob since I sat down in this chair to make this blog entry. She keeps wanting to sit between me and the keyboard on the desk. She's too fat to be sitting there! I can't see around her! All three of the cats were on my bed snuggled up like little balls asleep on top of the electric blanket which I left on for them. Now Blue is alseep on the floor by the little heater next to me. Billy's sitting on the kitchen floor in front of the fridge stalking a mouse. I hope he catches that mouse pretty soon! He's been fiddle-farting around about catching that varmit for days now. Doob's gone off to the south end of the house cause I wouldn't let her sit on the desk between me and the keyboard. Sulking more than likely! She will be the happy critter when I climb under the sheets on that bed. She likes to sleep under the blanket with just her head sticking out. Fred's asleep on the floor here in the deskroom not too far from the heater. He sure had a good time in Pburg.
I don't know what's on the agenda for later today. It's 2:30 am right now. My soup dinged about ten minutes ago. The microwave will cook soup from a cardboard bowl! Thank goodness! I'm hungry! So with that....I shall bid you all a wonderful Wednesday! Be good, share your smiles, give a few hugs....be thankful for a beautiful day!

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