27 January 2009

Things I Am Thankful For and More

Snow is falling again on my little piece of earth. Big, fluffy flakes of frozen water. God's miraculous artwork in miniature! Have you ever really taken a look at a snowflake as it lands on a window pane? Marvelous!
Fred went out a little while ago to frolick in the snow. Ok, he went out to pee, but frolick he did as well! When he barked to be let back in, his black fur was covered with white flecks. Each little fleck a masterpiece from the Maker's own hand. Snowflakes, as individuals, fascinate me! Snowflakes, enmass, they're kind of a pain in the pattootie! Wonderous nonetheless.

Yesterday brought us just under two inches of snow. With the size of the flakes falling right now, I'd say we are in for another couple of inches. It is awfully cold out side! I'm thankful I don't have anywhere I need to go today. Driving could be treacherous. I think I'll just stick close to home. I may go to Susan's house later, but I don't have to fire up the van to go there. I'll just bundle up in my warm cape and traipse across the yard to her doorstep.

I was reading on this machine and came across a list of 'Things I'm Thankful For'. It truly doesn't hurt to sometimes step back and assess those things we take for granted. There were no rules to the list. Just make one stating all the things you are grateful for. I thought I would make my list here. Feel free to make your own list and post it in my comments or on your own blog.

The Things I Am Thankful For (in no particular order.)

I am thankful I know how to read. There are millions of people the world over who don't have that ability.

I am thankful for my eyesight, fading as it is, that I can see well enough to write this blog entry and read others' words as well.

I am thankful for the roof above my head. No morgage payment and no sign of having to pack up house and move again.

I am thankful for my animal companions. They keep me from being too lonely at times.

I am thankful for my bed. There are those who sleep on the ground!

I am thankful for my blogger friends and the fact they read my ramblings then sometimes comment on those ramblings. That makes me feel more connected to the world.

I am thankful for my coffee pot and the fact I can turn that sucker on anytime I like.

I am thankful for the electricity that makes my life easier. There are some who don't have the luxury of electricity.

I am thankful for my mode of transportation even when that stupid van doesn't start cause it's too cold outside.

I am thankful for my sons. Each a treasure in their own right. They take good care of me and never fail to say "I love you, Mom" when they come to visit or call.

I am thankful for experiences passed. From yesterday I learn how to live differently tomorrow.

I am thankful for being able to express myself through artwork.

I am thankful for trees. Without trees, life is barren. I learned that while living in the desert of Nevada many years ago. I missed a lot of things being away from those I love, but I missed trees most of all.

I am thankful for cows, chickens, turkeys and swine. They give me sustinance when they sacrifice their lives to become my dinner.

I am thankful for my washing machine and dryer. Laundry would be a very large chore without the pair to ease the burden of keeping clean.

I am thankful for my telephone. It keeps me connected to people I love.

I am thankful for children. They teach me to keep wondering. When wonder is lost you've grown too old for life.

I am thankful for the clocks on my walls. Time is a motivator and without a clock to keep track of it for me, I'd get very little done!

I am thankful for vegetables. I love veggies! I eat them all with gusto!

I am thankful for my storage shed. It holds all the excess things I own and without it, I don't know where I'd put all that junk.

I am thankful for all that junk in the storage trailer cause it is there if I need any of it.

I am thankful for music. Music is a calming medicine. It is also a motivator, a joy, a necessity!

I am thankful my hearing is intact so I may enjoy music, the sound of my children's voices and the sound of the birds that sing in my yard.

I am thankful for laughter. In any form, it brings me a smile and lifts the spirits when most needed.

I am thankful for my family.

I am thankful for my mother. She loves me like no one else ever will!

I am thankful for sunshine, rain and snow. Weather conditions change hourly. It is good I have no control over the weather. There should be things in one's life they have no control over and the weather is the most benign of those things we have no control over. Give it up to God, He will take care whatever the weather throws at you.

I am thankful for the dictionary! And the thesaurus! And all the other reference books that help me in my writing.

I am thankful for a pen that writes smooth. I'm thankful for any writing instrument that will put mark on a sheet of paper when I feel the need to record some thoughts in my journal.

I am thankful for the hot water that comes out of my faucets!

I am thankful for my flashlight. It is a very useful tool at times.

I am thankful for the postal service, my mailbox and all the art that arrives to me via that mailbox on the other side of the highway.

I am thankful for propane. It heats my house in winter, heats my water and cooks my meals all year long.

I am thankful for the garbage truck that comes every Wednesday to haul away my refuse for the week. I'm thankful I have control over what ends up in the garbage truck from my refuse cans.

I am thankful for the little piece of ground that has my name on the title.

I am thankful for the color spetrum! How dull life would be seen only in shades of white and black.

I am thankful for my friends. They add variety to my life. They add love and smiles to my life. They take me as I am.

I am thankful for my new keyboard! Very thankful for it cause the old one was worn out. I'm thankful for the generosity of my friend, John, for seeing I got a new keyboard!

I am thankful for my electric blanket! I think the cats are even more thankful for it!

I am thankful for my freedom to worship as I choose.

I am thankful I live in the United States. I enjoy many things others around the world are refused.

I am thankful for my hairbrush. Keeping my long hair tangle-free without it would not be a fun experience everyday.

I am thankful for socks, shoes, clothes in general! I have an over filling closet full of wearables. There are those who have only one set of clothes and no shoes or socks for their feet.

I am thankful I have things to be thankful for!

I am thankful for life itself.

This is by no means a complete list of the things I am thankful for. I could sit here all day and keep adding to the list but I won't do that...I'll keep thinking about the things I'm thankful for and perhaps jot some of them down in my journal to share with you all another day.

Have yourselves a Terrific Tuesday, Friends.

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John said...

Wow! You have a lot of things to be thankful of! I should do this too.