02 January 2009

Wild Cats, Cold and Sunshine

I haven't actually finished the book Love Medicine yet. I am better than half way through it though. I'll finish it probably today or tomorrow. It's on the list so I could start the list. And if I don't do something when I'm thinking about it, it might not get done later.

Did you all eat your black eyed peas yesterday to promote wealth in the new year? Black eyed peas taste like dirt to me and I avoid eating them at all costs. My sister Susan is convinced that ANY beans eaten on New Year's Day will substitute for black eyed peas so she made a big ol pot of ham and pinto beans which we devoured in hopes of wealth coming our way in this new year. It was a good day to spend with family as I brought in the new year the night before with friends who consider me family.

I look at wealth as having much more to do with than just money. I'm hoping/striving for an abundance of new friends, new experiences and rekindling old friendships this year. To me, all of that is much greater wealth than money alone. Though a few extra dollars in the coffers won't hurt my feelings any either. And if those extra dollars come into being, I hope they come from the sale of artwork. Then I could essentially kill two birds with one stone...and the dream of selling my artwork would come true as well.

Those wild cats refer to that silly Billy cat who lives in my house and thinks he can get into any cabinet or drawer in the place he takes a fancy to. I sent his snoopy hide outside a few moments ago cause he's been into everything this morning! I'm very glad he couldn't get into the drawer he was hellbent on getting into cause I'd have had a mess to clean up after that fool cat. He really really wanted into the drawer where I keep all my ribbons, string, ect that I use in my art. That cat would have had a hayday in that drawer! It was bad enough he was drinking the water out of the coffee pot sitting on the counter while I filled the coffee maker with ground coffee to make a pot. That other wild cat would be Miss Blue! She's not quite as rambuncious as Billy this morning, but she was feeling her wild oats as well, running up and down the hallway and sitting on the desk here between me and the keyboard. I put her on the floor three different times. Then Billy came along on his quest to wreak havoc with the ribbon drawer and I decided outside was where they both needed to be. Neither of them argued with me and went right out.

It is a bit chilly today. It's 43 degrees inside the house and 40 outside. Why so chilly in the house, you ask??? I ran out of propane the day before yesterday. No delivery yesterday and I just haven't got around to calling the Coop today yet. They won't be able to deliver propane till tomorrow and I'm not even sure they will deliver any unless I pay for it first and I can't do that till the 5th. Oh what a delimma! I won't freeze though. Neither will the water pipes so long as it doesn't get too cold overnight.

The sun is shining bright outside this morning and I have the front door open to let a bit of that sunshine into the house. Might warm the place up a bit!~

Not too much on the agenda for the day. I have no hot water so dishes and laundry are out of the question. Water heater runs on propane. Good thing those two can wait for another day. I think it's time to take the Christmas tree down and out to the shed. That will take up about an hour of the day...then there's only 23 other hours to figure out what to do with! Maybe I'll just crawl back under my electric blanket and finish that book. I really don't know what is in store today. Right now, I'm going to sit here with cold fingers and talk to whoever may be reading these ramblings! Oh lucky you! :)

I did two pcs of art yesterday. One page in my altered book and an ATC. I started another page in the altered book as well but can't count it as finished cause it ain't finished yet. I'd show you all the ATC but there's no way to scan it this morning unless I fetch the cord to the scanner from behind the dresser and I can't do that by myself cause I can't move that dresser alone. We have that silly Billy cat to thank for the cord being on the floor behind the scanner. Brat cat, that one!

That other cat, Doob is the smartest being in this house today! She's still asleep on top of the electric blanket on my bed.

Fred dog has been outside since about 9 this morning when he sat at the back door whining to be let out and woke my hide up to do so. Someone let him back in around 11 and I got up shortly thereafter and he was ready to go back out. He's asleep in the sunshine out on the front lawn. He looks like he's dead laying there. More than once my friend, Bob has commented that he had thought about calling me when he'd driven by here to tell me something was wrong with Fred. I've convinced Bob that really isn't necessary as the dog is just sleeping.

I added a quote of the day to the top of the blog this morning. Just something different for the new year and because I learned how to add gadgets to this blog! Now if I could figure out how to add video I'd share some music with you all occasionally as well. I'll be working on that in the next few days. I've never been able to get it to work for me so I'll just have to keep trying!

I think RJ was here yesterday while I was gone off to somewhere. I don't recall going anywhere but to Susan's yesterday....but someone was here and left me a 2GB DataTraveler. I believe those things are called external drives? Not sure just what they're called. Little electronic gadgets that hold information instead of keeping it all on your computer? There are tons of images that need to be taken off this computer but yet need to be saved as well. I will have to give RJ a call to see if it was him that left the little dohickey and left the telephone sitting in the overstuffed chair in the livingroom. The phone out of place sounds more like something RW would have done...maybe they were both here? Another mystery to figure out!

Well whatever is going to occur today, I suppose I should get on with it! Time's a wasting! You all have yourselves a beautiful Friday! I'm going to make the most of whatever gets thrown at me.
Go collect your hugs. Give a few while you're at it and don't forget to smile at a stranger today!


John said...

An external drive is much bigger in size. Your 2 GB Data Traveler is called a thumb drive, or a pen drive. And external drive can hold up to 1.5 TB of data.

1 TB = 1,024 GB.

Donna said...

Thanks for clarifying that for me John! I am, without doubt, technologically challenged! :)
I do hope you're having a great Saturday!