21 January 2009

More Inchies and little else....

Hello All!
It's hump day. Whoo hoo! I have a few errands to run today. Gonna make a trip to Pburg to turn in some paperwork that some folks are expecting. I haven't been to bed yet since yesterday. The sleep is all screwed up! As usual! I've been awake since 7:30 a.m. Tuesday. It is now almost 5:30 a.m. Wednesday. Go figure! I should dead on my feet, but I'm not even sleepy.

I worked on some art today. I've already lost track of the number of pcs of art produced...
Here's an ATC for you though. Sharpies on posterboard. I drew this one at the cafe on the back of an envelope from the bank. Then when I got home I cropped it to fit on the ATC and colored it once I'd adhered it to the posterboard. I like how colorful it is. Here are some more number inchies. Sharpies again. These were all cut from one large drawing and then colored. These were done on the back of a reciept from the dr's office for my copays. You can see the writing on the underside of the paper on a few of them, especially where there is yellow. My scanner doesn't make these near as vivid as they are in person! And now that I have looked at them on the screen here, disregard that statement about writing showing through. You can't see it on the scan. But you can on the actual Inchies. And again none of these numbers have a significance of any sort. That's not exactly true....25 is the number I am on the list of participants in the Inches By The Numbers Swap. Other than that though, no significance at all. One of them doesn't even have a number on it! I didn't do that on purpose. That's just how they laid out on the reciept when I glued them down to cut them out. Doesn't really matter at any rate. Not all of these I've shown you today and yesterday are going in the swap anyway. I am going to finish the collage ones before I decide which will go and which will be traded out otherwise.

I have about 100 inchies that I have acquired in trades in the last year. I am going to organize them in some semblance of order in a small photo album one of these days. I've run out of room in the only negative pocket page protector I have. I've no clue where to get more of the negative pocket page protectors. I got the one I have in a trade for art materials. I didn't concentrate much on collecting inchies in the last year. I would like to acquire more of these neat little pcs of art this year.

Tomorrow I'll have some whimsical cats to show you all. They are chunky book pages. I'll show them to you all if I get them done. I haven't even really decided just what they are going to look like. Haven't thought that out yet, but it's easy once I sit down with the blanks in front of me. I'm thinking acrylics for the kitties. I haven't done any painting lately and I still need to do those three cat portraits I've been talking about since July! Those ladies will be really surprised to find their cat portraits in the mail one of these days! I really have to be in the right frame of mind to do a decent cat portrait. Whimsical cats, on the other hand, don't have to be 'perfect'. Not that I go for perfection --- only God can reach perfection. I strive for excellence but that takes a certain frame of mind to acheive. We'll see what happens after I have a nap later this afternoon.

I'm gone for the day!~ You all have a wonderful Wednesday! Get you a hug or two, spread some cheer and smile at everyone you meet today!
I shall yak at you all another day!

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John said...

Déjà vu! My boss said the same thing yesterday... only God can be perfect, and there is a difference between those who strive for excellence, and those who strive for perfection. Most of the time, the perfectionist will end up more stressed than the excellent performer.